Recovering corrupt m4a recordings.

Recovering corrupt m4a recordings.:

So I have been using Ubuntu on my school computer this year, I usually record the lectures that I can’t hope to keep up with the prof, I have permission to do this. I have been using the default audio recorder that you can install with ‘sudo apt-get install audio-recorder’ because it was the easiest to use. Earlier in the semester they recordings were fine. But now they are corrupt as soon as the recording is done. They are in the .m4a format.

I have tried many tutorials, including editing the hex data of the recording, no luck. I do not know where the recording starts since when I try to make a new recording it is corrupt off the bat. I have tried using ffmpeg to get this error, “moov atom not found”, which looking up does nothing to help solve the problem.

I have tried unistalling and re installing the restricted codecs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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