NVIDIA 396.18 beta driver is out with a new Vu…

NVIDIA 396.18 beta driver is out with a new Vulkan SPIR-V compiler to reduce shader compilation time:

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The new NVIDIA 396.18 beta is officially out and it’s one of the more interesting driver releases from NVIDIA.

The biggest thing included in the driver, is the brand new Vulkan SPIR-V compiler. NVIDIA say this will help to reduce shader compilation time and shader system memory consumption. Their older compiler will be removed in a future driver version, but if you have issues with the new one which is on by default, you can use the “__GL_NextGenCompiler=” (0 or 1) environment variable to disable it.

They also note some Vulkan performance improvements for these parts of the Vulkan API: vkAllocateMemory(), vkBindBufferMemory() and vkBindImageMemory().

On top of that, they added support for the Quadro GV100, Quadro P3200 and Quadro P4200 plus bug fixes and other features. Find the driver here.

I’ve already spoken to the folks behind the NVIDIA PPA for Ubuntu users, they told me they will look into it soon.

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