KDE Neon, NFS mounts, and Dolphin – unimpressi…

KDE Neon, NFS mounts, and Dolphin – unimpressive performance?:

I’m fairly new to Linux as a desktop, although I have run a Debian-based (OpenMediaVault) server for some time now. I have three shares mounted in /etc/fstab. While browsing the mounts in Dolphin, any time changes are made to the files or folders (moving, creating new files, etc.) I have to refresh the window manually before the contents are updated. Also, sometimes I move some files using Midnight Commander or rutorrent on the server, and not only do I have to manually refresh to see the changes, but sometimes empty folders are left behind.

I had expected that viewing and navigating mounted shares would be more natural than using Samba on Windows 10 (which I just gave up a few days ago), but Windows Explorer rarely needed to be refreshed and all changes were reflected immediately.

Am I mounting these folders in a suboptimal way? Should I be using SSHFS instead of NFS? Why are Linux filesystems mounted to a Linux OS clunkier to operate than when they were mounted on Windows?

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