compiling Debian packages “by hand”

compiling Debian packages “by hand”:

Hello everybody,

For work I use a software on my university cluster. I used to be able to compile it by myself but now the admins did something to the cluster and I can only use the package delivered on Debian.

Sadly there is a component which is not working (I use this component rarely, so most of the time it is not a problem, but now I would like to use it), and I think that everything could be solved by changing a flag in the compilation, so I was thinking if there is a way (for a non-root) to be able to get the package, fix the flag and run the compilation with the other parameters untouched in order to obtain a working binary (I don’t care if it is or not a good practice, for now almost everything is working, but for some operation I would need this modified package, nothing would depend on this modified binary).

Just to reiterate, the reason why I’d like to try in this convolute way is that the package works “out of the box”, while when I try to compile it by myself it is not working.


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