Ubuntu vs. Linux (concentration: Video Card, D…

Ubuntu vs. Linux (concentration: Video Card, Data Collection):

Hello everyone. I’ve pretty much had it with MS over Windows10, and so I’ve been asking questions and doing research on jumping to Linux. This won’t be my first foray: about a year and a half ago I installed Ubuntu as a dual boot over an old XP desktop I had, and it worked pretty well; I just wasn’t crazy about the UI.

Anyway, I’ve narrowed my choice down to Ubuntu and Linux. I saw several other “Ubuntu vs. Linux” threads here that answered several of my questions (e.g., you can actually install Cinnamon over Ubuntu, etc.)…but there are a couple I couldn’t get a full answer to:

1) I have an nVidia 1060 graphics card in my laptop. I read several forums where people either hinted at or were searching for help on problems with nVidia cards in Mint. However, there were a couple like this for Ubuntu, also, and other forums indicated that Mint generally has better support for providing proprietary/non-open-source drivers. Which one is really better with nVidia graphics cards/drivers?

2) I’m reading slightly conflicting things regarding the release schedule and updating process for Ubuntu vs. Mint. I understand Ubuntu’s release cycle (LTS and “improvement” releases), and I read that other than security and maintenance updates, Mint generally only provides a new release when Ubuntu releases a new LTS version. Another post said that isn’t exactly right and that Mint does get occasional intermediate releases. Which one is it?

3) Speaking of releases and upgrades, I also read in one place that Mint is more difficult to upgrade than Ubuntu (actually requiring a complete reinstall)…but again, I read in another place that all you have to do is update from within Mint and it’s a fairly smooth experience. Which one is correct?

4) Finally, I’m switching to Linux because of privacy concerns with Windows 10…but it seems that Ubuntu has them too (I read about the “Unity search submissions and keylogging telemetry” that Canonical said they gathered in their privacy policy. Someone else, however, said that ended after concerns were voiced, and that Ubuntu is abandoning Unity, anyway. Is this correct? Since I have an older 16.04 install disc, will Ubuntu automatically update to eliminate this issue? If I’m using Cinnamon as my desktop environment, will that even matter?

I would appreciate any knowledge or experience you may have with these sub-issues…THANKS!

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