Switching to Linux: Debian vs Ubuntu

Switching to Linux: Debian vs Ubuntu:

So I’ll be upgrading my laptop with a brand new SSD soon and was thinking about reinstalling a fresh version of windows. However, I’m really fed up with how unstable Windows is running on my laptop and I’ve decided to set up a dual-boot with Linux (since I have some programs which run windows only for work).

I’ve used Ubuntu and Mint before, and I was reading about the Debian distro (which Ubuntu is based off of) and was looking for advice from you guys. I’m looking to get better with using Linux as a whole too, and I’m definitely computer-savvy. Should I stick with Ubuntu Cinnamon, or should I try Debian Testing (with cinnamon) on this new build?

I’m running an old-ish laptop (Intel i5, Intel HD graphics) and in general, I’m looking for a distribution that’ll be stable and fast. Ill mostly code and use electronic circuits design tools, browse the web, stream music and movies, etc.

What do you guys recommend for me and why? Thanks a lot!

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