Linux Installation on a Nextbook Ares 10a Tabl…

Linux Installation on a Nextbook Ares 10a Tablet?:

Long story short, I’ve got a Nextbook Ares10a (nx16a10132s) and it’s not very good. Factory reset and it works fine but performance degrades exponentially. Internet says its bloatware so I’m looking to root it and apply a stripped down OS.

My question is before I go through figuring out that process in full, is there a Linux distro that could be installed and run on one of these tablets instead of finding a custom Android OS? I did come across Ubuntu Touch but compatibility seems very limited; I also learned that ArchLinux could run on an Intel Atom processor which seems to be the major limiter with my little project here but I haven’t found if it has touch screen capability yet.

Ares 10a Spec: Processor – Intel Atom Quadcore Ram – 1GB DDR3L SDRAM Storage – 16GB Expansions/Connectivity – 1x microSD, 1x microHDMI, 1x microUSB Display – 1280×800 multi-touch Current OS – Android 6.0

Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place for this question or if I’m beating a dead horse but I can’t seem to find answers to my situation specifically. Thanks!

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