Get the Mega Knight, the newest Legendary Card in Clash Royale

Get the Mega Knight, the newest Legendary Card in Clash Royale:

A new Legendary Card has made its appearance in Clash Royale and it couldn’t be more different from its most recent predecessor, the Night Witch. The Mega Knight is a hulk who does serious area damage and is sure to be the terror or decks with units suffering from low health. Though he’s still not officially available, you can already get him in the game if you’re skilled enough to manage it.

Clash Royale Mega Caballero

The Mega Knight is impressive. Not only does his figure occupy a great stretch of the battlefield, but his cost and his skills appear a bit disproportionate, so all indications point to its being one of the cards that are going to shake up the current metagame. We don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s clear that the right deck can dominate any duel. At least until Supercell realizes what’s going on and does the appropriate nerfing – something that (while not claiming to be an oracle or anything) we’re going to see with almost absolute certainty.

The Mega Knight is a Legendary Card that costs 7 elixir points, gets unlocked in Arena 10, and is a mix between the Dark Prince, in terms of area damage, and the Bandit, in terms of how it jumps from enemy to enemy if they’re at a considerable distance. He’s a proper tank that also wreaks damage to the area upon being summoned, in the style of the Electric Wizard. That said, he only attacks by land which makes him an appealing target for air cards.

Clash Royale Mega Caballero

Supercell have given us the chance to try out the Mega Knight early thanks to the weekend challenge, where you can get this coveted card if you can manage to win 12 victories. A unique opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up as there are still 14 days until this Legendary Card makes its official appearance. And don’t forget to get the two Magic Chests they’re giving away!

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