Bumblebee/PlayOnLinux/Sims 3 issue!

Bumblebee/PlayOnLinux/Sims 3 issue!:

Hi! I managed to install The Sims 3 in PlayOnLinux and everything works perfectly. However I’d like to use my dedicated card instead of my integrated one (nvidia mx150 vs hd 620).

Apparently all I need to do is launch playonlinux with optirun (‘optirun playonlinux’) and everything I launch will use the nvidia. However this is not the case with The Sims 3. From a Sims’s log file I can see it can only detect my Intel card.

This is weird because I can confirm my nvidia card is on (cat /proc/acpi/bbswitch returns ON).

I don’t really know if this is a bumblebee, a playonlinux, or a The Sims 3 problem so I’m looking for hints on where to look next…


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