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How to set up parental controls on a smartphone:

Nowadays, kids get their own smartphones or use adults’ phones to watch videos, play games, or use apps from a young age. It’s important for them to get familiar with technology, but it’s equally, if not more, important that they do so safely and without taking any chances. That’s why we’re here to show you how to set up the parental controls on any device used by children.

There are various options for setting up parental controls on your smartphone according to your needs or the age of the person who’s going to use it. In general, most apps let you set limits, block adult-only content, or prevent users from downloading new apps. So without further ado, we’ve collected some of the best apps that exist for setting up parental controls.

Configurar el control parental smartphone

Google Family Link

The parental control app from Google is one of the most recent ones to hit the catalog. It’s an app that you can use on two different different devices: you just have to install the app on your smartphone and on your child’s smartphone. It works with remote control and it basically lets you control everything from your device. This way, you’ll know when the device is used, what apps or games are used, and for how long.

Google Family Link lets you add five children in your family. From the adult’s device, you can control up to five different accounts and it’s focused on children under 16 years old. Also, in the version for parents, you’ll see tips for managing technology for kids and receive reports about the time and apps used by your children.

If you want them to concentrate on homework, you can choose what time they can use the games that are installed and what times they’re off-limits. You can also set schedules to lock the device or even to stop any type of action you consider suspicious and dangerous for the child. Plus, one of the most interesting features in Google Family Link is to control the geolocation at all times: so you’ll know where the devices that are linked to your account are located at all times. [Download]


If knowing where your children are at all times is what you care most about, there are specialized apps to help you out. Just like the previous app from Google, this tool gets installed on two phones and lets you keep track of the paired phone remotely. You can find out at all times where the person is using geolocation and it also has a location history so you know where the child has been, either in the last few hours or the last few days. It also lets you set up geolocation alerts in case they leave a predefined area such as the home, neighborhood, or school.

Beyond location, which is the main feature, Locategy also lets you receive reports about the use of the device: knowing how much time is spent using each app and what apps are used most on the device. You can also block specific games or apps that you don’t consider to be appropriate. [Download]

Screen Time

If what you’re looking for is a way to set specific times the phone can and can’t be used, Screen Time is one of the best options. This app lets you control how much time your children spend in front of the screen and also give them limits and set times for using games and apps. You can deactivate and block apps when it’s bedtime or time to do homework.

It’s nearly impossible to prohibit the smartphone all together, since it can be useful, so this way, you can choose what apps they can and cannot use. In other words, you can block access to games or social networks while they’re doing homework, but let them use the calculator or dictionary on the smartphone or tablet. That said, you have to install two apps: the app for controlling the phone remotely, and the monitoring app on your own phone.

You can also choose to place a total daily use limit on the device. Once this time is up, the device will automatically be blocked. It also lets you remotely control the smartphone and block it at a specific time: for example, when you’ve been calling your child for dinner three times already and he or she won’t stop playing.

Screen Time lets you add as many child profiles as you want and you can switch between them from the parents app. Plus, multiple adults can have control of the smartphone through the app, either parents, grandparents, or any other responsible family member [Download][Download remote control]


Another way to configure the parental controls and approved usage times on a smartphone is through Qustodio, one of the most highly rated and well-known apps in this area. This app can be used for both children or teenagers: Qustodio lets you control the activity and it can’t be uninstalled from the device without entering the PIN that controls the app. You can control the general activity, the apps and games used, the online activity, and even the searches that the child makes on the device.

Qustodio is an app that’s more focused on teens or pre-teens, not so much as small children. It gives you the control and knowledge that your children are browsing safely and risk-free. Not only can you block apps and games, but you can actually know what they’re doing online. In other words, Qustodio lets you see activity on YouTube, read SMS messages sent by your kids, and see the searches they make.

If you want to set up the parental controls more completely and on any device for any age, Qustodio is one of the best options. Plus, kids and teens can access an SOS button to alert family if they’re in danger and you can follow their location remotely. [Download]

Set up parental control with launchers

Another option for setting up parental controls is to use an Android launcher. You can’t remotely control your child’s smartphone, but they’re more for when you lend your device to a child temporarily. These launchers make the interface more attractive for them, easier to use, more colorful, and can block the content you feel isn’t appropriate for kids.

Kids Place

Kids Place is one of the best options for setting up parental controls. This app isn’t about controlling a device remotely, but instead for smaller children who you let use your device for limited bouts of time. It blocks out everything that’s not for kids and you can also add different user profiles if you have more than one child in the family, so that each one has their own specific apps.

This launcher is a good option for smartphones used by kids. Once it’s installed, the interface of the device only shows the installed apps that you consider to be kid-friendly. You choose which apps can be used and which ones cannot.

Control parental - Kids Place

We already mentioned the colorful appearance it gives devices, but beyond the design, it also lets you block apps, websites, or all sorts of content that you consider inappropriate. Plus, it also lets you monitor calls and messages to see who is in contact with the person using the device at all times. [Download]


Another useful launcher for setting up parental controls with just one tap is KIDOZ. When you activate this launcher on your smartphone, it’ll automatically become a device that’s adapted for children, with complete safety and kid-appropriate games. They won’t be able to leave the launcher without a password or access any of the adult’s content. This launcher is geared toward small children who don’t yet have their own phone but who you want to take their first steps with this technology.

KIDOZ lets you create various different profiles with their photos, so they can access their own profile even if they don’t know how to read. It lets children play all sorts of kids games, access kid-friendly websites, and try out learning and educational apps. They’ll also have access to the camera and a photo gallery that’s optimized for their use thanks to its ease of use and colorful and fun interface.

Control parental - KIDOZ

Parents can set time limits for each app and have complete control over each game or app that’s used. It’s really easy to set up and you can relax while they use this kid-safe launcher. [Download]

Other parental control apps

YouTube Kids

The YouTube app dedicated to children is a safe, attractive, and useful option for your children to watch videos on your smartphone withing giving them access to content for adults. It’s also a way to configure parental control if your kids want to watch cartoons, songs, or videos on the Google platform. You have all sorts of tools available: block searches or use a timer to turn off the app automatically after a set time.

YouTube Kids is really simple to use for any age, attractive and intuitive. In the interface you’ll see four categories (heroes, learning, music, and programs) that you can choose from to find different kids videos. All the content is kid-appropriate, regardless of the one you choose. You can also find a category for exploring or discovering new videos or use the search icon to find their favorites, as long as you haven’t blocked the search option. [Download]

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Call of Duty Mobile gets dressed up for Halloween with the latest update:

Call of Duty Mobile is developing a frenzied post-release plan, not letting a week goes by without new content being added to the game. With Halloween coming up, we get a new related event that brings us new game modes, new weapons, new rewards, limited-time challenges, and sinister jack-o-lanterns all over the place.

Call of Duty Mobile Standoff Halloween

These new features aren’t associated with a new update of the game client, which was just updated a few days ago. Instead, it’s an 80 MB in-game download that gives access to the new game modes. That said, some of these may not be available quite yet, since the event is going to last until November 1st.

  • Login rewards: just for updating the game between October 18-27, you’ll get an experience card and a battle box. Plus, when you log in from the 15th to the 21st, you’ll unlock other rewards daily.
  • Standoff – Halloween: The legendary Black Ops II map can now be played in a night version that’s all decked out with Halloween decorations.
  • Sparrow Operator Skill: You can unlock the new Operator skill by completing a series of tasks from now until November 1st.
  • New Hardpoint game mode: One of the most popular modes where you have to capture specific areas of the map until you reach a certain score.
  • Airborne: A new class for the Battle Royale mode that lets you launch a catapult that will shoot you through the air to move to other areas quickly. It’ll be unlocked throughout the day on the 21st.

Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC with GameLoop, the official Tencent emulator

In addition to these changes, they’ve added new looks to the store and have modified the hub with spooky decorations, along with some changes to the balance for the Type 25 weapon.

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PUBG Mobile version 0.15.0 is now available with Payload Mode:

After the false alarm that was the recent arrival of the version 0.14.5 to the stable version of PUBG Mobile, we finally have the chance to try out one of the new game modes announced in the latest beta. The Payload Mode adds heavy weaponry in the form of bazookas and helicopters, in addition to special loot boxes to find this type of equipment and radio antenas where you can revive fallen teammates.

[Updated (10/16/2019)] The 0.15 update is now available for the stable version of the game, adding extra new features like a new “ledge grab” dynamic for holding and climbing onto ledges.

About the new Payload Mode

The new game mode is found in the Evoground section just like the other previous modes like the Infection mode in 0.14 and the Survive till Dawn mode and its collaboration with Resident Evil. In this case, as we said, it fulfills one of the players’ wishes for aerial vehicles. This adds a new strategic aspect to the formula that makes it crucial to work as a team in order to control these vehicles and the areas with special loot boxes.

Changelog for version 0.15

That said, this isn’t the own change they’ve made. For now, these are the new weapons and changes to the game we know about so far:

  • Two new weapons: MP5K (Vikendi exclusive, replace Vector. Uses 9MM ammo). Desert Eagle (Available in all maps. Uses .45 ammo).
  • UMP9 is now called UMP45. Now uses .45 ammo. Capacity from 30/40 to 25/35. Bullet speed from 400 M/S to 300 M/S.
  • Vector now use 9MM ammo. Capacity from 13/25 to 19/33. Bullet speed from 300 M/S to 380 M/S. Damage Reduced from 33 to 31.
  • Adjustments to other weapons, including equipping holographic sights on the pistols and they share the same accessories as SMG. Also, Bullet Loops combined and called Ammo Loops (Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98).
  • Frag Grenade now support skins.
  • Added graffiti.
  • New animation when you open a Supply Create in store.
  • Now, before you enter training mode, you can now choose whether to enter TPP mode or FPP mode.
  • New Vehicle: BRDM-2. Only be obtained by air supply with Flare gun.
  • Gas can now is explosive.
  • New Team Deathmatch map (downloadable in game).

Along with all these features we saw in the beta already, they’ve added some more with the version’s move to the stable channel:

  • Ledge grab: Now you can grab onto certain ledges and objects to access otherwise inaccessible locations. The way to do this is by touching the jump button again when you’re already in the air.
  • Explosive barrels: now the gas cans explode when you shoot them.
  • Partner rewards: when the connection between players reaches a certain score, they’ll get a title and exclusive pose.
  • Optimized graphics and reduced resource usage of the CPU.

As always, the beta can be played independently from the official client. One app doesn’t overwrite the other, and both profiles are maintained completely separate.

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[Updated] Ragnarok M: Eternal love is now available internationally:

It seems like eventually, there won’t be any classic MMORPGs left that don’t have an Android adaptation. Just like the successful Lineage 2 Revolution and the more recent Maplestory, Ragnarok Online Mobile, known as Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the new remastered mobile version of the successful game that’s currently only available in Korea and Japan. However, it was just announced that it will be coming out with an international version in the third quarter of 2018. 

  • [Updated 10/16/2019] After various months of there only being an English version available for North America, a new version of the game has been released for Europe with its own dedicated servers. Plus, they’ve added new languages, including Spanish. 
  • [Updated 01/10/2019] After being released in Asia, the long-awaited western version has finally been released for North America. Although there’s no official version for Europe yet, it can be installed and played on these servers without any geographic restrictions. 

  • [Updated 10/31/2018] The SEA version of the game is now available, with English as a language option. 
  • [Updated 10/22/2018] Until now, only the Japanese version of the game was available, but a new version was just published for southeast Asia that includes an English translation. As of October 20, the closed beta is available to played.

A highly-anticipated MMORPG

The 100 million registered users have boosted it in many countries to the top spot in some of the main Asian marketplaces. In this case, on a visual level, it doesn’t have 2D sprites to represent characters in 3D settings, but instead, it uses a completely three-dimensional environment in the more modern style of Ragnarok 2, released in 2002. That said, the customization and social interaction is a factor that’s almost as important as completing the missions themselves.

The best MMORPGs available on Android

The studio Gravity already has a lot of experience in licencing its products and releasing spin-offs for mobile platforms. Ragnarok: Spear of Odin is an isometric hack and slash set in the same universe, Ragnarok Rush offers turn-based combats in the same style as freemium RPGs on the platform, while Ragnarok Classic went back to the roots of the original title for PC on a visual level.

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League of Legends is coming to smartphones:

On the occasion of Riot Games’ celebrations of the 10th anniversary of their game League of Legends, they’ve finally revealed what they’re planning for its arrival on mobile devices. League of Legends: Wild Rift is an adaptation of the game for iOS and Android that will come out officially in 2020. And that’s not all. They also announced Legends of Runeterra, a strategy card game set in the same universe, the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics, and other future projects including a fighting game and an animated series.

League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Given the countless MOBAs that exist in the Android ecosystem, it goes without saying that people have been itching to see LoL be made available on smartphones. It’s not a port of the game, either. They’ve completely designed it from scratch to adapt the control system for touchscreens. In fact, it’s the same version that we’ll also find on consoles and that will allow for cross-play (although the PC version isn’t included, as it’ll stay independent). It’ll follow the same business model as its older brother, in other words, it’ll be completely free and you’ll be able to unlock characters by playing, with in-game purchases reserved only for superficial improvements.

Aside from this, we know that players will have 40 characters available right off the bat, and that it’ll include a preview mode to see improved models and animations of the characters in 3D. Although the game is set to come out in 2020, there is a plan in place for the release of the different alpha and beta testing phases, and you can already pre-register on Google Play and visit the official website.

The top MOBA games for Android

Legends of Runeterra

Another one of the big announcements is this Free-to-Play game for PC, iOS, and Android set in the same universe and following in the steps of well-known CCGs like Hearthstone. In this case, the cards are organized by regions of the Runeterra world (Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltober and Zaun, Jonia, and the Shadow Isles) that you can combine to make up your deck. Plus, in these you can include up to 24 heroes taken from the LoL universe with their own special skills.

To get new cards, you’ll have to participate in the daily and weekly events that will take place, although you’ll also be able to get cards if you pay for them. That said, to side-step the tedious random envelopes, you can choose what card you want from the ones available in the game’s store.

The journey to the 2020 release has already begun, so you can register on the official website and participate in the imminent closed betas. In fact, since the Riot Games celebration is over, the first preliminary phase has begun and you can already see endless streamers playing their rounds.

Legends of Runeterra 2019 Roadmap

Teamfight Tactics

The autochess/autobattle genre just reached the general public a few short months ago. One game that stood out was Teamfight Tactics, which initially was only available for PC.  It’s now been announced that we’ll get a mobile version that follows the same premise as the original and that’s cross-platform. That is, strategic turn-based rounds where you’ll have to place your heroes on a board and last as many rounds as possible.

For now the game has opened the pre-registry on Android, although it should reach iOS devices throughout the day.

Auto Chess and the best games for Android?

Other projects from the LoL universe announced

  • Project A: A tactical first-person shooter. It’s a new IP that’s completely unrelated to the League of Legends universe.
  • Project L: A 1vs1 fighting game featuring League of Legends characters.
  • Project F: A total mystery, but it appears to be some type of cooperative MMORPG where you’ll visit different areas of Runeterra.
  • League of Legends eSports Manager: A competitive eSports team simulator where you’ll manage your own group of professional players.

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Uptodown App Store version 3.56 is now available with important updates:

As we always say, the best way to take full advantage of everything Uptodown has to offer, is by installing our official app. With it, you can automatically download updates, or rollback to a previous version of any app easily, along with tons of other great features. With the release of the new version 3.56, we’ve made loads of changes, including the highly-anticipated support for “Android App Bundles,” update filtering according to technical specifications, a new queuing system for multiple downloads, and the complete elimination of ads. 

Uptodown Android Market

Support for Split APKs

This is one of the main new features included in this update. A few months ago, Google began to introduce the so-called “Android App Bundles,” a new system of packaging and distributing apps that, among other things, reduces the size of the download, since it offers the user only the “pieces” of the app necessary for running on the device. Given that the Dynamic Delivery system is being used by more and more developers, it became necessary to make sure it was supported by our app.

In our case, we’ve decided to offer users the complete pack of each app, although our app will take care of extracting the necessary parts from the batch in order to install it on your device. This means that, once the file is downloaded (which will also have an XAPK extension like the packages that are already supported with additional OBB data), it can be used by any device, regardless of its architecture or screen resolution. It won’t be necessary to download it again.

Filtering APKs by device type

As you all already know, Uptodown offers the option to download previous versions of apps. This can cause certain problems at times, since it gives users complete freedom and thus, they may end up downloading an app or a beta version that’s only compatible with certain architectures or models.

To solve this problem, we’ve developed a system to automatically detect the SDK of the device, so that when searching for automatic updates in Uptodown for the installed apps, it’ll only download the ones that are completely compatible with the device. Problem solved!

New downloads queue

More solid and trustworthy. If you start downloading multiple apps simultaneously inside the app, they’ll go to a list of pending downloads in the Downloads section. Plus, if the connection is interrupted for external reasons, these will automatically resume as soon as it reconnects.

No more ads

Although the app itself has limited ads to begin with, we’ve decided to completely get rid of all advertising to make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible for our users.

Following the GDPR standards

It’s necessary to comply with the new data protection regulations in Europe, so you’ll have to accept the new privacy terms in the section Privacy settings. There, we’ll request the permissions necessary to use basic features of the app, including the analysis of apps installed, and the technical specifications of the device in order to provide efficient service with the new added features.

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The best tools for creating videogames on Android:

Any videogame player with the most minimal creative inclinations has wondered if they’d be able to create a game without knowing anything about programming. The answer to this question is a little tricky. Although you need to have a bare minimum understanding of math and algorithms to get started with these types of projects, there are many tools to make the development much easier, to the point that it’s unnecessary to even touch a key. In case of Android in particular, there are tons of SDKs (software development kits) that let you create your games from scratch without having to pay any special attention to the technical intricacies. Here are some of the most used options.

When it comes to choosing an SDK, the main decision to make between the different development environments depends on the need to program or not. There are apps that let you do practically all the work using only drag and drop gestures on the screen, but in the end, it’s practically essential to complete some of these tasks “manually” through some scripting language when you need to add more complex features. That’s why we’ve decided to separate the environments into two groups: one with programs for beginners where you barely have to program, and the other for experts where it’s necessary to know at least some language before jumping into action.

This post is constantly being updated!

For beginners

Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker is an old friend in the development of apps for newbies thanks to the extreme simplicity of its environment. It wins out for its complexity that varies according to how much you want to get into GML, its own scripting language. That said, you can create your game using a simple drag and drop interface and with the help of tons of tutorials you can find online.

In terms of creating specifically for Android, the program relies on the installation of components from Android Studio (which you’ll have to install externally), as well as the exportation of your APK or the integration of ads with AdMob. Although there are no automatic exportation assistants, with the amount of documentation that exists, it’s more than enough to create your game by following certain guidelines in terms of the touch control system and integration of external services.


  • Official website:
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Type of games: 2D games (although it is possible to develop very simple 3D games)
  • Price: $199 per year

This tool does its best to make sure you don’t have to program anything (even if you want to create complex developments) thanks to its completely visual representation in pseudocode. This philosophy lets you drag modules to create all sorts of structures to build your game visually. So you only have to see the implementation of what you’ve created in the base scripting language if you want to.

The Pro version uses an annual subscription system that will let you export both for Android and iOS, also integrating support to add ads through various extensions or in-app purchases. Games like Duke Dashington and Heart Star are created using Stencyl.


We would consider GDevelop to be a game editor that uses drag & drop methods as its bare minimum. You select objects, drag them on the screen, and assign them certain properties and behaviors from the different options available. Also, it offers its own image and tilesets editor. Other tools mentioned like Game Maker and Stencyl include these features too, but GDevelop is an SDK that’s simplified to the extreme. And best of all, it’s completely free. 

For all these reasons, GDevelop may be a little too simple, and that’s why it’s good for creating simple action games, platformers, and puzzles, but you won’t find many free alternatives that include such a great visual environment for developing.

Construct 3

Another one of the leading app development programs that doesn’t require programming knowledge. In 2017 it made a big leap when it went from Construct 2 to Construct 3. Its emphasis on maintaining its beginner profile is so extreme that it took eight years to add support for JavaScript programming to satisfy the demands of more advanced users. That said, it’s very different, maintaining a simple but interesting visual paradigm based on events and triggers.

One of the most interesting features is that it can work as an online tool directly from the browser and save your projects in the cloud. This means you can work with it on practically any device. Plus, it includes support for ad integration and it’s even compatible with Facebook Instant Games. This is because the projects are exported in HTML5, which makes the exportation and manipulation of projects incredibly versatile.

For advanced users

Corona 2D

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Type of games: 2D games
  • Price: Free

The legendary Corona 2D could be a good starting point, not only because it’s completely free to use, but because it’s based on the compact scripting language Lua which can be a phenomenal introduction to getting started with programming. That said, in this case, it’s not an integrated development environment, so you’ll write raw code next to the project preview window without any additional help.

Beyond that, this is an Open Source environment with its own resource store and a community of users and support that has a few years under its belt now. Even so, it’s very active, as we can see with the recent support for 64-bit apps, a requirement for following the latest changes imposed by Google.

Unity 3D

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
  • Type of games: All types of games
  • Price: Free, or $125 per month if profits surpass $800.

Without a doubt, this is the most well-known and used option. Currently, over half of the games published on Android are created using this familiar cross-platform development environment with an enormous community and support. The best thing about it, in addition to its versatility when it comes to creating both 2D and 3D games for any genre, is that it’s free for amateur creators. In fact, you’ll only have to pay for the Pro version if you earn more than $100,000 dollars for your work.

The possibilities and compatibility with other external tools is enormous, letting you import models and resources from Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, and ZBrush, just to name a few. Plus, the programming language it uses is C#, so in the case of Unity 3D, you’ll need to know how to program in order to make your creations. That said, thanks to its asset acquisition system, you can import all sorts of elements to your game, like models and music.

Unreal Engine

  • Official website:
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Type of games: 3D games
  • Price: Free, but if you earn $3,000+ in profits, Epic gets 5%

The engine developed by Epic Games is another one of the big ones used by countless commercial videogames. Yes, obviously Fortnite is one of them. The really surprising thing about Unreal Engine is that, even though it’s an editor that’s completely centered around creating 3D games, it’s relatively possible to create complex developments without hardly touching code. This is possible thanks to a visual system of events where you’ll apply properties to the objects from endless preset templates that will orient you during the creation process.

Just like what happens with other SDKs on the list, this one lets you get audiovisual recourse through its own asset store, along with countless compatible importation formats. When you add in the fact that it’s free to use (that is, until you end up making bank off of your creation), and the enormous community of developers and documentation available, what you find is a really great tool.

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The best free SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive emulators for Android:

Back in the day, we gave our recommendation for the best Super Nintendo emulators on Android, but with the recent launch of Mega Drive Mini, it’s time to turn our attention to SEGA’s 16-bit games. While the company has taken the initiative to release many of its classic titles on the platform, there are tons of alternatives to play most of the catalog on our smartphones and tablets. 


We’ll start with the best of the best. RetroArch is a multi-platform emulator that includes endless independent cores for all sorts of classic consoles. To emulate Mega Drive, there are plenty of emulators, but one of the best is Genesis Plus DX which can only be used within RetroArch/Libreto and it’s definitely the best option that we’re going to mention in this article.

At a configuration level, the emulator offers options to be used on every console, letting us adjust details like vertical synchronization, aspect correction, possible additional post-processing filters, and the refresh rate, among other settings. But what’s really important is the speed of the emulation and response speed, which are almost perfect. If you add the facts that you can record your game, it accepts almost every ROM format (even if they’re zipped), and that it also supports Mega-CD 32x, Master System, and Game Gear, then there’s really no excuse not to give this one a try. [Download]


If what you’re looking for is a more lightweight emulator that doesn’t include such complicated menus, then the best option would be AndroGens. Based on the code of the above-mentioned Genesis Plus DX and DroidGen (both with a GPL license), the only downside is that it shows ads in its menus; although you won’t see them while running the actual games. Beyond all that, we have a more than acceptable emulation and extremely high compatibility with practically the entire catalog. Plus, it’s nice to have an options bar at the top of the screen so you don’t have to leave the game when you want to record your game or load a different ROM. Convenience is key. [Download]

Other ways to enjoy Mega Drive on Android

As we’ve already mentioned many times on our blog, for a few months now, SEGA has been releasing titles from their classic consoles for Android within the SEGA Forever initiative. Basically, they’re no more than ROMs of the original titles packaged in their own emulators. Here’s the list of all the games released so far, where you’ll find classic gems like Golden Axe, Altered Beast, the first Sonic, and Ristar, among many others.

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Zooba is definitely one of the most unique battle royales out there:

For a few weeks now, we’ve been witnessing the duel between a couple of games that are out to claim the title of the most downloaded game. Mario Kart Tour and Call of Duty Mobile are hogging all the Android news, but they’re not the only rocket that’s landed: Zooba has become one of the most demanded games for mobile devices thanks to its entertaining mix of genres between battle royale and MOBA. We’re talking about a very wild game that’s clearly inspired by the incredible Battlelands Royale and takes its gameplay to a whole new level.

Zooba Battle Royale

The first measures of Zooba might sound familiar to many of you. That’s because the game had already peeked into the catalog a while ago. The game was formerly known as Zoo Battle Arena (sounds familiar?). But even then, it gave us a glimpse of the current version: animals battling against animals using shotguns, bombs, and other weapons. This unique battle royale had already made us fall in love with its charming visuals and its simple but effective mechanics. This current version of Zooba follows suit, but it’s been polished quite a bit both visually and in terms of gameplay.

Zooba Android

Although the game is advertised as one-of-a-kind Battle Royale, the truth is that it’s grabbed the best features of the incredible Battlelands Royale and sprinkled in some of Supercell’s crown jewel known as Brawl Stars. This wonderful mix translates into colorful visuals, the classic isometric perspective and the evil circle that narrows down until there’s only one animal standing. Plus, the traditional MOBA controls transfer to Zooba in a very simple and practical way. There are three attack buttons available, each of them are equivalent to the types of weapon you can find lying on the ground: bow, grenade, and shotgun. Each of these weapons has a different range and its power depends on the quality it possesses. In other words, their colors.

Zooba Android Juego

Zooba animals are not just charming skins. Each of them actually has its own skill, which makes the playability that much more similar to Brawl Stars’. Basically, you can level them up if you have the right cards. Keep in mind that this influences their life points and level of damage they can inflict. You’ll start out with a nice fox, but you can unlock more animals as you level up your character or directly use the cash register.

Zooba Battle Royale Juego

Although the battles only include 20 other people, the small settings and quick rounds invite you to experience each duel intensely. Plus, the game includes add ons that are like a breath of fresh air for the genre’s fans: hostile NPCs that swarm the screen to provide you with incredible rewards when you get rid of them (weapons, first aid kits, shields, etc). Another unique gameplay feature is the aquatic areas. Just keep in mind that you can move around them with some restrictions: you can’t use your weapons when you’re traveling through the sea route.

Zooba Juego Android

We clearly enjoyed Zooba quite a bit, but that’s to be expected when we’re dealing with a high-quality game. Although it includes a fusion of mechanics that are found in other games, Wildlife Studios’ latest game has enough personality to stand out from the rest. Its progression system definitely keeps you glued to your screen and asking for those extra 5 minutes of gaming time. We’ll keep an eye out for any new contributions from this development studio. However, this could very well be one of the most popular games of the year. 

Zooba for Android [APK] | Download

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The best arcade games available on Android:

The definition of what’s considered to be an arcade game has evolved over the years until almost turning into a hodgepodge of all sorts of games. Long gone are the afternoons spent in arcades as a form of entertainment. But that doesn’t mean this type of direct gameplay is gone for good; quite the opposite, actually. It’s always good to set some basic guidelines to know what types of games enter into this category: simple gameplay, short rounds, and a difficulty level that’s not recommended for the faint of heart. At least that’s how we define this classic genre. But the best way to pay tribute is to shine a light on the best arcade games that exist on Android. There are tons of examples of high-quality arcade games for mobile devices, but these are our favorites.

Los mejores juegos arcade gratis para Android

Spicy Piggy

Indie platformers raised the bar with the release of the maddening Super Meat Boy and the beautiful Canalbalt. Games that have influenced an entire generation of titles such as Spicy Piggy, a fast-paced game that has wisely chosen to follow down the same beaten path. Although your piggy hero moves automatically, you’ll need to react on time with the three available movements in order to advance through the different screens. Nitrome tends to be synonymous with quality and here they come through once again thanks to the classic formula: quality, pixel art, and simple gameplay. [Download]

Spicy Piggy

Super Fowlst

It’s hard to resist a good pixel-art game and here Super Fowlst has definitely won us over. Luckily, it’s more than just a pretty package, since this fun platformer with procedural levels will challenge you every step of the way. Its simple controls requiring you to simply touch the sides of the screen to advance upwards makes the experience a sort of like a reversed Downwell. Because yes, here you’ll make your way by hitting enemies with your head in order to overcome endless levels where the way out is usually above you. [Download]

Super Fowlst

Flip Runner

We’ve been seeing the explosion of flipping games riding the coattails of the classic SWAGFLIP for a while now. This translates into bodies with ragdoll-ish physics that give way to situations that are as absurd as they are awesome. We’ve chosen Flip Runner from a long list of similar titles for how it combines the typical flips that you have to make with platforms. Plus, it’s a game that doesn’t constantly bug you with ads. That definitely deserves a thumbs up. [Download]

Flip Runner


We’re fans of endless runners thanks to their tendency to provide instant fun. And if they’re visually appealing too, what more could we possible ask for? RACE THE SUN already had us hooked in 2013 when it arrived on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but luckily you can now enjoy this dreamlike experience from your smartphone or tablet. You’ll fly through different other-worldly landscapes where you only objective is to last as long as possible. The speed this ship can reach will make things difficult as you advance. [Download]


Unicycle Giraffe

A giraffe, hats galore, and a unicycle. That’s what this beautiful Unicycle Giraffe has to offer. It’s a work that’s easy on the eyes with its colorful graphics, and you’ll end up hating/loving it for its difficulty. The premise is as simple as keeping your balance as long as you can, but it won’t be easy. You’ll earn coins the longer you last, which will allow you to grow your collection of hats that will give you certain advantages in the art of balance. [Download]

Unicycle Giraffe

Thief Rivals

We already talked about Thief Rivals in our selection of the top games of July, but it’s time to mention it again. Competing in wacky rounds against other people around the world is an art in this colorful game where daggers fly to put an end to your race. Literally. There may be tons of similar games out there, but Thief Rivals is still number one in what it does. The inclusion of different power-ups give it a special touch that’s greatly appreciated. [Download]

Thief Rivals

Walk Master

A walk in the countryside gets ridiculously complicated when you add stilts to the equation. The fun Walk Master goes all-in when it comes to its control system and it comes out a winner: you have to swipe carefully to control each one of the stilts. If you go too quickly, you’ll fall, and you’ll have to start over again. But that’s the great thing about it: trying to overcome the obstacles along the way without fretting too much about your defeats. [Download]

Walk Master

HELI 100

The good folks over at Tree Men Games have carved out a space in the industry with the great PAKO saga, but not everything is all about cars. HELI 100 takes the action to the skies as you use your helicopter to fight off hordes upon hordes of dangerous aliens. Quick levels, enemies galore, and automatic controls: a delicious recipe for success that we can’t help but recommend. [Download]

HELI 100

Wild Bullets

Your settlement has been taken over by demons and it’s up to you to put and end to this debacle using your guns. Wild Bullets is an endless roguelite where you’ll have to carefully advance, since it’s easy to end up defeated. Wild Bullets may become a little too repetitive, but the quality of the title is undeniable. [Download]

Wild Bullets


We never get tired of writing about #DRIVE, but that’s what tends to happen when we find a quality title. Driving nonstop is harder than it sounds though, since you have to keep an eye on your gas tank, not to mention all the obstacles that can do damage to your vehicle. Its graphics set it apart from its peers, something that’s greatly appreciated since it breathes some fresh air into a setting that’s constantly showing to be more of the same. We give this work from Pixel Perfect Dude all of our cheers and applause. [Download]


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