Canon printer issues

Canon printer issues:

My Dad is using Mint Linux 19 on an older Lenovo laptop. We got a cheap Canon TR4520 printer before Christmas and have been having problems with it. I set the printer up using Canon’s printer drivers and managed to get it working for the most part. There’s only one thing not working correctly, the printer will pull the page back in and spit it back out, then make some printer sounding noises. I think it’s trying to print on both sides of the page, but after it makes the printer sounding noises it stops and says there’s a printer jam.

Can anyone help me diagnose (and hopefully fix) the problem before I have to get a new printer and figure out how to get that one to work too? Or at least guide me somewhere that can help me out? It’s a nice printer, but if it’s not going to print it’s kind of useless.

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