Linux home server with harddisk space – what h…

Linux home server with harddisk space – what hardware to use?:


I currently have a Raspberry Pi that I use as a (Raspbian) server (files, web, development). My first SD card broke after a few months so I reinstalled and did some hacking to extend the lifetime of the next one: no swap, no logging; also I removed a number of programs that required a lot of harddisk interaction in the background – this is not so great and limits my possibilities.

I would now like to have a server with a somewhat larger harddisk with working swap and logging. I want to run backups of other small servers, try out docker containers and stuff like that. I am afraid it would break my SD card again soon.

I want to stay with something fanless as I am running this in my home and I don’t like noise and I want to keep my power bill low – so an old desktop machine is probably not a good option..

What options do I have?

  • Raspberry Pi with external USB harddisk? I read that due to the shared USB bus, the use of external harddisks is discouraged with the Pi as they would be “extremely” slow. Is it really that bad?
  • Asus VivoMini – anyone have experience with it? is it good?
  • Intel Nuc – are there even fanless ones? There are so many different models and I have no idea how to decide.

Finally, should I use a HDD or SSD for maximum lifetime?

What do you think?

Thank you!

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