DXVK with nvidia-optimus setup

DXVK with nvidia-optimus setup:

Hi folks,

Someone managed to get the DXVK working with a nvidia-optimus setup? I have a Dell 7567 with a discrete GTX 1050ti. As bumblebee doesn’t work with Vulkan, I have two separate environments (normal X and nvidia-xrun), with the first I can run intel-vulkan applications and with the last I can run nvidia-vulkan applications normally but when it comes to the DXVK, it works with the Intel IGP but with nvidia I get the following errors:

err: DxvkSurface::createSurface: Surface not supported by device err: DxgiSwapChain: Failed to create presenter or back buffer

And then, the application crashes.

So I beg your wisdom for help!!

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