Linux distro that scales properly on a 1080p s…

Linux distro that scales properly on a 1080p screen?:

Hi, I recently bought a new laptop & have been transferring my programs to my new laptop over the past few days. It’s running Windows, but I regularly use Linux Mint setup within VMware Workstation with VMware tools installed to learn linux terminal commands. My new laptop has a resolution of 1920×1080 compared to my old one which had 1366×768. When I tranferred the linux mint VM to my new laptop, I noticed that UI elements of linux mint cinnamon were extremely tiny while Windows 7 & 10 guests scaled perfectly fine. Cinnamon doesn’t have granular DPI scaling, it’s either normal or double which is too big. So I asked on 2 different channels on IRC for a solution & also searched myself but didn’t get any. I’m just using linux to learn terminal commands, as long as the distro has a user interface similar to Windows (like Mint & totally unlike Ubuntu), I’ll be fine with it. But I want proper scaling on my 15 inch 1080p laptop. Does such a distro exist? Thanks. It came as a shock to me that despite 1080p being so common these days(even on phones) linux distros still have trouble scaling properly in 1080p.

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