Surviving Mars now has another trailer and pre…

Surviving Mars now has another trailer and pre-orders open up with three different editions:

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Not that we recommend pre-orders, but they’re up for Surviving Mars [Steam, Paradox Store] with a brand new shiny trailer that shows off some more gameplay.

In this case, we know it will have Linux support, both Paradox and Haemimont Games have been good to Linux so pre-ordering it isn’t all that risky for this one. There’s going to be a few different editions for the game too, here’s what:

  • Standard Edition – Game, plus Stellaris-themed domes and OST for pre-orders
  • Deluxe Edition – All of the above, plus extra in-game radio station, new housing styles and utility building styles; PC Deluxe Version includes digital art book and wallpaper
  • First Colony Edition – All of the above plus Season Pass: 2 expansions and 2 content packs to come

Here’s the new trailer:

It releases on March 15th, bring it on! Very hyped about this one, looks so damn good. I’m a sucker for city building strategy games and the sci-fi theme is exactly what I love.

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