[Sims 4] New Stuff Pack and Now My Video Card …

[Sims 4] New Stuff Pack and Now My Video Card Isn’t Good Enough?:

You know, I feel like 99.9% of the time when I post on support forums, its for Sims… Anyway, I had sims 4 working fine and such until I got the new My First Pet stuff pack. Now I’m getting a popup when I try to launch that says:

Unable to start: Can’t run The Sims 4 with the video card in this system. Please check that the video card meets the minimum specifications and that the latest video drivers are installed. [0e6d1221:1df4e8dc:0000012d:912c9c10]

The requirements for the game haven’t changed according to the site or anything and my card certainly hasn’t. I’m on an Ubuntu 16.04 laptop, running the Origin install through Lutris, and I’ve tried:

  • Running any and every updater I could find (firmware updater from the System76, software updates, etc)
  • Running updates through the terminal
  • Trying to launch in windowed mode
  • Making sure that Origin In-Game hasn’t come back on somehow
  • Removing all mods and CC
  • Removing Config.log and Options.ini
  • Running the Origin update utility for the game
  • Running the Origin repair utility for the game

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