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Comparison: Cloud storage services (2019)

Comparison: Cloud storage services (2019):

One of our biggest worries nowadays is running out of space on our devices. And of course we know that photos, videos, and files take up the majority of this precious space. The other thing that you probably have in the back of your mind is the fear of losing or breaking the device where you store all your memories. But that’s what cloud storage services are for. It’s the best solution for these problems, so you can stop worrying about running out of space or losing your precious memories.

There are tons of services that offer cloud storage features and that also let you consult and download your files at any time. It’s a good idea for backing up or for sharing files that take up a lot of space.

Almacenamiento en la nube

Among this huge selection of different apps, we’re going to analyze Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, iCloud, Mega, and Dropbox. Six of the most popular options, so that you can decide which one fits your needs best. And you can also choose between their paid and free versions. 

Google Drive

This is one of the most popular options, especially among Android users where Google services are connected to certain apps by default. Google Drive lets you store up to 15 GB for free, but if that’s not enough, you can pick one of the plans to increase this space, from the most basic of 100 GB per month for $1.99 to 30 TB for $299.99 per month. 

If you’re a Google app user and you tend to use these apps on your smartphone, Google Drive is the best option for storing your data in the cloud. You’ll have the option to recover it at any moment from your phone or any other device in internet access. You have Google’s 2-step verification, a bonus for those of us whose entire life is connected to Google, and you can also use Drive as a container for files, paperwork, or memories without worrying about security.

  • Unlimited space for photos
  • 15 GB for free
  • Storage plans in Google Drive: 15 GB and unlimited photos (free) | 100 GB ($1.99/month) | 1 TB ($9.99/month) | 2 TB ($19.99/month) | 10 TB ($99.99/month) | 20 TB ($199.99/month)
  • Available for Web | Desktop | Android | iOS
  • Security: AES-256 and two-step verification
  • Strength: Complete integration with the Google ecosystem


This comes integrated with Windows 10, making it the perfect cloud storage option for Windows users. It offers less free space than Google (only 5 GB instead of 15 GB), but you can also increase this by purchasing plans, attractive since they’re associated with Office 365. You can get 50 GB for two dollars a month. And if you sign up for Office 365 Personal, which will cost you 69 dollars a year, you’ll get 1 TB of space and all the useful tools of Office 365.

OneDrive has another advantage and that’s how it shares files, making it simple to share photos, videos or anything else with your friends thanks to its connection with social networks. Its data is also encrypted in 128-bit AES and it also has two-step verification. For users who use this Windows package, OneDrive is a great option.

  • 5 GB of free space
  • OneDrive storage plans: 100 GB ($1.99/month) | 1 TB + Office 365 for $69.99/year.
  • Available for: Web | Desktop | Android | iOS
  • Security: 128-bit AES and two-step verification
  • Strength: Perfect for using with Office 365

Onedrive plans 2019


The basic version of DropBox works the same as usual, with 2 GB of free space, which can be extended to up to 16 GB. You’ll receive 500 MB extra for each friend you invite and who ends up using the app, 1 GB extra for installing Mailbox and 3 GB for activating automatic photo uploading on your device. And you can always increase capacity by paying: you can get 1 TB for $9.99 per month.

If you get the version Dropbox Plus, for $9.99 a month, you can configure permissions for the files you share, if you want them to be read-only or if you want to allow other users to edit or delete them. Dropbox is one of the most popular choices, one of the best cloud storage services and most people know of it. In addition to saving files and being able to access them anywhere, you can also create passwords and expiration dates for shared links.

It’s easy to use, compatible with most apps, and also has security tools including two-step authentication and the files stored in Dropbox are encrypted through AES 256-bit encryption. Its simplicity and wide acceptance are its strong points.

  • 2 GB of free space, which can be extended up to 16 GB without paying
  • Storage plans in Dropbox: 2 TB for $9.99/month | 3 TB for $16.58/month
  • Available for Web | Desktop | Android | iOS
  • Security: 128-bit AES and two-step verification
  • Easy to use, can access it from any service, and the possibility to get free storage without having to pay for it.

Amazon Cloud

If you’ve ever done any online shopping, then you know Amazon and you probably even have an account. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you already have unlimited photo storage and 5 GB for videos, music, and other files. And if you want more, you can access the paid version for $60/year for 1 TB of storage.

The Amazon Drive app has a simple and easy to use interface. The files saved in the Amazon Drive folder are automatically stored in the cloud and you can access them whenever you want. It offers a comprehensive backup service and has become one of the best choices for cloud storage. If you’re a regular Amazon user, it may be worth it to join one of the paid plans to take advantage of the Cloud subscription, a service that’s growing and may become one of the top choices among users.

  • Free space: 5 GB and unlimited photos
  • Plans: 100 GB ($11.99/year) | 1 TB ($59.99/year)
  • Available for Web | Desktop | Android | iOS
  • Security: two-step authentication and AES-256
  • Strengths: convenient and complete

Amazon Cloud Plans


Apple’s cloud storage app can only be used on the brand’s smartphones and tablets, and doesn’t have an official app for Android, so it’s more limited than other options. Although there are some methods to use it from Android, iCloud is ideal if you have an iPhone or an iPad.

It offers 5 GB of free storage that you may fill up quickly, since you’ll need more to use the full range of Apple’s iCloud services, including online backups of your iOS devices. You have to pay $0.99/month for 50 GB, $2.99/month for 200 GB, or $9.99/month for 2 TB.

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll find complete iCloud integration with your phone, so it could be a convenient option. But the fact that other users with other operating systems can’t access it, leave it behind other options.

  • Free space: 5 GB
  • Plans: 50 GB ($0.99/month) | 200 GB ($2.99/month) | 2 TB ($9.99/month)
  • Available for: Web | Desktop | iOS
  • Security: 128-bit AES and two-step verification
  • Strength: Ideal for Apple users and compatibility with Apple products


MEGA is one of the best cloud storage services: it offers 50 GB of free storage and some great paid plans, too. You can get 1 TB for only $9.99/month or 4 TB for $19.99/month: pretty good  deals in comparison with the competition. Plus, it gives more bandwidth with each package, and this will let you share and receive files with your friends. One of the great things is the possibility to share files with other MEGA members. It’s easy: you send an invitation to a friend and you set the level of permission that they have for the files, if they can see it, edit it, etc.

It also lets you send links to friends that aren’t MEGA users, although in this case, it’ll send an encrypted key privately to let them access the files. Mega doesn’t have any way to access your information and both the security and the free 50 GB make it a great option. MEGA is one of the best cloud storage services that exists.

  • Free space: 50 GB
  • Storage plans: 200 GB ($4.99/month) | 1 TB ($9.99/month) | 4 TB ($19.99/month) | 8 TB ($29.99/month)
  • Available for: Web | Desktop | Android | iOS
  • Strengths: up to 50 GB for anything you want and the possibility to share files with people who don’t have the service.

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How to get the most out of Google Photos

How to get the most out of Google Photos:

Google Photos is a must-have app for your smartphone. But it’s not only a convenient photo gallery for organizing your images and videos into folders. Google Photos also lets you edit your pictures, create collages, put together videos, and gives you all sorts of options like searching using artificial intelligence or key words. Today, we bring you the best tricks for Google Photos so you make sure you’re getting the most out of the tool. 

Beyond being one of the best gallery apps you can have on your smartphone, Google Photos is full of useful tools that you can access for free. From automatic fixes to creating physical photo books with all the images from your latest vacation.

Select photos by the batch

You can long tap and slide through the gallery to select all the images you want to then copy, cut, or share. You just have to slide your finger over the photos to select them.

Google Fotos - Seleccionar galería

Change the view

By default, Google Photos shows you your pictures in rows of four, but you just have to pinch the screen to zoom out or zoom in. Using this typical zoom gesture, you can make the thumbnails of the pictures smaller or bigger, depending on your personal preferences.

Google Fotos - Cambiar visualización

Mark as favorites

You can mark some pictures in your gallery as favorites to make sure they’re always on hand. You just have to go to each one of the photos in Google Photos and tap on the star you see in the upper right. To find your favorite photos, you can go to your folders in the app and select “My favorites.” This is where you can always find these particular images from the thousands of pictures you have stored on your smartphone.

Add images to the archive

Your smartphone is full of images that usually are of no use to you: screenshots, photos people have sent you via WhatsApp, or images of things that you want to remember. You can archive documents or images in Google Photos. The advantage of archiving is that the images are still stored on your smartphone and you won’t lose them, but you don’t have to see them in the gallery alongside other photos that are much more artistic and attractive.

All you have to do is go to the “Archive” section of the menu and tap on the upper right corner to access your gallery and select the images you want to archive.

Free up space on your smartphone

Google Photos is able to free up space on your smartphone if you’ve already made a backup in the cloud and you don’t need to have the images stored on your internal memory. You just have to go to the side menu of the app and tap “free up space.” Google will tell you that it’s made a back up and that you can still find them at any time. It’ll also tell you how much space you’re going to free up and how many items you’re going to delete if you confirm the process.

Libera espacio

Create GIFs with your photos

You can create GIFs directly from Google Photos. Go to the lower part of the app and select “Assistant.” Once you’re there, go to the option called “Animations.” You can choose the images you want to appear in the animation. You can choose up to 50 photos to form part of a short video that will be exported in GIF format. Perfect for posting on your social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter, or Telegram.

GIF en Google Fotos

Create collages

You can create a collage directly with Google Photos without having to download other editing apps. You can choose up to a maximum of 9 images and make compositions of your photos. Once you’ve created the collage, you can apply one of the multiple effects available on Google Photos, add light, improve color, or share it with another app on your smartphone to continue editing the new image you’ve created.

Collage en Google Fotos

Automatic retouching

Google Photos can automatically retouch some of your photos without you even lifting a finger. The app automatically selects the images it considers to be better or prettier and retouches them in the “Assistant” section of the app. Once they’ve been edited, it’ll send you a notification and you can decide if you want to use them or simply ignore this new photo.

Retoque automático Google Fotos

Create shared folders

Share your photos with your family, significant other, or friends directly. You can give anyone you want access to your Google Photos images; you just have to invite the person via email. Also, you can mark that the person can’t view your old photos and choose which date to start sharing them from.

You can give access to all your images or simply create shared folders with your contacts if you go on a trip together or you want to share photos from an epic party.

Google Fotos compartir

Create photo books from the app

You can books to be printed from Google Photos and receive them delivered to your door. This is a service that’s already available in some countries and that allows you to choose images from your gallery to convert them in a printed, modern, and affordable album. To make your phone photo book, you just have to upen the app and go to the “Assistant” section.

From here, you can select “Photo Books” and follow the steps indicated. You can add the images you want and customize the collage however you choose. You can select up to 100 photos for each book.

Libro de fotos en Google Fotos

Turn your images into videos

You can make movies from Google Photos. There are videos that the app will create automatically from your pictures and using recognition. For example, “A Year of Smiles” that compiles the photos you have of people smiling throughout the last year. There are also themed movies for Mother’s Day, for example, or with your best selfies.

However, you can also make your own movies and choose the photos and videos you want to add. You just have to go to the assistant tab and then to “Create Movie.” You can add up to 50 photos or videos. You just have to choose them from the gallery and they’ll automatically be added. Once it’s created, you can choose the duration of each clip and change the background music.

Vídeos con imágenes en Google Fotos

Discover the details of each image

If you don’t know where an image came from, you can easily access its information. Just go to any image and slide up. You’ll see the date and time, the details about the photo with the size and resolution, and all the information about the image: what smartphone was used to take it and even some technical details about the image.

Información de imágenes en Google Fotos

Delete geolocation

If you’re going to share an image and you’re worried about people being able to see where it was taken, you can automatically delete this information. You just have to go to the options menu on the left side, tap on settings, and enable or disable the geo location option. The image won’t show in the information where it was taken and you can share it with whoever you want.

Ubicación geográfica

Add descriptions

One of the great things about Google Photos is the possibility to find everything easier. You just have to add the name of the person in the photo, the trip when the photo was taken, or any other detail you want to add in order to find it again at another time. Add descriptions to your images and then use the search bar to find them.

Descripciones en Google Fotos

Search by location

You can search for the images you took when you were in Paris or London if you search by location. Beyond the descriptions, the search feature in Google Photos uses the metadata to find images. This makes it much easier to find anything with this handy system.

Busca por ubicación

Use AI to search

There are things that Google Photos will detect automatically to make your searches simpler. For example, if you search for LEGO, it’ll show the photos where these classic toys appear. Or if you search for the name of a city, it’ll show you all the images you’ve taken in that location. This is really useful for finding photos quickly.

Another interesting feature is that you can select an icon of a dog or cat to find all the images of your pet in your gallery. This feature uses image recognition to find all of them. It’ll work if you put the name of the animal into the search bar (or key word), or if you simply enter the icon from the keyboard.

Google Photos for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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How to download WhatsApp statuses

How to download WhatsApp statuses:

Short-lived content is all the rage right now, and there are tons of apps that let you upload this type of content in the form of images or videos. You know the drill — a photo or a video that disappears after only 24 hours. But if you ever see a WhatsApp status that you like and you don’t want it to disappear, you can keep it forever. We’ll explain how to download your contacts’ WhatsApp statuses on your smartphone. 

WhatsApp statuses are photos or videos that users upload to the app for 24 hours. It’s similar to Instagram Stories, do you can upload images and quotes, and even decorate them with all sorts of stickers.

How to download WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses disappear after 24 hours but there are tricks and tools that let you save them. The easiest way is to take a screenshot and save it to your phone, but this doesn’t work in the case of a video, for example. It’s not always a great idea to take a screenshot either, since the app might notify the person that you’ve taken it. That said, there are ways to easily download WhatsApp statuses.

There are many apps that promise to download WhatsApp statuses, although not all of them work correctly. Here are two that do: WAMR and Status SaverThese two interesting apps do exactly as they promise and are easy to use. In the case of WAMR, in addition to saving WhatsApp statuses, you can also see deleted messages in your chat conversations. 

Download WhatsApp statuses with WAMR

Downloading your contacts’ statuses is simple with this app. The app is intuitive and its design is simple. The interface imitates WhatsApp’s design, with three tabs on the top: Notifications, Deleted Media, and Download Status.

Download the app WAMR on your smartphone and grant it the required permissions. You can let it work in WhatsApp and also in other apps like Telegram and Skype, for example.

If you open the third tab in the app, the one with the down arrow, you’ll see all the statuses available from your contacts. Logically, you’ll need the status to be available at that time in order to download it. You can’t download statuses that expired days ago. Once you see your friends’ statuses, you just have to open the one you want and you’ll see an arrow in the lower part of the screen. Just tap the download icon and the image or video will automatically be saved to your smartphone.

Descargar estados de WhatsApp

In this section in WAMR, you’ll see the available statuses and below, the ones you’ve downloaded. You can see these in both the app and the gallery of your smartphone in a folder called “WAMR Status” where all the statuses you save using the app will be stored. If you don’t need it, you can simply delete the video or photo from your gallery for it to disappear forever, without a trace.

Other features of WAMR

If someone sends you a message, it’ll automatically be registered and even if it’s deleted, you can still read it. WAMR has a notification section that saves all the messages you receive. In the case that a person sends you a message and deletes it before you can read it, WAMR will tell you what the message said.

The app also saves photos, videos, and voice notes that your contacts send you will remain saved even if they’ve been deleted from the conversation. It’s a really complete app with extra features for WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp statuses with Status Saver

Another app for downloading WhatsApp statuses is Status Saver, a completely trustworthy software that you can use on your smartphone to easily save images and videos. This app has millions of users and lets you automatically press the save button to store media directly on your phone.

Download, install, and activate the app. You’ll have to grant storage permission in order for it to be able to save WhatsApp statuses on your smartphone. Once you have it installed on your device, you just have to go to your WhatsApp account and look at your contacts’ statuses as always. Once you’ve seen them, the app will save all the WhatsApp statuses automatically, without having to select or do anything at all. 

Once Status Saver has saved the images and videos, you can choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you don’t. From the Status Saver app, you’ll have access to the complete collection of WhatsApp statuses of your contacts, and you can delete the ones you don’t want or download the ones you want to save.

Save statuses or repost

One of advantages is that you can save WhatsApp statues by the batch and save tons of time. To do this, you just have to hold down your finger on all the images of statuses that you want to save and tap the save icon (the diskette) in the upper part of the screen. There’s also a button that’ll let you select everything with a single tap and save it automatically.

The app has ads, but it still does exactly what it promises. Beyond saving WhatsApp statuses, you can also resend them to other contacts, set the image as your background, or repost it. You just have to go to the status you like or want to save and tap on the “+” symbol you see on the screen. All sorts of options will open up such as save, share, repost, set as, and delete. If you select repost, you can automatically set this image as your WhatsApp status if you like it want want to use it. Simple and convenient.

Status Saver

WAMR for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

Status Saver for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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How to play the original Diablo with your smar…

How to play the original Diablo with your smartphone:

While we anxiously wait for the release of Diablo Immortal for Android, we can always do the next best thing which in this case would be to enjoy the original installments from the Blizzard saga. We recently witnessed how GOG resurrected the first part to make it accessible for contemporary PCs. But, they didn’t stop there and have made it even easier: a group of fans adapted the original game so you can play the game directly using your web browser.

This version was developed using inverse engineering, which allows you to play the original game without any type of limitation. Keep in mind that to access the complete version, you have to drag the data file (DIABDAT.MPQ) towards the browser in order to make sure that you have a copy. Nevertheless, you’ll have total access to its shareware version which includes the first two levels of the popular dungeon of Tristram. All you have to do is access to start playing. 

Diablo Android screenshot

What’s truly surprising is that it works equally well with desktops using a mouse than it does with touchscreens. Using gestures on the screen you’ll point the cursor and perform the basic features of the game. As a matter of fact, this isn’t simply a pointer, it’s actually completely designed to be used with smartphones, just like the extra icons located on the visible sidebars on the panoramic screens show. 

However, if you’re just dying to play a good hack and slash with your Android, there are a bunch of alternatives that are just as good. We talked about some of them in this post, and let’s not forget about the games that haven’t even reached the western world such as the much-awaited Raziel

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Never skip a beat with these top free note tak…

Never skip a beat with these top free note taking apps for Android:

One of the main features smartphones come in handy for is that you don’t have to carry around quite as many things in your backpack. Smartphones have quickly become a kind of ‘swiss army knife’ of the digital era thanks to the sheer number of tools they provide. In a single swoop they’ve taken on: alarm clocks, calculators, flashlights… In fact, you’d be wasting time by listing every single function smartphones now provide, so today we’re focusing exclusively on our favorite: note taking. Here’s our list of the best free, absolutely top notch — ad-free — note taking and task listing apps on Android.

Mejores apps notas Android


Honestly, we’re particularly partial towards open source apps that make note taking easier (and free) for users. That’s why Joplin is at the head of our rank. Joplin isn’t bogged down by heaps of extraneous features. Its streamlined appearance falls in line with its core purpose: managing all your notes and lists. Plus, it easily syncs up with Dropbox, OneDrive, Nextcloud, or WebDAV. [Download]



We’re looking at a timeless classic. ColorNote has been on Android for ions now, but that’s not to say it isn’t still relevant. It’s perfect for anyone whose looking for a standard notepad without having to waste any paper. Some added features include the option to select a notepad color to divide each note up in categories, or add a sticky note to your screen, but that’s about it. ColorNote does one simple thing, but it does it very well.  [Download]



Slowly, but surely Microsoft caught on to Android. The ultimate end of Windows Phones finally got the Redmond giant to widen its horizons and make the jump to Android. But, OneNote landed on the ecosystem years ago, making it one of the best possible tools for creating and managing notes on your smartphone.

Although, that’s far from OneNote’s sole function. It’s no one-trick pony. No sir, in fact, it’s potential is tremendous. Grab snippets from the internet, handwrite notes, doodle, save information any way you want and add tags to organize it all. Plus, OneNote easily syncs up with other apps so you can access your notes from essentially anywhere. OneNote is Android note-taking royalty. [Download]


Safe Notes

You’ll have noticed by now that there are loads and loads of simple note taking apps. But in this specific selection, we chose to highlight note-taking apps that go that extra mile, providing an optimal experience along with some of their own unique flare. SafeNotes is just that. A top notch note-taking app that allows you to go as far as encrypting your notes so no one will ever mistakenly (or maliciously) read through them. Plus, it provides an extra layer of security whereby you add a password and PIN to access the app. Pretty spiffy. [Descargar]

Safe Notes


Turns out minimalism isn’t just for your closet. Simplenote embodies this philosophy and we like it. Rendering note taking even easier, Simplenote also adapts to whichever device you’re using to log on: web-browser, smartphone, PC… It’s also entirely hassle-free. We’re looking at one of the most efficient and eye-pleasing note-taking apps on Android.  [Download]



What grabs us about Markor is just how easy it is to customize it. Not only does it allow you to take quick notes, set up lists or store links you want to read later on. NOPE. On top of all that this tool also lets you shape your notes anyway you want. It supports and runs code, and lets you highlight and export content in HTML or PDF formats. Not to mention it’s open source. [Download]



Any note taking app is bound to ultimately have a positive effect on your day-to-day productivity. But, some of those apps will also get you sidetracked due to the whopping number of features they provide. Orgzly doesn’t do that. It’s solely centered on making life easier by getting stuff done. Write quick notes, set up a daily to-do list or plan out your day with its handy dandy agenda feature. [Download]


Google Keep

If there were a totem pole of note taking utilities, Google Keep would be at the very tippy-top. Unsurprisingly so, it’s very, very good at handling notes. Plus the latest update to emerge from Google has proved a significant improvement on its initial version. Now you can save notes as images, lists, voice notes, etc. It also has the added advantage of being a true-blue Google product. [Download]

Google Keep

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Android’s Action RPGs level up thanks to First…

Android’s Action RPGs level up thanks to First Summoner:

Mixing genres has become a staple for smartphone videogames nowadays. It’s not easy to fit a specific game inside a category, especially when the Android games easily pick and choose features from one game or the other. This, of course, means that great games like First Summoner arise. We’re talking about an Action RPG with the soul of Clash Royale.

First Summoner RPG

The initial stages of First Summoner aren’t the usual ones that you can find within the smartphone ecosystem. Your heroine is unable to destroy all the skeletons that are attacking her and she ends up biting the dust. When you find yourself in some sort of limbo, you’ll see a spooky shape that’ll give you the power of invoking somber creatures. Therefore, you’ll become a kind of chaos carrier, although during your journey you’ll encounter similar creatures that look like they escaped an abyss.

First Summoner ogre

After you go through the usual tutorial that makes an appearance in all Android games, you’ll reach the action: your heroine can move freely around the setting. Just keep in mind that it’ll be tough for her to earn the victory on her own. You’ll have an energy bar that allows you to use creatures and spells. The elements you use will attack automatically, so you can only control the attacks performed by your archer.

First Summoner Rachel

You’ll start out with skeletons and archer skeletons, low-resistance units that you can use as cannon fodder. However, little by little you can get new cards that’ll help you face more powerful enemies. The peculiar thing about it is that all the armies follow the dark them of the game, which means you’ll get to control an army made up of beings that you’d normally see as enemies. As soon as you’ve completed just a few levels of the combat, you’ll access the usual store where you can buy more cards and increase your deck of creatures. And, you can level them up when you’ve acquired a minimum number of copies or the requested gold. 

First Summoner Battle

First Summoner is certainly not the only videogame in its class, but it is a game that does everything well. The gaming experience is fun, it includes really interesting strategy features and it includes a good number of game modes: a long campaign mode, the usual PVP against other players and an endless mode where you can get all kinds of treasure and the enemies are randomly generated. 

First Summoner Deck

The game was edited by LINE Games and definitely deserves a shot. It’ll catch your attention from the get-go due to its dark setting, which is atypical of the bright interactive games for Android devices. First Summoner includes all the features that a game could need to succeed, but we live in an ecosystem that’s packed full of high-quality games. Can’t say we haven’t tried. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it. 

First Summoner for Android [APK] | Download

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Enjoy, one of the hits this summer

Enjoy, one of the hits this summer:

VOODOO’s trajectory is similar to that of other companies such as Ketchapp or Lion Studios. Companies that develop and edit games usually succeed because of their extreme simplicity, both in mechanics and technical areas. These features have turned these companies into a sort of arcade game factory and the games that they manufacture are played by an infinite number of users. is VOODOO’s latest hit. This is a competitive online game that challenges you to reach the finish line first. Unlike other race games, you’ll be traveling on a water slide.

After installing in your smartphone, the action begins. Forget about having to go through long and numbing tutorials. This game is all about simple and accessible playability. So much so that you can play VOODOO’s game with only one hand since you’ll move your avatar with swipes towards either side. Just keep in mind that you have to dodge other players that are also going down the waterslide. The best part about the game is that only doing that won’t get you very far. You’ll surely get to the finish line, but victory will probably be far away. The key to getting the maximum number of coins on the other side is to actually leave the water slide. 

Aquapark IO racing

If you slide towards one side with enough power, your character will leave the circuit and literally fly through the air. You’ll then view part of the entire circuit and you have to land on another part off the water slide to continue in the competition. As you can tell, you need to focus all your skills to play the game as well as good timing because the more advanced players will try to glide through the sky from the get-go and try to reach as far as possible. The problem is that it’s really challenging to land on the waterslide again, which will, of course, determine the entire race. 

Aquapark IO falling

But don’t worry too much if you fail at first. As soon as the round ends, you can easily just enter another one. That’s the thing about arcade games from the companies that we mentioned at the beginning of the post: it’s all about instant entertainment with very little depth. But the game isn’t just about winning races, you can also customize your character with different skins as well as enjoy other circuits. But, just keep in mind that you’ll have to use the coins you’ve collected in each race. 

Aquapark IO scoreboard

This game is a mishmash of games that you can enjoy during those relaxing times of your day. The rounds are super quick, which is ideal when you need a moment to escape your current situation. does inherit the usual problems that all VOODOO games encounter (a bunch of ads, no sound, low-production values), but we really can’t deny it’s attractiveness. It’s not easy to find someone who doesn’t enjoy videogames like this one, especially since challenges you to spend your time trying to figure out how to become a flying squirrel. Who doesn’t love those adorable animals? Basically, this is a pretty enjoyable game. for Android [APK] | Download

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Vaporgram lets you retouch your pics so they a…

Vaporgram lets you retouch your pics so they acquire that Vaporware essence:

Nowadays, there’s an unlimited amount of apps that were created to help you retouch the pictures you take with your smartphone. However, most of these apps include filters that are meant to give your pictures a more professional and attractive look. On the other hand, there are apps such as Vaporgram that can help you give your images a lot of character. We’re talking about a different app that’ll take you back to the past, specifically to the Vaporware movement. 


What is Vaporwave?

First and foremost, we have to define Vaporwave as a digital style. This style started at the beginning of this decade and was present in music and design. From that moment on, the movement became more and more relevant. You can easily recognize it because it mixes different aspects from the 80s and the 90s such as Funk and other electronic rhythms. In addition, the design represents the fascination for everything retro and includes elements such as VHS. 


Vaporgram and the nostalgia of its interface

As soon as you open Vaporgram, you’ll realize that the developers didn’t leave room for improvisation. Its sleek interface will take you back to the past in just a matter of seconds. Each tab takes you back to those first versions of Windows where everything was grey with blue borders. You’ll even be asked to rate the app with the iconic Clippy, Microsoft’s office assistant. It’s basically impossible to be indifferent to the features this app offers.


You can choose whether you want to retouch a picture saved in your gallery or apply any of the filters to a new picture using the main tab. Once you’ve decided on the image, you can explore all the possibilities that Vaporgram offers you. In addition, you can save your creations on this first tab. 

Let your imagination run wild

The Vaporgram editor lets you use filters to add a neo-retro look such as the “glitch” or “VHS” to all your pictures. But that’s not all, you can also apply different adjustments to give your pictures impossible and groundbreaking colors to each image. At the end of the day, that’s what Vaporwave is all about. Mixing movements that remind you of that unique music from the past. As another key point, the app shows you floating tabs with advice to make the most out of each parameter. 


Another feature that definitely stands out in Vaporgram is that you can add text and frames to your pictures. These options prevent you from having to complicate your life by adding a bunch of different effects to make your pictures look amazing. All you have to do is fit the picture inside frames that are overflowing with art. Oh, and it should probably be mentioned that you won’t find modern fonts. Everything in this app is designed to respect the style that inspired its creation. 


But what’s really fun about Vaporgram is that as soon as you access the stickers tab you’ll find a bunch of virtual stickers that’ll give that finishing touch to your pictures. This section includes the classic Windows 95 logo, busts of classic sculptures, cyberpunk elements and computers from the past. It’s interesting to place different stickers in different parts of the picture to find the best distribution. 


Pictures that scream graphic design

Once you’ve edited some of your pictures with Vaporgram, you’ll realize that this a pretty unique app. Mainly because it strays away from other picture editing apps that simply make your pictures look as if they were taken with a reflex camera. Vaporgram more closely fits in with other apps such as Kuji Cam that give your pictures a more specific style. Trends always make a comeback. Maybe it’s time to give Vaporwave a try.

Vaporgram for Android [APK] | Download

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Ten best Android games of July 2019

Ten best Android games of July 2019:

This heat is no joke, but our will and satisfaction of bringing you the best games of the month are stronger. Welcome once again to our collection of the most outstanding (and free) games of these last 30 days. Last year, we celebrated the month of July filled with excellent candy, but this 2019 is also delicious as far as quality goes. Don’t miss the 10 best videogames for this July. 

Mejores juegos android julio

Total Party Kill

Veterans of this world will surely remember The Lost Vikings. That’s right, that game that made Blizzard famous before that whirlpool that was Warcraft, Diablo and all the other games that have sent it to stardom. Total Party Kill is a game that enjoys a similar concept: in order to advance in the game, you have to cleverly use your three protagonists’ skills. We’re talking about a loving bunch of pixel-art packed in one game. [Download]

Total Party Kill

Thief Rivals

For a while now, competitive multiplayer games that challenge you to move your characters in order to reach the finish line have been springing up like mushrooms. Thief Rivals is fully aware of the huge number of rivals which is why it has a few tricks up its sleeves that make it shine over the rest: a super colorful and charming look and special skills that’ll give you unique features or bother your opponents. This game is as fun as it is addicting. [Download]

Thief Rivals

LEGO Tower

We’ve lost count of the number of LEGO videogames that have been introduced to the market in the last couple of years. Of the top of our heads, we’d say it’s anywhere between 10 and 1,000,000. This time, we’re straying away from the usual adventure games that are based on film licenses to present to you the super fun LEGO Tower. A strategy game with a hint of Tiny Tower alongside the charm that the most relevant Danish company brings you.  [Download]

LEGO Tower

Harvest Town

Our first instances alongside Harvest Town made us quickly regret our text about alternatives to Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. That’s basically because QY Games’ videogame is simply one of the best in its genre. You already know the drill: you get to have a virtual life in the country. You don’t just get to spend your time among crops and animals, you’ll also meet the beautiful citizens of the rural town. Who knows, you might even find love in this videogame remake of Farmer Wants a Wife. [Download]

Harvest Town

Evil Lands

Evil Lands might not the be most aesthetically pleasing MMORPG, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the gaming experience. The game hints to a Gothic saga, which is always positive. The videogame doesn’t force you to play alongside others. In fact, you can play at your own pace and without distractions. There’s something for everyone. [Download]

Evil Lands


There’s no doubt that Capcom is one of the most iconic companies in the history of all videogames. We’re talking about its eternal legacy, as well as the characters that have appeared in each of their games. TEPPEN is a mishmash of all those cards trading PVPs where you get to control Ryu, Albert Wesker, Chun Li and even Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry Series. The game wants to avoid being similar to other card trading games, which immediately turns it into a really interesting alternative. [Download]


Dota Underlords

2019 is slowly but surely becoming the year of Auto Chess and DOTA Underlords is largely (mostly) to blame. These strategy-based games aren’t too different from one another, but a Valve game will always have a head start: the quality is unquestioned. Besides, this genre started as DOTA 2 mod. [Download]

Dota Underlords

Extraordinary Ones

Since we’re talking about DOTA 2, one of the most enjoyable MOBA of all times should also be mentioned. Extraordinary Ones has finally reached the western world after several versions that were exclusively for China and Japan. We’re talking about a super refreshing action game due to its anime look, which we’re not used to seeing in this genre. [Download]

Extraordinary Ones

Chess Rush

The world is governed by several rules that are as infallible as they are unavoidable: the Earth moves around the sun, a minute lasts 60 seconds and Tencent always releases high-quality trendy games. Chess Rush is pretty unique because it includes a Turbo mode with 10-minute rounds. This is pure joy for those who don’t have 40 to spend in an Auto Chess match. [Download]

Chess Rush

First Summoner

We’re in a bit of a rut when it comes to action and role-playing games for Android. Almost all the Action RPGs are cut from the same cloth and there’s little room left for innovation. We’re not saying that First Summoner is revolutionary because it borrows elements from different genres. But, everything works well in this game: the Clash Royale inspired card trading game mechanics, its long campaign mode and its dark theme. Although colors always seem to bewitch us, a cup of skeletons and creatures from the underworld is never a bad idea. Even more so when you get to control them [Download

First Summoner

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Ten best Android apps for July 2019

Ten best Android apps for July 2019:

This is a list of apps that stood out to us this past July. Having different alternatives from which to choose from is always important and the Android ecosystem is a good place to apply that mantra. Sometimes, getting out of our app comfort zone (the ones you use constantly) can lead you to discover one or two surprising alternatives that you’ll never uninstall from your smartphone again. Come on! give them a chance. 


Vaporwave refers to the aesthetic tendencies that are associated with the 80s and overall digital art from decades past. Vaporgram is a picture editing tool that plays along those lines. You can apply a blurry filter as if it was a VHS recording or use a Windows 95 frame. Long live the neo-retro!  [Download]


We can agree on the fact that features are what sustain an app’s success. However, as with a lot of things in life, looks are everything. 321FIT could be viewed as just another tool that’ll help you organize and plan your exercise routine, but, its minimalist look and pixelated illustrations provide a very unique experience. [Download]


Normally, the default download manager in your Android distribution or customization layer is pretty limited. Checkestry extends the features of a simple task using additional features to keep a more detailed control of everything you download into your smartphone with real-time notifications and a complete record of the movements you’ve made with your files. [Download]


Regardless of the calendar app you currently use, a lot of users use the widgets associated with the app to quickly access their appointments and important events using their desktop. Everyday is an alternative that allows you to completely customize your daily or monthly tasks. [Download]


There’s a lot of people who don’t enjoy having to listen to really long WhatsApp voice messages. Whether you simply hate voice messages, you can’t play them during certain situations or you have a hearing impairment, Voicepop solves the problem by automatically transcribing any audio clip you receiving in your chats. [Download]


Twelve offers you a feature that’s at the very least romantic. We’re permanently glued to our gadgets but this app lets you figure out the time frames when you can interact with your loved ones, as well as specify your own. You can figure out when your family and friends are truly available to interact with you. [Download]

Gallery Go

Google is fully aware that some of their main apps aren’t what you would call lite, therefore, run of the mill smartphones to have a difficult time executing them. That’s why this app was created. You can use Gallery Go to manage your local picture galleries as an alternative to the giant, Google Photos. Obviously, the features are not as extensive but if you’re looking for a compact image and video manager, then this is a great alternative.  [Download]

Shadow Weather

The market is overpopulated with weather forecast apps that gather their information from public services. The problem with most of these is that they’re difficult to use. Shadow Weather organizes the information really well because it only shows you the weather forecast for the next couple of days. If and only if you want to check out other parameters such as the wind speed or geographic scale, you’ll find that information using its user-friendly interface. [Download]


One of Snapchat’s strongest points is its immediacy and the huge degree of improvisation that the social media offers based on the “here and now”. YOLO is a Snapchat accessory that lets you send and receive anonymous questions to and from other random users. You can then answer the questions in your stories. [Download]


There’s a whole world in the literary amateur circuit, specifically in light novels. Way beyond the acquisition and reading of digital books, there’s a whole other world just like Shosetsu exemplifies. We’re talking about an app that lets you download this type of reading material, for free. You can customize the reading format and manage your very own collection. [Download]

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