Docker volume not working under mergerfs

Docker volume not working under mergerfs:


today I rebuilt my home NAS and ran across this strange issue:

I want to run a sonarr docker container, which gets a config volume mounted that is located inside a mergerfs folder.

The server runs openmediavault 3 with 3 hdds merged using mergerfs. When I run the container (linuxserver/sonarr) with:

-v /media/dockerconf/sonarr:/config 


namei -m /media/dockerconf/sonarr f: /media/dockerconf/sonarr drwxr-xr-x / drwxr-xr-x media lrwxrwxrwx dockerconf -> /srv/c73a0da1-ec0f-40c5-a645-861fefe7df7c/data/DOCUMENTS/Homeserver/docker/dockerconf drwxr-xr-x / drwxr-xr-x srv drwxrwsr-x c73a0da1-ec0f-40c5-a645-861fefe7df7c drwxr-sr-x data drwxrwsr-x DOCUMENTS drwxrwsr-x Homeserver drwxr-sr-x docker drwxr-sr-x dockerconf drwxr-sr-x sonarr 

I get:

[Info] MigrationLogger: *** Migrating data source=/config/nzbdrone.db;cache size=-10485760;datetimekind=Utc;journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;version=3 *** [Fatal] ConsoleApp: EPIC FAIL! [v2.0.0.4949] NzbDrone.Core.Datastore.CorruptDatabaseException: Database file: /config/nzbdrone.db is corrupt, restore from backup if available. See: ---> System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException: disk I/O error 

whereas when using another directory like

-v /etc/dockerconf/sonarr:/config 

it works fine.

Other containers don’t behave like this and run with the merged config dir.

What might be the problem here?

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