Cemu: Black screen when running Splatoon

Cemu: Black screen when running Splatoon:


When I try to play Splatoon using Cemu, only a black screen is shown. Music and sound effects works, as well as input.

System Info

Fedora 27 GNOME 64bit

CPU: Ryzen 3 1200

Graphics: AMD RX560 (Free drivers)

WINE-staging 2.20 (From Fedora repos), 64 bit prefix

Cemu version: 1.11.3

Things I have tried
  • Enabling and disabling CSMT
  • Enabling and disabling virtual desktop
  • Installing vcrun2015 through Winetricks
  • Changing Windows version to 8.1 and 10
  • Changing Cemu CPU from single core to dual core
  • Changing Cemu CPU timer from host based to cycle based
  • Changing Cemu GPU buffer chache from medium to low to high


Thanks for your time

Edit: Details

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