Crowdfunding is probably something we need to …

Crowdfunding is probably something we need to start pushing companies to do.:

Every once in a while I see petitions that try to convince a game developer to port their game to Linux. I think these are somewhat ineffective for the following reasons:

  • Number of people who sign a petition is not a precise indicator of future sales.
  • Amount of time needed to create the actual port may dwindle the potential buyer base (those who signed the petition).
  • Puts the financial risk entirely in the hands of the developer.

I propose that instead of petitioning developers for Linux ports, we petition them for crowdfunding campaigns for ports. This has the following benefits:

  • Almost zero up-front financial investment for the developer; a crowdfunding campaign costs next-to-nothing to set up.
  • Developer sets their financial expectations in the crowdfunding campaign such that it is worth their time to create a Linux port.
  • There is zero financial risk for the developer, the project is fully funded, or it’s not.

With as niche a gaming market segment as we are (and let’s face it, we’re tiny), I think it would be a wise decision to take on the burden of collectively funding the port instead of asking the developers to take a risk on a small slice of the pie.

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