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I tried to install Lubuntu and Peppermint…

I tried to install Lubuntu and Peppermint…:

And it’s like heaven and earth.

First I tried Lubuntu, and it booted up and you had only the option to go to the tryout screen (which I later read is bad because it messes up your grub or whatever). And I come to the tryout screen and try to click on the “install” icon, and nothing happens. Owait, my touchpad doesn’t work with double tap. How weird. I guess the “lightness” comes from not having the most basic firmware (but thank god we have the GNOME Software Store with ads and facebook-level programs, that gives you viruses). Then what’s next? Language? Freezes up in Istanbul for some reason. And then we come to the partitioning part. First, it has my USB, which I am installing from, selected as the install-to device. So then I change to my HDD, and select “do my own partitioning” (which is for osme reason a one-way toggle because you will never be able to un-toggle it after), and it takes me to a screen with like 8 partitions. Great. What now? I remembered that NTSC (or whatever) are my windows partitions, and “swap” was for grub or whatever, so I tried to click on the linux partitions, but nothing happened. No “next” button was highlighted so I know I selected something or not. At that point, and still frustrated for the touchpad not working, I plugged out the USB and went to download Peppermint.

So I downloaded it, didn’t have problems with Rufus, as I had with Lubuntu, the touchpad worked immediately, it was nice and smooth, it literally had both the “install right now” and “try out” options in the boot screen, the language was like- bam, wireless- bam, partitions- it literally wrote me on which of the 8 partitions my other Linux is. thank you Linux jeebus. So I was like – bam! “Install it right here where the other one was”. “Why does my swap partition have 4 gigs? Lemme google what that is. Oh, ok, it can stay like that” – bam! Granted, having to google what a root is, and having to figure out that I had to select the linux partition as a ext4, and thne select / as “root”, that was extremely unintuitive, but whatever. Also, selecting a device for the bootloader, like how should I know what to select?

And so, in conclusion, Lubuntu sucks donkey balls, and Peppermint is better. Thanks for listening.

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What is this plus sign for at the end of this …

What is this plus sign for at the end of this command?:

I was looking into this command, and it’s pretty clear to me:

find /home -maxdepth 2 -type d -name Downloads -exec rm -r {} + 

But what’s the plus at the end?

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Me before every release

Me before every release:

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Puzzle game ‘Rogue Bit’ has you become sentien…

Puzzle game ‘Rogue Bit’ has you become sentient bit of computer memory:

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Puzzle

Here’s an interesting little puzzle game, Rogue Bit from the developer of Son of a Witch is a puzzle game where you take control of a sentient bit of computer memory.

It released earlier this month with same-day Linux support, looks like it could be a bit of fun for those who like their programming puzzlers.

The game is about the way computers work internally. This isn’t a game about writing new programs, but hacking existing programs and their data to clear the path or teleport across memory until you find a way to escape the computer completely.

Having some programming knowledge makes the game easier, but it isn’t required. All the elements required to solve the puzzles are explained in the game.

youtube video thumbnail

Watch video on

The developer said they made it after working on Son of a Witch for around 3 years, so they decided to take a break and make something else. Making a new game to take a break? Well, that’s one way to unwind I guess, keeps the mind fresh and alert I suppose.

Since release, the developer has continued to polish the idea adding in alternate endings and a few new features. Find it on Steam.

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Lutris 0.4.21 is out to help you manage all yo…

Lutris 0.4.21 is out to help you manage all your gaming needs on Linux:

Tags: Apps

Lutris [Official Site], the ‘open gaming platform’ that acts as a front-end to help you manage various games on Linux has a fresh release out.

With Lutris 0.4.21 released yesterday it features an array of improvements, feature adjustments and bug fixes to make it a more pleasent experience overall.

For those using Lutris to help with Wine and DXVK, they fixed an issue where DXVK versions didn’t get updated if DXVK directory wasn’t present and they also added an error message if requested DXVK version does not exist to prevent some confusion.

To help with Wine use overall, they’ve also added a warning for wine games if Wine is not installed on the system, there’s a new Esync toggle for wine builds with Esync patches as it may cause issues for some users, Wine’s own Virtual Desktop configuration is now respected, some improvements to wine download dialog and so on.

They also improved the behavior of Lutris’ background process amongst other improvements to the UI, wording issues and more. Seems like a good release, nice to see it continue to improve!

As a reminder though, Lutris isn’t just for managing Wine games, it also helps with launching your native games, emulators and more.

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This, but with Linux in the middle.

This, but with Linux in the middle.:

This, but with Linux in the middle.

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Paddington station understands where things sh…

Paddington station understands where things should start:

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Finding and doing grep of Ip of a particular i…

Finding and doing grep of Ip of a particular interface:

Hi , I am new to linux and I am trying to find a way to extract the ip of an interface whose name has been provided to us .

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You can’t escape indian tutorials

You can’t escape indian tutorials:

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Linux 4.19 []

Linux 4.19 []:

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