Unable to boot into Linux Mint.

Unable to boot into Linux Mint.:

Basically I went out of my depth as a new Linux user and in an attempt to fix a (now) minor problem, I checked the ‘Graphics Support’ under the linux mint sub FAQ for help.

I tried to enable DRI3 as seen here with the commands shown before properly having installed AMD MESA which I guess caused my problem.

Saved and rebooted, but now I’m unable to boot into Linux at all (still have W10 as dual boot)

When booting I see:

  • usb device descriptor read/64 error -110

  • usb device descriptor read/64 error -32

  • cannot get freq at ep 0x1

  • no caching mode page found, assuming drive cache write through linux

  • several cannot get min/max values for control X

I have tried:

  • removing all usb’s, then it simply boots into a black screen with a blinking underscore in top left corner, but with no errors.

  • Adding ‘nomodeset’ in the GRUB menu but this has no effect.

  • Removed ‘quiet splash’ in GRUB menu to see where it fails, but it always asks me to log in before I can see where it fails, but I assume I completely messed up my GPU.

Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon x64

GPU Radeon fury

CPU i7-2600K

Windows 10 dual-boot

If you need more info, let me know. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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