How to deal with renaming files that will be rsync’d?

How to deal with renaming files that will be rsync’d?:

I rsync mirror a media drive to a backup drive periodically. On this media drive, I often do a ton of organizing and renaming my files. What I think happens when I rsync the drive is that the renamed file gets copied over while the file with the old name on the backup drive gets removed–rsync seems to just check the filename and/or some other metadata, but not the actual “file”. The result is the backup process takes very long even if the data from A to B hasn’t changed much (if at all), simply because the file name has changed.

How can I get around this? Use a different tool? I’m considering using rsnapshot but I suspect it suffers the same problem. I’ve also heard about borg but I’m not sure how it differs from rsnapshot. All I know is that rsnapshot can do incremental backups and borg supports encryption.

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