Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks and You C…

Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks and You Can Try Them Right Now, Here’s How: It looks like Chromebook users will finally be able to run native Linux apps on their Chromebooks, besides Android apps, as Google made another step towards Linux app support in its Linux-based Chrome OS operating system.

Rumored to come to a Chromebook near you, support for Linux apps just entered beta testing in the latest Chrome OS Dev channel, as confirmed by Kevin Tofel of About Chromebooks. The feature appeared in the Settings and needed to be turned on if you want to use Linux tools, editors, and IDEs on your Chromebook.

The first sign of Linux app support in Chrome OS appeared two months ago when a Reddit user discovered a Chromium Gerrit commit explaining a new device policy designed to allow read more) via Softpedia News / Linux