Running “Google Backup and Sync” via wine

Running “Google Backup and Sync” via wine:

Currently i am successfully running Google Photos uploader via wine, due to /u/plectrumdt4 s excellent hint with the import of a Regex Key (

Has anyone figured it out if you can use a similar method for the new “Backup and Sync” Tool?

I have already looked into the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\DriveRegistry key which seems to be the place where the Backup and Sync tool stores its settings. There is an OAuthToken stored, but no associated mail address or whatever stored.

Maybe we can figure this out together. Since i currently have no access to a Linux machine, i cannot tell if it is even possible to complete the login process solely via wine, without the need of importing a Registry Key.

As soon as i have access to a linux machine (i am at work right now, but thinking of building a quick VM) i will investigate further – but maybe someone else has done some research as well?

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