Lets hear some big cockups

Lets hear some big cockups:

Well today i was hopping distro to manjaro as i wanted to try the pacman package manager and so i converted the iso to a thumb stick and installed away. Had a little play around and wanted to swap back to my love, xubuntu.

So pulled out the dd command to convert it over, double checked my devs to make sure i got the right one and for some god awful reason i put my big backup external for the output! I was furious, i had multiple distros on there, with half of my music, all of my films and tvs, budgets, personal documents and my plethora of wallpapers!! The one file i did forget which was on there was my password manager file, i immediatly thought what the fuck i was going to do with all my currwnt accounts, if i could not recover that file i would be pennyless for sure. But thank god to the 1 2 3 backup! I backed that password file on my phone a couple of days but only missing one password for a document which i can recreate.

Lets hear your worst cockup story on linux…

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