Help troubleshooting system attempting to boot…

Help troubleshooting system attempting to boot from incorrect drive:

I had Ubuntu installed on a HDD, then I bought a SSD and freshly installed Fedora by removing all previously existing partitions during the Fedora installation process.

When I try to boot I always get the error error: file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found. Entering rescue mode

I’ve gone into my BIOS several times and tried:

  • putting the SSD at the top of the boot priority and;
  • disabling all devices for booting apart from the SSD

But the result is dropping to the grub rescue prompt in the first case or the system not booting at all. However if I enter a ‘one-off’ menu which allows me to select a device to boot from I can boot from the SSD. However, I can’t make this change persist.

Can I modify a file somewhere to stop the system from looking for the boot file in the wrong place? I’d appreciate any suggestions as what I can try next as I’m completely stumped..


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