How to deploy Linux distro image to multiple nodes?

How to deploy Linux distro image to multiple nodes?:

Hey everyone,

I’ve used Linux a bit in the past but it doesn’t come up often as a need at work. I know, I should practice more but I only have so much time.

My boss would like me to pick a Linux distro that I could use to re-image old Windows desktops so we can donate them without fear. I’m not sure why he wants Linux on it but I’m not going to ask questions when it gives me the chance to learn something new.

I’m familiar with MDT and PXE booting for a re-image process but I’ve never incorporated Linux into it. What would you experts suggest? A lightweight distro would be preferable and some of these machines are a bit older, possibly dating back to XP. Any suggestions on which distro to use and how I could set up the distro to reimage multiple at once?

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