Ubuntu 16.04 – the case of the vanishing Ether…

Ubuntu 16.04 – the case of the vanishing Ethernet connection, and the process of elimination:

I’ve been at it with this minor inconvenience for a little over a week now. I’ve googled Google more times than I can remember. I’ve read up and down those search results, this community, and there other one just like it. With one or two exceptions, I’ve tried all of the fixes to the best of my ability, and up until within the last thirty minutes, I was convinced my problem was the same one so many others had been having with Ubuntu and their ethernet.

On a whim, I decided to try an install of Debian, just to see what would happen. As expected, I was not able to get a WiFi connection during the install, due to missing firmware. I was also unable to get an Ethernet connection, which I had also expected would be the case. So was it really an Ubuntu issue or is it something larger than that? I still don’t know.

The Ethernet interface is definitely my problem, but in what way I have to Sherlock some more to discover. I think it’s the port. I get no indicator light activity if any kind, when the cable is plugged in to the Ethernet port. It’s not a bad cable though, because I get lights when I try the USB adapter thing.

What do you think?

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