Can I still acces Windows after installing Kub…

Can I still acces Windows after installing Kubuntu (Alongside Windows):

I have been trying to get into Linux for some time now but I’ve had a few problems, although I today managed to use Kubuntu from a usb stick.

This is my question: Can I still acces1 Windows after installing2 Kubuntu

1 I mean that I can select the OS I want to use at startup, and that it doesn’t directly go into Kubuntu or Windows each time. 2 I’m planning on using the install alongside Windows option that I saw in Ubuntu last time I installed Ubuntu (On another device).

  • Windows’ Fast Start-Up option is disabled
  • Secure Boot has been disabled
  • I have tested Kubuntu on my laptop using a USB Stick
  • I’m planning on dualbooting on my Acer Predator Helios 300.
  • I have a 256GB SSD for windows and a 500GB SSD for Kubuntu.
  • Laptop has the specs to run Kubuntu

I’m asking this because I want to know if I have to do anything before I install it so I’m not stuck in one of the OS’s.

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