Linux Related YouTube Channel

Linux Related YouTube Channel:

Hello r/linux, about a month ago I created this post asking you what you’d like to see from a GNU/Linux centered YouTube Channel. I read all of and responded to most of your comments, took notes, and I’m proud to announce that I am moving forward with the channel. I received good feedback on the first post regarding what you feel the Linux YouTube community is lacking, and what direction a new channel should take to avoid being a copy of larger channels, and that feed back is what made me feel it would be appropriate to create a channel introduction video disclosing exactly what I want the channel to be about. Moving forward I’m not going to be cluttering up this sophisticated subreddit with my novice videos, I will probably make a subreddit for the channel to host polls, but I would appreciate your opinion and criticism on my first video seeing how in depth the advice was last time.

Things I can say right off the bat I want to improve are:

  • Audio Quality, I can hear background noise, my own swallowing and want to have consistent tone throughout my videos
  • Channel art and intro clip, channel art doesn’t have a consistent theme and the intro seems to drop off quickly

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing your opinion.

*To clarify how this post is related to r/linux, it is talking about a YouTube channel who’s content will be largely centered around GNU/Linux with projects including introductory videos to popular command line commands, building and shipping a distro from scratch, and FOSS Project highlights.\*

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