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The top 10 Android games of the month [March 2…

The top 10 Android games of the month [March 2019]:

It’s that time once again: time to sum up the latest game releases of the month for Android. We’ve seen an Asian invasion of titles, and out of the ten games we recommend, half of them come from Asian studios and offer anime looks. This is an unmistakable sign of the power this market is having over the preferences of users around the world. In fact, the untouchable PUBG Mobile is developed by the Chinese giant, Tencent. Globalization reached the land of videogames a long time ago.

Crystal Hearts World

One of the most played JRPGs in recent months in Korea now has an international version translated into English. It’s an RPG centered around 3D combats where, although your characters move around the screen automatically, you can select them to pause the action and decide what their next step will be. Great graphics, an old-school story, and more than 100 characters to recruit through the typical gacha system. [Download]

Crystal Hearts World combate contra ogro

Downhill Masters

Downhill sports games are a great way to blow off steam. Downhill Masters has you participate in bicycle competitions where, in addition to participating in the events themselves, you’ll also manage your character. The difference between this and other games is that each character has its own unique personality that’s even reflected in the briefing room, along with its appearance and animations. Overwatch casts a long shadow. [Download]

Downhill Masters descenso en bicicleta

King of Crabs

The gameplay of .io games is adapted to almost any formula, just like we’ve seen in the last few months with the game set in the movie Jaws, or this King of Crabs. A fierce fight between shellfish on the shore. That said, its totally absurd concept doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an incredibly fun game with surprising graphics. Looks can be deceiving! [Download]

King of Crabs cangrejo en una roca

The Night Park

No one can say it’s all been done. In The Night Park you have to create your own supernatural amusement park by hiring aliens, witches, or snow monsters. For this, you have to make your way by defending your territories and attacking other players’ through a fun gameplay that’s halfway between a Tower Defense and what any Clashploitation might have to offer. [Download]

The Night Park vigilantes contra duendes

Mecha Storm

Titles from the saga Robot Wars/Taisen and thus, renown animes like Gundam or Macross, are the breeding ground for this Mecha Storm, an action game where you have to overcome endless missions for one player, controlling your team of gigantic robots. But in addition to the more than 100 single-player missions, it also has a PvP mode. [Download]

Mecha Storm combate entre robots

Ping-Pong Star: World Slam

As we already know, ping-pong is a mass sport in various Asian countries, and as this game shows, it has the same qualities as Freemium games and all the style of a typical anime. The gameplay is based on touching the screen at the right moment and sliding your finger to create the effect of a hit. But beyond its mechanics, you also have the extreme customization of your character and the number of settings where you can play. And if you want to play with a frying pan, let’s just say there’s no one stopping you. [Download]

Ping Pong World Slam Partido en escenario oriental

Flame Dragon Knights

Not many would have guessed that Fire Emblem Heroes would be such a hit for Nintendo, awaking an interest in turn-based grid strategy games on an international level. So much so, that multiple similar titles have come out in these months, including this Flame Dragon Knights, which is also a sequel to a classic SRPG saga. [Download]

Flame Dragon Knights sistema de juego

Grand Street Racing Tour

Sometimes we miss the point of what actually makes a good racing game. Grand Street Racing Tour sticks to the basics: decent graphics that work on mid-range devices, simple but precise controls, and a variety of vehicles and competitions. Anything else is just extra when you can do some serious drifting as you wait for the bus. [Download]

Grand Street Tour carreras y derrapes

Laplace M/Tales of Wind

The Ragnarok saga set a precedent in the world of MMORPGs, putting a greater emphasis on visual character customization and relationships between players than the progression of statistics. Laplace M picks up the slack with a beautiful massive role-playing game. The Asian version is already available, but the international edition called Tales of the Wind is still in closed beta. If you’re interested, we talked about it in our blog here. [Download]

Laplace M Interfaz de juego

Magia: Charma Saga

Nexon doesn’t stop bringing us huge games. Magia: Charma Saga is a beat’em up with anime style. The gorgeous 2D graphics and gameplay remind us of the studio Vanillaware (Dragon’s Crown, Odin Sphere). Get ready for multiple characters to choose from, different unlockable abilities, and endless short missions. [Download]

Magia Charma Saga combate contra enemigos

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Opera for Android now offers a free VPN

Opera for Android now offers a free VPN:

More than a month ago, we were celebrating the release of an integrated VPN in the beta version of the Opera browser. We predicted that this release was a step toward its inclusion in the final version of Opera Browser. A fact that we can now celebrate given that the version 51.0.2461.137360 of the browser now offers a free integrated VPN. And of course, you can download it right now from Uptodown.

Opera Android VPN

It’s never a bad idea to have a little extra security when it comes to browsing the web. This is especially important to keep in mind when connecting through public WiFi networks. Back in the day, we mourned the shutdown of Opera VPN and that’s why we’re so happy about finding similar features through the company’s browser. We read in Opera’s blog that this VPN service stands out for being free, easy to use, and doesn’t track your activity. All features that we saw in its beta, but it’s always nice to be reminded.

When Opera says this integrated VPN is easy to use, we couldn’t agree more: you just have to activate the VPN button to start using it instantly. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the options button in the browser (The Opera symbol in the lower right corner).
  2. Access the settings (the last option available).
  3. Enable the VPN connection by tapping the icon to the right.
  4. Done!

These steps will only take a couple seconds to complete. Honestly, it’ll take you longer to read the instructions we’ve given you. But if you need a more visual explanation, you can check out the images below.

Opera VPN Android

The Opera browser also lets you customize its options a little bit: select the browsing location (Optimal, America, Asia, and Europe), omit the VPN connection for searches, and choose if you only want to use it in private tabs. It’s simple and any user can use these options without a single problem.

Opera VPN Android

Thanks to this new feature, the Opera browser stands out from the competition. Although we recommend the use of well-known VPNs and they tend to be paid, the truth is that we couldn’t find anything wrong with Opera. This brand has always been synonymous with quality.

Opera Browser for Android [APK] | Download

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DreamWorks Universe of Legends revamps its gam…

DreamWorks Universe of Legends revamps its gameplay for 2019:

Almost two years ago, we talked about the arrival of a new game that used the typical base management formula with touches of RPG: DreamWorks Universe of Legends stood out back in the day for offering a cast of characters taken from animated movies from the DreamWorks Factory. Not every game can flex this sort of muscle. But to this day, the game still hasn’t been released officially and nowadays, it’s a lot different from how it was back when we first saw it. 

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

We’re not going to repeat all the impressions we got from the game back in the day — that’s what our original post is for. But we will sum it up by saying the DreamWorks Universe of Legends from 2017 had players improve the village by constructing buildings and the combat system was in real time. We also mentioned that one of its most interesting features is that you could move your characters around the setting to defeat the different enemies you came across.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

Things have changed a lot in this new version of the game. Goodbye to the village where we had to construct buildings. Goodbye to the real-time combats. The title has been simplified in every aspect to offer us an experience that’s more similar to other current games: automatic turn-based combats and a base that functions as a HUB between rounds where the buildings are unlocked as you level up your character. Yawn. Basically, the experience has become much more generic. That said, anyone who loves collecting characters through the gacha system will be happy with these new changes.

One thing goes without saying, though; the title still has colorful and charming graphics. Its cast of characters is enormous and you’ll discover more and more as you battle in the different universes of each DreamWorks movie.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

A game like DreamWorks Universe of Legends is still interesting thanks to the power of its multiple cinematographic franchises. But it seems as if it’s lost some of its budget since we first saw it back in 2017. They’ve definitely simplified the formula to make it more attractive for all audiences and this is something that we can’t criticize. What’s for sure is that the game has changed a lot. It’s up to the public to decide if they liked the old style or the new one we’re seeing in 2019. We’re going to keep an eye on this one to see whether or not it goes back to to its original gameplay before its future official release.

DreamWorks Universe of Legends

DreamWorks Universe of Legends for Android [APK] | Download

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How to play your Steam library on Android with…

How to play your Steam library on Android with Steam Link:

Steam Link is a little device released by Valve in 2015 that lets you send content from your PC to a television connected to the same WiFi network to play videogames on the platform. Now the time has finally come for the official Steam Link app. It doesn’t require any external hardware aside from a device with Android 5.0 or higher, and you can even install it on Android TV. Read on to find out how to set it up and start playing.

[Update (03/18/2019)] The new beta 1.1.30 of the app lets you play through remote connections without needing to be connected to the same WiFi network. Obviously, the response speed is a tad slower so for now, its use is limited to games that don’t require fast reflexes.

First and foremost, you need to have the Steam client installed and open on your PC. After that, you can open the app and in Settings, find the section for linking devices (both devices have to be connected to the same network). Once you select it, you’ll see a four-digit code which you’ll then have to enter in a window that shows up on your PC. The PC client will also inform you that you have to install special audio transmission drivers which will then require you to restart the client.

The next step is to select the external control system if you have one. If you have a Steam Controller, you’ll have to update the firmware first by connecting it to the PC with the cord. By doing this, you’ll activate the ability to use it as a Bluetooth device without having to use the dongle it comes with. Next, you have to find the section on your Android device to pair it with the PC (this will vary depending on the customization layer you have installed). Aside from that, you can use any other compatible Bluetooth control system, whether it’s the always-reliable wireless Xbox controller, or one of the many gamepads that clip directly onto your smartphone. Without a doubt, this last one is the best option.

The last step is to set up the network in the Streaming section of settings where, in addition to selecting one of the three available profiles, you can open the advanced settings to limit the output resolution or the maximum bandwidth in case your network is limited. To be clear: to have a decent experience, you should have your PC connected via cable to a router with 5GHz WiFi. If not, you’ll have a slight input lag which will make it difficult to play games that require quick reflexes.

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Pre-registration for Call of Duty Mobile on An…

Pre-registration for Call of Duty Mobile on Android is now open:

In the conference held by Unity for the Game Developers Conference, tons of information was revealed about the long-awaited release of Call of Duty Mobile. The game, which until now was known as CoD: Legends of War, is being developed by Tencent in collaboration with Activision. Among other things, it’s been revealed that the game will officially be released for the entire world throughout this year, and that test versions will be published before its release in certain geographic areas. Plus, we know that it’s now possible to pre-register on its official website. 

Call of Duty Mobile menú principal
The game modes for the beta version

We found out about this game in 2018, and this past December, we were able to try it first-hand with the release of a beta for Australia. In this case, they were forced to close the registry system for new players  because of the flood of users that jumped all over the soft launch. In the Chinese market, they’ve also had various test periods, but the language barrier when it came to registering, along with its exclusivity for certain Asian app stores, made accessing it more difficult.

Regarding the information offered at the conference, there’s nothing that we didn’t know from previous updates. It’s a remix of content from the different installments of Modern Warfare where you can compete online on well-known maps like Standoff, Nuketown, Hijacked, and Killhouse. In the beta, we could already play the following game modes:

  • Frontline: The goal is to kill as many enemies from the opposing team as possible. The team that reaches the top score first wins. You constantly respawn back at the starting point of your base. (6 to 10 players)
  • Team Deathmatch: Played the same as Frontline, except with no respawn, so the team who’s left standing at the end wins. (6 to 10 players)
  • Search & Destroy: Defend or attack a strategic objective without respawn. (6 to 10 players)
  • Free-for-All: Individual deathmatch. The last player standing wins. (4 to 8 players)

In addition to this, PvE content has also been added, centered around the long-awaited Zombie Mode from the saga. On these missions, you and your four-member squad have to survive against hordes of enemies and defeat enormous bosses.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode Cooperativo
In the cooperative mode, you face AI-controlled enemies

As we already mentioned, the game isn’t available officially yet, but the official website was just opened. There, you can enter your personal information to receive a notification when it’s finally made available. Likewise, when the game is available, we’ll be sure to let you all know through all the typical communication channels.

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WhatsRemoved+ lets you see messages and files …

WhatsRemoved+ lets you see messages and files deleted by senders:

For months now, the main messaging tools like WhatsApp and Telegram let you delete messages and files that you’ve sent. Thanks to this feature, if you regret sharing any content, you have the option to go back and stop your contacts from receiving it. However, there are a lot of times when you receive information and you’re too late to see what was sent before it was deleted. WhatsRemoved+ lets you detect the deleted material and recover it so you can see it later.


It’s easy to recover photos and messages deleted from WhatsApp

Although WhatsRemoved+ was originally designed to detect messages deleted from WhatsApp, the app now supports many other apps. Once you grant the app the required permissions, it’ll show you a list of the apps you have installed on your Android device. It’s here where you’ll select what apps you want to get alerts about when another user deletes a message or file they’ve sent.

You can also choose if you want the app to notify you only when messages are deleted, or multimedia content as well. On the other hand, in this configuration process, you have the option to change the folders where the information will be extracted.

WhatsRemoved+ organizes the content detected

Once WhatsRemoved+ has notified you that a contact has deleted a message or file, you can see it by selecting the alert. The app is also able to organize and search for content through convenient tags and sections. You can even enlarge content and share it outside the app.


In the upper bar, you a have the name of each app with its corresponding messages and files that have been deleted. You also have tags that separate the recovered information according to the contact. With all these features present in WhatsRemoved+, it’s easy to find any content you want quickly.

It may not be the most ethical idea to recover messages deleted by your contacts. However, WhatsRemoved+ is an excellent app for finding out what content has been deleted by senders. Plus, the fact that it’s not limited to only WhatsApp makes it even more useful for those of us who use other messaging apps.

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Why is my WiFi connection so slow?

Why is my WiFi connection so slow?:

It’s becoming more and more common to experience WiFi network speed and connection problems at home. The fact that we have half a dozen different devices connected at all times, along with the saturation of the communication channels in urban areas, makes it complicated to find a solution at times. Luckily, given the versatility of Android devices, there are endless apps to run tests and adjustments without needing to use a desktop computer.

How can I find out if there are problems with my home WiFi network?

It’s the million dollar question. It’s like when you’re sick and you explain your symptoms to a doctor over the phone: they can make some guesses, but each case is different. That said, there’s a series of typical problems that tend to be the cause of a drastic reduction in the connection speed, especially through your WiFi network:

  • There’s an app or service that’s constantly downloading or uploading data and stealing available bandwidth form the rest. Could be malware.
  • Someone is stealing your WiFi connection without your consent.
  • You’re on a WiFi frequency channel with too many devices connected, either your own or your close neighbors.
  • The router is placed too far away from the connected devices.

When it comes to measuring, you have to take into account the actual speed never matches the speed you have contracted, especially if you work with wireless networks where there’s another series of parameters that influence performance, like the quality of the network wiring, router strength, possible external interference, or excessive distance. To find this out you don’t need any app, since Google already has its own measurement tool. You just have to type “speed test” into your browser to start the test. 

Internet Speed Test
You can complete a quick speed test through your browser

How to find out if an app is using massive amounts of data

As we all know, the Android operating system is able to keep apps and services running in the background after closing them, and if one of these is using more data than it should, it will affect your connection. This could be due to a problem with the app’s features (updates in the background, too many continuos network checks) or it could be malware, which is much more serious. We’ll take it one step at a time.

To check the upload and download traffic of your Android device in real time, there are plenty of tools in addition what’s included in the operating system by default. That said, we’re going to recommend Glasswire for how intuitive and clear it is. While it does offer some premium features, the basic ones are free and the app can be downloaded completely for free.

Once it’s installed and after accepting some of the required access permissions (necessary for it to work correctly), you can see a real-time graphic that makes it easy to visually see if there are download peaks coming from certain apps. Plus, since it saves the information from past days, it’s easy to find out if it’s a constant problem or if it only happens at certain times.

Glasswire app screenshots

The easy way to take care of the apps that bother you is by uninstalling them or checking the permissions they use. That said, if the app doesn’t sound familiar to you, then it may be a fraudulent app that could be taking advantage of your system. The most common cases are cryptocurrency miners that could even effect the general performance of the device. If you don’t want to get too complicated, then there’s no better option than doing a factory reset. The app has an integrated firewall to stop certain apps from accessing the internet, but there are also other free ones like NetGuard, that will serve to solve the problem while you get rid of the software that’s causing the problem.

How can I find out if someone is using my WiFi?

Unfortunately, even someone without too much experience can figure out your WiFi password relatively easily if you don’t use a secure encryption system. To find out if this is happening to you, you can use an app that’s able to analyze what devices are connected to your network, like Fing. It’s also free, and unlike what happens with similar services, you can visually see what devices are connected through your router’s IP.

The tab Devices in the app uses icons to show you what’s connected. In the image below, you can see that the app detected a smartphone, a desktop computer, two Raspberry Pis, an air purifier, and the router. Plus, tapping on each one of the elements, you can find out when the last time was that it connected to the network.

Fing app screenshots

To solve this problem, you just have to access the router’s configuration menu or your service provider’s website in the case that it lets you make changes remotely. If someone’s found out your password by reading it on the back of your router, you’ll have to change it. But if someone is decrypting it by intercepting packages from the network using hacking tools, you’ll have to take more drastic measures.

Most routers include the possibility to filter connections through the MAC address. This is a code that’s sort of like a “license plate” for any device, so you can choose which ones can connect to your network and which ones can’t. As we’ve said, each service provider has its own configuration menu and method for making changes. So it’s a good idea to contact them to explain your situation.

MAC filter on a Vodafone router

How to change the WiFi channel you connect to

Most home wireless networks work on a frequency channel close to 2.4 Ghz, although they get more and more extended, reaching up to 5Ghz. What does this mean? The frequency channel they emit network signals through are limited so they don’t contaminate the entire telecommunication spectrum. Think about it like a highway with multiple lanes. Basic routers that operate at 2.4Ghz offer 14 lanes (channels) so that the cars (information packages) don’t run into each other (between the different routers that are found nearby).

If we keep the analogy going, the problem comes in when multiple cars want to use the same lane. Or in other words, when multiple routers interfere with each other because they emit from the same channel. To see if you’re on an efficient channel, you have the app WiFi Analyzer, that lets you see if you have too many neighbors on the same band. It even offers an assessment with the most recommended channel. Just like what happens with the MAC filter mentioned above, it’s necessary to access the router’s configuration section (and it’s not always available) or your ISP website to be able to change this setting.

WiFi Analyzer aplicación para Android
The app WiFi Analyzer lets you visually detect what channels are the most saturated

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The most played MOBAs on Android

The most played MOBAs on Android:

If there’s one genre that’s managed to bring eSports games to the level they’re at today, without question it’s MOBAs (sorry, Battle Royales, we still love you). With League of Legends and DOTA 2 at the forefront, this sub-genre has endured since our PC gaming days and shows no signs of running out of steam. Developers have even tried to take it to other platforms, with variable success. In the case of Android, few games have managed to create even a remotely decent experience for touchscreen devices. There are a few good ones, though. This is our selection of the most successful MOBAs available on Android.

Mobile Legends

This game is one of the most recent ones to arrive and also one of the most successful, being the most played MOBA on mobile devices, as well as the most profitable with $200 million in worldwide revenue. It’s a clone of League of Legends, both visually and functionally speaking. It offers a cast of 24 characters, 10 of which can be used for free in 5v5 combats. The matchmaking is lightning fast, and in just a few seconds you can be playing a game that lasts only 10 minutes. It’s a fun title and the community continues growing. It’s one of the best options out there. [Download]

Arena of Valor

Named Honor of Kings (or Strike of Kings) in Asia, Arena of Valor made the leap to the west in mid 2017, becoming one of the best existing MOBAs for Android. With the giant Tencent holding the reigns, it’s normal that the game has surpassed $3 billion in income since is release in 2015. It’s a monstrosity with over 40 characters available, modes like single-player and teams of 3v3 or 5v5, and enormous production values. [Download]


Until the arrival of Mobile Legends, Vainglory was at the top and very present in the competitive sphere as shown by its activity in the world of eSports. The game from Super Evil Megacorp is much more conscious of its independence and tries to assert itself without being a simple copy. Thus, its controls seem simpler than the rest and the F2P business model is more balanced since it’s based merely on aesthetic improvements. In the beginning of the year, the new 5v5 mode was added along with new maps, and they even came out with a new PC version. [Download]

Survival Heroes 

Change is good. That’s why Survival Heroes dares to mix the controls and gameplay typical of MOBAs with the massive and destructive component of Battle Arenas. In the beginning, you start out above an enormous map, with the possibility to descend to any area on the map. The objective, as you can imagine, is to be the last survivor out of the 100 players in the game. Along the way, we lose the classic ‘minions’ of the genre, but the general concept is taken to a new dimension. [Download]

Heroes Arena

In this case, we can’t think of a single feature that stands out about Heroes Arena, because it does everything well. You have the modes 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5, 20 characters to select, optimal controls, and good performance on less powerful devices.  That said, the “inspiration” it takes from League of Legends is so obvious that the most played map is a clear copy of Summoner’s Rift. [Download]

Onmyoji Arena 

NetEase was greatly successful with Onmyoji, an interesting JRPG inspired by a parody of Japanese mythology from the Heian period that’s given way to this spin-off. Onmyoji Arena has you compete in online games with your shikigamis. It’s a beautiful game for fans of anime style that also boasts original voices in Japanese by renowned seiyuus. [Download]

Awakening of Heroes

It’s not all about epic fantasy and handguns. The main allure of Awakening of Heroes is that it steps outside the norm with its setting, and offers a wide range of characters like an endearing old lady that shoots homemade cakes, an overweight ninja who uses doughnuts as shurikens, and a charming police officer who carries a hairdryer on his belt. Five-on-five combats lasting 10 minutes in settings with three lines of defense. Deep down, it’s all the same. [Download]

Light X Shadow

If you like anime style, then this is your MOBA. The characters in Light X Shadow span the entire spectrum of Japanese aesthetics, letting you use heroes in more game modes than the typical ones. In fact, there’s a mode that puts four teams of three players each up against each other in an effort to conquer the center area. And following with the oriental theme, you’ll participate in a sort of pachinko in order to unlock new characters. [Download]

300 Battle: Glamurous Heroes

Speaking of anime, although this time taking the idea to the extreme, giving you preteens with flame throwers and lanky heroes slinging huge swords. It’s no surprise if you haven’t heard of it before, since it hasn’t officially been released world wide yet. Although since 2017, it’s been huge in multiple countries like Thailand and Indonesia. If you’re looking for a caricature-ish version of Asian manganime, then you’re in luck. [Download]

Iron League

A classic MOBA in every respect. You have 30 different characters to choose from that range from a member of the mob to a skateboarding Monkey King, five arenas, 10-minute long combats, and a gameplay that’s as familiar as the rest. Both on a visual level and in the settings, Heroes of the Storm has become a sort of mirror for many games, as we can see in Iron League. [Download]

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Four apps that every woman should know

Four apps that every woman should know:

March is upon us and, as we all know, this month gives us the opportunity to celebrate women in their multiple roles. We definitely didn’t want to miss the opportunity to honor them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of unique and easy-to-use apps that were created with them in mind:

Hey! VINA – Where Women Meet New Friends

Let’s start out by making new friends! Hey! VINA – Where Women Meet New Friends is a network for women who are looking to make new and lasting friendships with other women in their communities.

If you’re a fan of Tinder and other similar dating apps, or you’ve at least heard about them, then you’ll immediately recognize this app’s formula. But don’t worry, we’re not talking a traditional dating app. This is a refreshing new twist that helps you find girlfriends who live nearby. The app matches you with girls in your community who share your interests and hobbies. After reading a brief profile description, you can either say hello or go keep browsing the rest of your friend-matches.

Another really fun feature is that you can join communities that other girls have created or even create one yourself. Go out there and make long-lasting friendships.

Take fun friendship quizzes and find friends who share your interests!
Find friends who share your interests!

Circle of 6

Alright, let’s talk about safety. Unfortunately, this is an issue that’s still as relevant for women now as it was years ago. If you’ve ever encountered a sticky situation that you just didn’t know how to get out of, then this app is for you.

Circle of 6 is a unique and user-friendly app that lets you create a “rescue” group of up to 6 contacts. If you’re ever in danger or you’re stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you can immediately notify this select group of people. All you have to do is tap a button to send your location, ask one of your six contacts to call you asap or let them know that you require their attention in some way. In a nutshell, Circle of 6 keeps you connected with your closest friends or family members when it really matters.

Send your location to your contacts or let them know you need them
Feel safe, everywhere you go.

Curvy Singles Dating – Meet online, Chat & Date

Women represent about half of the world’s population. That being said, it’s only natural that we come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Curvy Singles Dating – Meet online, Chat & Date knows that and celebrates our diversity instead of trying to fit every woman into a mold.

This inclusive dating app was specially created for plus-size women and men. If you’re tired of feeling like you don’t belong in the traditional dating apps, then we recommend Curvy Singles Dating – Meet online, Chat & Date.  The main reason being that the developers created a space where you can feel comfortable and proud of your body, just the way it is. The best part is that it’s really easy to use. As soon as someone catches your eye, tap the “like” button (or the “pass” button if you want to keep looking).

Find other curvy singles near you and earn rewards to unlock surprises!
Find other curvy singles near you!


In 2005, a group of young women and men from New York created a network to help abolish street harassment in all its shapes and forms. Since then, Hollaback! has reached 26 countries and is available in 14 different languages.

You’ll first view a map of your city and the exact location of street harassment incidents reported by other users. The best part is that you can help regardless of whether you were the victim or a witness. To report an incident, start by typing a brief description and the exact location of the incident. 

Another amazing feature of the app is that it protects your safety because the reports can be anonymous. That’s right, you can choose to enter your first name or not. Either way, you’ll be helping to raise awareness for an extremely important cause.

Whether you witnessed or experienced or witnessed street harassment, help abolish it.
Become part of the network and abolish street harassment.

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Use our widget to link Android apps on your bl…

Use our widget to link Android apps on your blog:

Here on Uptodown we’ve put together a huge catalogue of Android apps that we store and manage ourselves. So the easier it is to link to our content, the better it is for everyone. To that end, we have created our own WordPress widget that you can use to add info cards and download links to all our apps on your own blog. And best of all, it’s free, open, legal, and doesn’t leave anyone out: Every info card has links to both the APK/XAPK file and the page on Google Play along with other details of interest.

We’ve put together this tutorial on our blog explaining how to install and set up the WordPress plugin, although you can also use it on HTML pages by inserting a short script. You can paste it anywhere into your text and it will be laid out like this:

You don’t need us to remind you for the umpteenth time about all the advantages of downloading APK files from Uptodown, not to mention having access to all of our content, which we create ourselves completely independently of developer influence, with included screenshots, videos, and the tutorials you’ll find on this very blog.

We’re delighted to offer this service to all digital media outlets interested in using our widget. You can also rest assured that you’ll have our full help and support when implementing it.

More information | Uptodown Widget

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