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The best Android emulators for the first PlayStation:

The first PlayStation turns 25! There’s a whole generation of players who were introduced to the world of videogames by their PSX, which stayed in circulation for no less than 12 years, one less than its predecessor. The truth is that current technology, like Android devices are more than capable of emulating the games from the console. Just like we already did with Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, it’s time to list some of the best PlayStation emulators for Android. 

PlayStation Classic uses an Open Source emulator!

One of the many controversies that the release of the miniature Sony console caused was the fact that it uses an open source emulator. At Kotaku, they’ve already had a chance to try out the console. They confirm that you can access a list of third-party software used from the game loading menu. There, you’ll find PCSX ReArmed, a fork of PCSX Reloaded, based on one of the best emulators of the first PlayStation for PC (interestingly enough, created by the same guy who later developed the great PCSX2).

This is far from surprising, considering that many renown studios use third-party emulators to relaunch their products on current platforms. In fact, SEGA has used this tactic a few times, using an open source emulator and contracting its creator to launch a collection of classic titles. This wouldn’t be a problem if the original creators were always given credit or were given some sort of compensation for using their work, but this doesn’t tend to happen. If there are good reasons to believe that Nintendo has commercialized ROMs from games found online in its Virtual Console, who knows what else we could find.

Retroarch 64 (Beetle PSX)

Recently, the well-known modular emulator container, Retroarch released a new version for 64-bit devices that made better use of device hardware, especially when it comes to  emulating systems with 3D graphics. The core of the emulator Beetle PSX (port of the Mednafen core) has improved substantially and now runs great on any medium range device. Plus, given the unified configuration system and the extremely simplified Retroarch interface, it’s one of the best alternatives for novices.

Another thing to keep in mind is that within Retroarch, you have multiple different cores. Most users prefer Pcsx ReArmed Enhanced to the one mentioned above since it offers more precise emulation, although Mednafen also gives good results at the expense of higher hardware requirements. [Download]


A total classic back in the day became the best alternative for emulating PlayStation on PC. It’s one of the few original projects that aren’t based on a third-party Open Source code, which is why it makes sense that it’s a paid app that’s only available via Google Play. Among other unique features, it includes a mode for two players on the same device using two touch screen controls simultaneously on the screen. Plus it allows for the connection and detection of almost any physical controller.


Another multi-system emulator that includes PlayStation among its ranks. In this case, it also uses the core from the open emulator Mednafen. Although it gives some really good results, a lot of the best features are reserved for the paid version, like the auto-save and the possibility to map the controls through touch gestures. [Download]

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How to connect an Xbox or PS4 Bluetooth controller to an Android device:

We’re constantly seeing more and more games that offer the possibility to connect external controllers. Games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are completely compatible with these controllers and others like Call of Duty Mobile will soon add this feature as well. This means you can use the same gamepad that you use for playing on your PC or gaming console for playing your mobile games. Thanks to the fact that consoles like Xbox One and PS4 have established their control systems as universal, you can connect them via Bluetooth to your Android device if it offers this type of connection. Read on to discover how to connect them.

If you have an Xbox gamepad, the first thing you have to figure out is if it’s a Bluetooth controller or if it’s an older version that uses USB dongles. There’s an easy way to figure this out. If the X button in the middle is made with a material similar to the controller itself, it’s bluetooth. If the button is a completely separate piece and a different color, then it’s not. Once you figure that out, you can start the pairing process.

Returning to the Microsoft controls, these are USUALLY compatible with modern Android devices, but the only brand that they have an official agreement with is Samsung. So Xbox controllers sync perfectly with devices from this brand.

How to pair the Xbox One gamepad

  • Press the middle Xbox button on the controller to turn it on.
  • Press the sync button found in the upper part of the controller. Hold it down for a few seconds until the middle button starts blinking.
  • Select the option to search for nearby devices until the Xbox controller shows up (Normally called “wireless controller”).
  • Select it to connect, and in a few seconds you’ll have it all set up.

How to pair the PS4 gamepad

  • Press the PS button and Share at the same time until the light starts blinking.
  • On Android, look for the Bluetooth options menu (this will vary according to device). Also, you have to make sure the Bluetooth connection option is turned on.
  • Mark the option to look for nearby devices until you see the PS4 controller (normally called “Wireless controller”). Select it to connect and in a few seconds, you’ll have it paired.
  • If there’s a problem with the reply time, you can use an app that automatically connects the device. Bluetooth Auto Connect offers this feature. You have to go into the app and go to Advanced Options > Debug. Then, you can select the PS4 controller from the list of connected devices, and this should improve the input lag.

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The top 10 Android games of the month [November 2019]:

It’s that time again — time to sum up the most relevant games that have made their debut on Android throughout the month. This time, a lot of the titles are of Asian origen: from sagas like The King of Fighters, to the highly-anticipated Black Desert Mobile; not to mention the new title from Epic Games and new installments in the Final Fantasy saga.


No one can say no to a good Dungeon Crawler, especially when we’re suffering in agony, waiting for news of the possible release of Diablo Immortal on Android. This is why Anima ARPG brings us hope as it brings us the dark Gothic settings of the first installments from the Blizzard saga. Alright, so it may not be as polished as an AAA production, but we think that’s part of what makes it great! [Download]


War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The Final Fantasy saga has been divided, twisted, and combined in all possible ways with the enormous number of games that Square Enix has released for mobile devices. In this case, it brings back the formula from the long-awaited sub-saga Tactics to integrate it in the Brave Exvius universe. The result? A fantastic SRPG that hasn’t yet reached the west, but can already be enjoyed internationally as long as the language barrier doesn’t bother you. [Download]

Final Fantasy War of the Visions


With so many serious, spectacular, and epic MMORPGs, we forget that one of the great things about spending hundreds of hours in a virtual world is feeling comfortable. Skylore brings back the 2D sprites and isometric perspective of yore to bring us a “friendly” MMO with adorable graphics and endless tasks to complete, typical of the genre. [Download]

Skylore screenshot

Battle Breakers

Epic Games has enough pull to be able to create licenses from nothing and manages to find its place in an industry that’s saturated on all levels. Although Battle Breakers has been around for a couple years, it wasn’t until now that it was released officially as one of the first titles for mobile devices that will make up part of their own marketplace. Here you get puzzles and colored gems, with combats between creatures with different powers. [Download]

Battle Prime

Yes, not a day goes by without half a dozen new multiplayer online shooters showing up on Android, but Battle Prime has enough positives to be considered one of the biggest releases of the month. In this case, we’re talking about a third-person action game where you get to fight against the rival team of androids in battle. And each class has a series of special skills that you have to master. Plus, it’s actually really nice looking. [Download]

Battle Prime Screenshot

Deeprealm Odyssey

A game that adapts part of its gameplay from an awesome game like Downwell deserves our respect. You have to descend through various vertical settings collecting gems and defeating enemies that get in your way. It’s a simple formula, but just like in the indie title this one is based on, it’ll have you hooked to no end. [Download]

Deeprealm Odyssey screenshot

Night Agent

In recent times, we’ve been seeing a type of third-person action game with anime appearance, in the shadows of greats like Honkai Impact 3rd and Hundred Soul. Night Agent doesn’t rely on a successful license, nor does it need to. Its spectacular graphics along with a Hack and Slash gameplay make it a title worth checking out this month. [Download]

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

SNK took the floor in the ’90s thanks to the number of licenses that were created for Nego-Geo/AES. One of the most important ones was, specifically, a combination of various sagas in a single annual title. The King of Fighters never completely disappeared thanks to the constant re-editions and new concepts that the renewed SNK Playmore is developing on Android. So a new quality beat’em up featuring Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi, and the rest of the crew is definitely worth celebrating. [Download]

Naruto: Slugfest

People are so excited to play the global version of this new game based on the work of Masami Kishimoto that after just a week-long tester phase, Slugfest has become one of the most resounding titles of the month. In this MMORPG, you play a ninja from the village who will become wrapped up in the typical problems of Naruto, Kakashi, and company. It’s a real treat for fans that, soon or later, will show up officially in the west. [Download]

Naruto Slugfest Screenshot

Black Desert Mobile

We can’t tell you much you don’t already know about what is probably the MMORPG of the year on Android. After over a year-long wait, we finally have the final version of this mobile adaptation of the PC game. Although it won’t come out officially until December, you can already play right now without any geographic restrictions, as long as you use a VPN. [Download]

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The saga Five Nights at Freddy’s is back in the form of an AR game:

In 2014, the independent developer Scott Cawthon could never have imagined what he had on his hands. The release of Five Nights at Freddy’s went ridiculously viral thanks to videos posted by people like PewDiePie and ElRubius. As a result, these bloodthirsty animatronic dolls were brought to the forefront of pre-teen internet pop culture, sharing a podium with other terrifying creatures like Slenderman and Herobrine. Five years later, though with slightly less force now, FNaF is still around, as we can see with the release of this videogame for Android: Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery.

Although the premise and gameplay are somewhat different, the formula is still the same: you have to survive the threat of these creatures with quite a few scares along the way. However this time, geolocation and augmented reality are added into the mix, bringing this subgenre even closer to home. Every once in a while, you’ll get a view of animatronics in your location, participating in a short minigame where you’ll have to use your device’s camera to find the hidden monster. With the help of your flashlight and a stun gun, you have to stop them in their tracks, while also dismantling them to create your own mechanical monstrosities for scaring other players.

Here comes the new wave of geolocation and augmented reality games

This obviously isn’t Pokemon GO, but it doesn’t try to be, either. The coolest part of the experience are the attacks from the animatronic creatures represented using augmented reality, since you’ll have to turn around 360º in order to find out where they’re going to attack you from. If you scare easy, then this can definitely make you jump if you don’t pay close enough attention.

The game requires Android 7.0, although in this case, it doesn’t require ARCore technology, since the augmented reality elements vary according to the distance you are away from them.

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PUBG Mobile 0.16 Beta adds snow to Erangel and new game modes:

As you probably already know, there are various versions of PUBG Mobile according to the geographic region and the stage of development. In the beta channel, you can try out some of the features that will reach the stable version in the future. Recently, it was updated to the version 0.16 with various additions that will gradually be unlocked from today until January 1, 2020. And best of all, you can have both versions installed on the same device without your progress being affected in either one, plus it doesn’t have a watermark, unlike previous updates.

One of the main lures of this update is the visual change made to Erangel. In each round, different parts of the map will appear covered in snow. That said, it’s not only a superficial change — among other things, you can use a snowboard to descend down snowy hills and find special loot boxes in each one of these areas.

Another interesting addition is the possibility to change the first-person mode to third-person during the game. Until now, you had to select one of the view modes before entering the map in question. Now you can alternate between both views at any time. Another notable change on a gameplay level is that now you can move around while being healed, although your speed will be even slower than when walking. Just enough to keep you safe from enemy fire.

More new features are on their way, although they’re not available yet, we’re assuming they’ll be unlocked throughout the following days. One of these that we’ve already seen in past tester phases is called “Death Race” mode. As its name implies, you’ll compete against other players riding in vehicles who will compete on an enormous closed track where you’ll pick up items scattered around to attack rivals.

Although we don’t yet know the exact date that the 0.16 update will reach the stable channel, we’re assuming it’ll happen sometime in the beginning of December if the past betas are any indication.

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The new closed beta for Marvel Super War is now available:

This past May, we were introduced to the first closed tester phase of Marvel Super War, the MOBA being developed by NetEase that’s based on the Marvel universe. Even though we don’t have a final release date yet, starting today, you can participate in the new closed beta, specifically from 12:00PM (GMT+8) on November 21, until 11:59PM on December 1.

Although all your progress will be deleted at the end of this beta phase, you can take advantage of some features before the “open” release. In fact, if you complete a certain number of combats during the event, you can unlock the character Quicksilver and the classic green skin will be available for you once its officially released. Beyond this, you can get crystals and coins through daily rewards during this period, although you can only cash them in for in-game objects offered during the trial period.

In terms of the game itself, it offers the classic concept of 5v5 combats (both online and against AI), in settings with team-based missions. You can choose from various characters from the Marvel universe, many of which were not available in the previous beta. The following are available:

  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Loki
  • Quicksilver
  • Black Panther
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • Groot
  • Rocket Raccoon

The best Android games from the Marvel Universe

In addition to these, you’ll also find tons of other characters:

  • Captain Marvel
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Ebony Maw
  • Cull Obsidian
  • Heimdall
  • Lady Sif
  • The Executioner
  • Beast
  • Iceman
  • Angel
  • Storm
  • Magneto
  • Deadpool
  • StarLord
  • Mantis
  • Mister Fantastic
  • War Machine
  • Jubilee

The game is officially available in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. While it’s recommended to use a VPN to play, many users are managing to access the game through the social login. 

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How to easily create and edit stellar videos with Magisto:

We’re smack in the middle of 2019, and by now basically everybody we know has dipped a toe in the waters of video editing. Whether it’s to make photo slideshows or put together something more elaborate, the fact that there’s a ton of different programs for both PC and Android devices has led to a pretty thorough democratization of a medium that used to be out of reach for many users. All that said, things can still get heavy when it comes to learning to edit video, though luckily there are apps like Magisto: Magical Video Editor to let users of all levels create attractive videos.

Magisto: Magical Video Editor

Magisto is a great app for creating videos in the easiest possible way: two or three steps and you’ll have a video to knock ’em dead. All with no need to get bogged down in sequences, timelines, and that kind of mess: the app creates the video depending on which pictures and videos you want to include. That done, just pick one of the many visual styles to apply to it (indie, EDM, sports…), find a song to serve as your soundtrack, set how long you want the clip to last, and then wait a few minutes for Magisto to do its magic.

Magisto Android menu

Magisto does its work with a lot of flow, bringing your pictures and videos to life while meshing everything quite well — and all that with you having done exactly nothing besides select the material. The app gives you a festival of effects of all kinds: varied transitions, zooming in and out, panning out to give life to the static images… While you don’t have much control over the final result and it’s kind of down to luck what comes out, you’re not likely to be disappointed if you’re basically clueless about how to make a video like this.

Adobe Premiere Rush, a professional video editor for Android

The cool thing about this app is that it delivers nice results in a very short time, which makes it simple to put together new clips if you’re not happy with the outcome: just pick a different kind of video style to get a very different result. According to its developers, Magisto uses an AI that analyzes and edits the video based on what it thinks are the best parts. Obviously that has to be taken with a grain of salt, but the truth is that the results tend to be quite good.

Magisto Android options

Magisto is an app that’s likely to surprise you with the results its delivers and it should help a lot of people who don’t want to worry their pretty heads about details of video editing. Besides generating media, the app has social features so you can check out other people’s videos, tap to Like them, and—well, that’s basically it. Still, don’t stress if you want your videos to stay private: they’re only posted publicly if you want them to be.

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Easily migrate from iOS to Android with MobileTrans from Wondershare:

Making the move from an iOS device to Android can be a huge deal for anyone who feels especially attached to the Apple ecosystem. But the truth is, depending on your own personal needs, it can be a great decision to make the change. While exporting your contacts, multimedia files, and personal settings isn’t too difficult, it’s a fact that not everyone has the knowledge necessary to make the move on their own. That’s where the app MobileTrans from Wondershare comes in handy. With this useful app, you can transfer all your information from one device to another in just a few simple steps. 

One of the main hurdles any user comes across when transferring their information from one device to another is the need to use a desktop computer in order to make the move. In fact, Wondershare has some tools for Windows and Mac that serve this exact purpose, but the version for Android of MobileTrans bypasses this step by letting you download all the content by physically connecting both devices, either via USB or importing your information from your iCloud account. In fact, it’s not necessary to install any app at all on the iOS device. It couldn’t be simpler.

The only requirement to use this app is to have at least iOS 5.0 (or iCloud 8.0), as well as Android 4.1 or higher on the receiving device. Once the app is installed, first you have to choose the importation method from the two options mentioned:

Connection via USB cable

You’ll need to have a USB cable and the corresponding adapters to use the connectors required for each device. Android devices, in general, use micro-USB or USB-c connectors, while any iOS device will use the Lightning connector. This last one is used by basically all devices from the company since the iPhone 5, so you’ll normally need a cord with this type of additional adapter.

Once the app is open, when you connect both devices and select the ‘import from USB cable’ option, you’ll have to accept the connection and enter your passcode in the iOS device. In just a few minutes, you can start migrating your data.

Connection via iCloud

If you’ve enabled the synchronization of your profile and personal configuration of the iOS device with the Apple storage service, you won’t even need the original smartphone to complete the migration, since all you need is the username and password for the iCloud account to easily access the export menu.

It’s important to note that a lot of users just use iCloud to export all their data to new devices, but this doesn’t transfer some of the elements that MobileTrans is able to move.

Migration between devices

When you’ve connected all the devices, you’ll arrive at the menu where you can select whatever elements you want to export form the following: bookmarks, calendar, contacts, photos, videos, reminders, documents, alarms, voice mails, and voice memos. Once you select what you want, just tap on the button “Start Importing” and the process will begin. The duration will depend on the space taken up by the elements in question. That said, you should know that even if you export all the information, the data will not be lost from the device of origen.

It’s important to realize that the migration will automatically distribute the transferred content into specific folders of the Android device:

  • Photos and videos will be copied to /sdcard/DCIM
  • Music goes to /sdcard/Music
  • Voice messages go to /sdcard/Sounds
  • The elements associated with the system like bookmarks, calendar, contacts, clock, reminders, calls, and wallpapers will automatically be exported and can be consulted directly through the apps you have installed on the Android device for these purposes.
  • For the rest of the elements like documents with different extensions or audio files, everything will be placed in different subfolders within /sdcard/MobileTransfer/folder.

The free version of the app only allows the transfer of photos and videos. In order to export the rest of the formats, you’ll have to get the commercial license through the app itself during the actual migration or use other tools from the MobileTrans family. Although, as we said, in this case you’ll have to use a PC or Mac as a bridge during this process.

The advantages of using this app are great, from being able to store backups of all your information safely to export it later, to widening the spectrum of possible combinations between devices: from iOS to Android, Android to iOS, or transferring between devices with the same operating system. In this last case, it’s also possible to transfer the installed apps between devices, as well as even migrating your conversations from some messaging services or your iCloud music, as the case may be.

MobileTrans for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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Why it’s better to shop Aliexpress using their official app:

When talking about the king of enormous Asian online stores, Alibaba, there’s no need for introductions. In the last fiscal year, the group banked over 54 billion dollars, with 85% of that coming from its commerce division, leaving the international competitor Amazon in their dust. This is why, with this November 11th being considered a sort of Black Friday, known as “Single’s Day” in China, the numbers are going to go wild once again. Here we’ve got the inside scoop on how to buy on Aliexpress and take full advantage of the discounts that are about to be rolled out, and even get extra discounts using the official app.

What’s so special about 11.11 on Aliexpress

The so-called Single’s Day originated in China more than two decades ago as a day for young adults to “celebrate” being single by spending money via online shopping. This tradition has grown to the point of being embraced by the top distributors of online products and has even come so far as to be known as Asian Black Friday. Now, one may be known as the loneliest number but that’s not the idea on Single’s Day. It’s celebrated on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, a date formed completely by ones to represent the idea of individuality and commemorate singledom.

Aliexpress has used Single’s Day as sort of a springboard to grow exponentially on an international level, breaking all the existing sales records in the latest years. In fact, on the last 11/11 in 2018, sales reached 30 billion dollars. This is due to the application of discounts on thousands of products that are already dirt cheap in most cases. Thanks to the enormous effort to internationalize their brand (in fact, just this week the brand opened a “pop up” space to present new products in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña), more and more online shoppers are willing to take give the online store a try.

Why it’s necessary to use the mobile app

Although the web version of the portal is both intuitive and secure, they’re making a huge effort to get potential customers to make purchases via the official Aliexpress app. The main incentive offered is the fact that, in addition to the discounts already applied on the products, in a lot of cases, there’s an additional discount applied for the mere fact of using the app to complete the purchase. 

In addition to these discounts, individual vendors tend to offer coupons on their products for purchases over a certain amount, which you can store in your account to use whenever you want. What’s more, if you don’t have an account and you sign up as a new Aliexpress user, you get four dollars to spend on any purchase. 

Aliexpress delivers world-wide and has even added PayPal recently as a payment method, making it even more attractive as a shopping alternative (even though the products still take weeks to arrive). After all, ordering products from half-way around the world at cut-rate prices has its drawbacks.

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The new all-in-one Microsoft Office revolution:

Users of the Microsoft office suite have a lot to celebrate. The company from Redmond has just released Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, a single app that groups together all the company’s most important office services: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, in a single app.

Pocket-version of Office, now an all-in-one

Although the origins of the pocket-version of Microsoft Office can be traced back to the year 2000 with the first version for Pocket PC, it wasn’t until this current decade when the first version of Office was launched for Android devices. In turn, different apps were released to use each one of the main tools, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which still exist today. Thus, to simplify the experience, they’ve gone back to the idea of a single app that includes the entire package, with its name also being a clear mission statement. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more combines the whole batch of apps from the top office suite in a single convenient app.

Extra apps from Microsoft Office

All signs point to this new app being the best companion for the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, which is in a transition period and constantly being improved. In addition to offering a text editor, spreadsheet, and presentation editor, it also include some extra apps like the possibility to open QR codes with the included scanner, and a simple way to transfer files between your device and your PC. You also have the possibility to create, edit, and work on documents online with other users in real time, in addition to being able to access documents in the Microsoft OneDrive cloud. Another selling point is its powerful features for reading and editing PDF files.

Download Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more will be available for both Android and iOS devices, and sooner or later, the individual apps that are currently available will be retired. It’s still in its tester phase, although Microsoft will let you join a preview group for it. That said, there are no geographic restrictions or limits to the number of users (despite being in Beta), so you can download and start using it directly from Uptodown.

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