Struggling to install any distro or linux

Struggling to install any distro or linux:

So as the title states I am in soo much confusion its killing me. I cant install any form of linux at all on my lenovo laptop. (im going off in the order of what it says on the side bar) 1. your operating system and version – It currently has windows 10 64 bit. 2. the hardware you’re using – The laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad 310. 3. a description of the problem – I am not able to boot into any distro Ubuntu, Gnome, Kali hell not even Arch. No matter what method I use USB or CD both give out the same outcome. 4. output that was displayed (if any) – Selecting either (with them plugged in) just have a black screen for about 3 seconds then the lenovo splash that eventually boots into windows 10. I have changed everything from disabling safe boot and going from uefi to legacy. any help would be appreciated

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