Kernel 5.4 controversial features:

– VirtualBox Shared Folders: Isn’t this a exploitable feature, used by few ? why in the kernel ?

– Lockdown Support

– FS VERITY, what is this crap from G ?

– DM-Clone, what is this ? nothing about cloud I hope…

– phoronix speak of reduced performance…

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Dual boot question on T480:

I installed Linux on my T480 via m.2 2224 drive slot, with windows running on the primary hard drive bay. I can boot into each system but I am having a hard time getting windows to boot as my primary operating system.

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Arch Linux vs Windows = Installation:

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I’ve just installed FTP Server on Ubuntu. Here is the link to the procedure.:

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Please help!:

Okay, so I just loaded up Dark Souls 3 and my Xbox One controller’s inputs are all mixed up. Half of the buttons do the appropriate thing, but the other half don’t. I’ve never see this before and I’m not sure how to fix it. I tried restarting my PC and the game, but it’s still doing it. I can’t find anything in settings to correct it. My PC runs Ubuntu 19.10. Does anyone know a fix for this?

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Will anyone use Edge on Linux? Oh yes, but not for what you think.:

Ars Technica: Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux. But will anybody use it?.

Personally I think this will be a massive boon to UX test automation. It will allow Devs to build in tests for Edge, to run alongside their Chromium and Firefox suites; all running on Linux.

Whether people use Edge on Linux as a browser is debatable, but it will have a secure home on Windows desktops, and that whilst many home users may switch to alternatives, corporate builds are more likely to restrict choose CES and go with MS’s default.

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I enjoy the challenge of getting different games to work on Linux more than I enjoy the games themselves:

Many a time i have spent a lot of time tinkering with all sorts of things and finding different strategies and advice online to get a game working only to find that the game is shit and i didnt want to play it anyway, i just wanted to challenge myself and see if i could get it working.

Is this relatable anyone at all? Or am i just mad?

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[Software] PDF View with hyperlink preview?:

Is there a PDF viewer that, while hovering over a hyperlink (of e.g. an equation) displays a preview of the linked location inside the PDF? I find it hard to believe, that no PDF viewer has this feature implemented.

(I found Skim, though it is only available on MacOS.)

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KDEs, Can anyone give an intro?:

Just learned about KDEs in Linux. Just looking to confirm my understanding. A KDE is an add-on to Linux distros to make the GUI better and more accessible.

Am I correct in my understanding?

The most pressing question I have is whether or not all KDEs can sit on any distro? E.g. KDE can sit on Linux mint?

Is there a popular one that a lot of people use? Is there one similar to a Macintosh GUI? Is there a good one for Linux mint?

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KaOS Linux Brings Order to the Desktop:

LinuxINsider: The KaOS distro is an up-and-coming Linux operating system that provides one of the best integrations yet of a refreshed KDE-based computing platform