LINUX HTPC replacment

LINUX HTPC replacment:

So i have a HTPC running Crappy WIn10- Only because its easy as pie to pass through/Bitstream via GPU. I store a lot of movies and shows on my HDD and need to be able to bit-stream to the fullest capabilities. Atmos/Auro/DTSX 4K- While windows does this its a pos platform and im fed up with it.

Last time i tried Linux i got everything installed- it was working and then it wanted to update drivers for GPU which broke my system.

Looking for Noob-Proof way to run linux. My setup is GPU GTX950 HDMI 2.0 OUT to Theater receiver which then handles all audio once its bit streamed and then it sends all video to my 55" 4k tv.

I dont want some box- i want a full fledged linux for every day use along side of Theater duty

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