Linux Mint 17.2 – Timezone conflict

Linux Mint 17.2 – Timezone conflict:

I set my timezone to Los Angeles UTC-7 (I am in Los Angeles) and everything always worked fine. I use the Evolution e-mail/calendar client to connect to my work’s MS Exchange server and everything is fine on my end. The conflict comes when others view my calendar; it appears one hour off for them now that we are in Daylight Saving Time.

I use Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon as my office computer. Everyone else used Windows 7 or 10 with Outlook and is issued an iPhone all connected to Microsoft Exchange.

When people invite me to a meeting I add it to my calendar and everything looks fine from Evolution. Their timezone appears as Pacific Time (UTC-8), which works great on all devices. I do not have this as an option to set for either evolution or my system time. Is there some way I can get everything to work nicely together? Ideal fix would be a change to my system where everything just worked. An alternate I considered is changing my timezone to one which lists UTC-8, turning off daylight saving time, and adjusting back manually when the time changes again.

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