The Civilization VI “Summer Update” for Linux will not feature cross-platform multiplayer

The Civilization VI “Summer Update” for Linux will not feature cross-platform multiplayer:

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Sad news for those waiting on it, as Aspyr Media have again delayed cross-platform multiplayer for the Linux version of Civilization VI [Steam].

They posted this on Steam earlier:

Hey everyone, status update on the Summer 2017 Patch for Mac/Linux:

It is with huge regret and sad faces that we, again, have to delay the release of cross-platform multiplayer.

We are moving forward with the launch of the Summer 2017 Update for Mac and Linux, which will offer all of the available content as the Windows update. After thorough investigation, we’ve decided that we cannot hold back the content any longer in lieu of some nasty cross-platform bugs.

We’ve consistently stood behind a quality bar for our products, and it’s a standard that our partners and players have also come to expect. For those of you who were looking forward to cross-platform multiplayer, we urge you to understand that should the feature have come into the live environment, desyncs would have been guaranteed and frequent to the point of an extremely poor experience.

It’s a real shame, but I really do appreciate how open they’re being about the process. It’s better to have a stable and enjoyable experience first. Hopefully they will get it nailed before the year is up, because I imagine there’s a bunch of people who have been waiting on this on both Linux & Mac.

The Summer Update was released for Windows on July 27th, so we’ve been waiting nearly a month for this patch. I imagine the large time difference there was due to them trying to get cross-platform multiplayer working. For a complete list of what’s coming in the patch, see here from the original release announcement. via GamingOnLinux Latest Articles