How to convince my manager I want to use linux…

How to convince my manager I want to use linux at work?:

In our company we are using windows. We are web developers. My windows or my PC is shit and produces bluescreens almost daily. No one is able to fix it. Boss said thats my fault “reinstall windows”. I did this, it didn’t help, even on fresh windows install the bluescreens continued.

I was pissed and started to use linux (Ubuntu) on an external drive and my productivity could be higher. I also use linux at home. I just can’t trust windows especially when I work on a critical bug fix and then it decides to crash middle in my work. Or when a customer calls for support: “Hold on a moment, my computer just crashed”.

My manager saw yesterday that I was using linux and sent me a message: “we need to talk about it why you are using linux. You are not allowed to use linux here. Why are you the only one not being able to work with windows… blablabla… you need to use microsoft products blabla”.

So, tomorrow I will probably have to talk about it with the manager (unfortunately he is an asshole, he thinks he is the god). How can I convince him that I want to use linux? Since I use linux I couldn’t be happier with all my work process.

TL/DR: Windows crashes all the time. I use linux. Manager wants me to use windows. How to convince him so I can use linux?

Here are some luescreens I recorded on my instagram page ;)…

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