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Cyber Hunter, a noteworthy Fortnite clone for …

Cyber Hunter, a noteworthy Fortnite clone for Android:

Although we could already try it out during its Alpha phase, back when it was called Project Battle, this Battle Royale brought to us by NetEase has changed its name, its looks, and opened a new tester phase. Cyber Hunter is a Fortnite clone with a lot of qualities that could possibly make it the most worthwhile alternative to the title it’s based on (move over, Creative Destruction). It just started its new beta phase that will be available for a few days.

Cyber Hunter has a lot of its own distinguishing traits beyond its futuristic style with hints of Asian fanservice. As soon as you start playing, you’ll be amazed by its character editor and the level of detail when customizing the looks of your avatar, although for now, there are only two basic models in the test phase.

Regarding the game itself, for now we can only participate in teams of two, although the menu indicates that there will also be a one-player mode, one in squads, and another for teams of five players. In terms of the development, there’s not really anything we haven’t seen before. Your mission is to be the only survivor left standing on an island where a hundred players have dropped from the sky. The relentless force field that’s constantly shrinking will obligate you to keep moving at all times (there are both land and water vehicles to use), and along the way, you’ll come across chests that provide various weapons.

The beta will be available for eight days, although we still don’t know if it will be directly linked with the open beta or if we’ll have to wait a while before the final product is made available.

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The new Firefox app that makes it easy to take…

The new Firefox app that makes it easy to take and organize screenshots:

Taking screenshots on Android has become a daily activity for most of us. It’s common to take these types of images and share them on our social networks or in text messages. Although taking a screenshot can be pretty simple, usually just requiring you to press two physical buttons on your device simultaneously, the truth is that it’s always nice to find apps that make it even easier to do. Firefox ScreenshotGo is a new app from Mozilla that simplifies the process of taking screenshots and organizing them. Currently, it’s only available in Indonesia, but you can download and use it freely without any geographic restrictions from our website.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

The new app from Mozilla offers only a few specific features but it does so excellently. After granting a thousand permissions -nothing dangerous- in order to use it (and even more on Xiaomi devices) you can activate the floating button that will let you take the screenshots with just a tap. This semitransparent button will stay on your screen and should go relatively unnoticed. Plus, you can place it anywhere on the screen by just dragging it around.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

Every time you take a screenshot with the button, you’ll access a new screen that will let you include it in a specific category. This organization of the images is extremely useful if you tend to take tons of screenshots everyday. While it comes with some categories by default, you can completely customize them by creating your own. What’s more, each time you enter the app, you’ll be notified of the shots that you have’t yet organized.

Firefox ScreenshotGo

We’re not sure if Firefox ScreenshotGo is an app for everyone, but we can whole-heartedly affirm that it’s a fantastic tool for those of us who spend the whole day taking screenshots. Not only for the quick access the button provides, but for the great organization possibilities the app offers.

Firefox ScreenshotGo for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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10 Android games that haven’t left Japan yet, …

10 Android games that haven’t left Japan yet, but you can already play:

As we’ve seen before, not every successful game from Asian countries ends up making its way to the west. Many mobile games, especially ones based on mangas or animes that aren’t internationally popular, end up stranded in Japan. Considering the fact that many of them don’t rely too much on the language and aren’t limited geographically, we’re here to recommend ten Android games that you may not know about if you don’t live in Japan.

Captain Tsubasa Zero

The revival of Tsubasa came from the hands of the successful Captain Tsubasa Dream Team for smartphones, but we now have its successor. A few months ago, a new anime came out that recounted the new adventures of Oliver/Tsubasa in his younger years, and this game is based on this release. We still have collecting and gatchas in the form of iconic players, acting as practically passive spectators during the matches that are shown with beautiful and cartoon-like 3D graphics. [Download]

Captain Tsubasa Zero

Ark the Lad R

As we’ve already mentioned in the blog, the Ark the Lad saga may not be as popular as Final Fantasy or Shin Megami Tensei, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re talking about one of the best JRPGs from the first PlayStation. This Android game is a direct sequel to the second installment released in 1996, maintaining both the game perspective and the turn-based combat system on grids. [Download]

Arc the Lad R: the legendary RPG saga has finally arrived on mobile devices

Jump Stadium

The magazine Jump is a total institution in Japan, with it being the main manga publication where benchmarks like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and Naruto were born. This game is a celebration of its 50th anniversary in the form of an enormous fighting game with more that 40 characters to choose from and a gameplay based on Smash Bros. You know the drill: take down your opponent’s life points by hitting him and throwing him out of the setting. [Download]

Jump Stadium captura

Wild Arms: Million Memories

Here’s another saga born in the time of the first PlayStation and that never separated from the Sony stronghold. Steampunk, epic fantasy, and the wild west in a visual hodgepodge that hasn’t been continued since 2007. In this new installment, exclusive for mobile devices, the turn-based combats from the original games are replaced with a real-time system. [Download]

Wild Arms: Million Memories is back exclusively for smartphones

My Hero Academia Smash Tap

My Hero Academia is one of the most successful manganimes right now. The adventures of Midoriya and the rest of the heroes already have an adaptation for Android in the form of an action game where you have to tap your way through levels plagued with enemies. It’s an adorable tribute to the peace advocates with super powers. [Download]

You don’t want to miss the official game from My Hero Academia: Smash Tap

Bleach: Soul Liberation

Bleach forms part of the so-called Big Three from the magazine Shonen Jump, or in other words, one of the three most important mangas in the present decade. If Bleach: Brave Souls was already a good game, Soul Liberation is even better thanks to improved graphics and more depth in how it references elements from the work created by Tite Kubo. That said, the game is all about fighting, fighting, and more fighting to unlock more characters and abilities. [Download]

Anime gets yet another quality game with Bleach: Soul Liberation

The King of Fighters World

The King of Fighters saga has a lot of Android games just like we saw recently in the blog, even in areas that aren’t strictly related with 1vs1. All-Star from NetMarble is the latest installment to arrive, providing us with an MMORPG with decent 3D graphics and total respect for the original movements of Iori, Ryo, and the rest of the SNK icons. That said, it’s kind of weird to see 20 copies of Terry Bogard roaming around the setting. [Download]

Jumputi Heroes

Going back to the magazine Shonen Jump and its 50th anniversary. This time it all revolves around solving Match 3-style puzzles with extra mechanics from games like Puzzle Quest. Each hero has his or her own abilities and a certain color, and the objective is to defeat the rival team with combinations. All this is seasoned with iconic cartoon images from the mangas featured. [Download]

Gestalt Odin

Square Enix has joined forces with the studio Aiming recently to release this new IP for Android. The Ragnarok, heroes from different mythologies and the inevitable threat that wants to destroy them all are the excuse to offer a JRPG with enormous production values. Although there are parts of the game where you can freely explore the settings, the bulk of the action takes place in turn-based combats against all sorts of enemies using the skills of each one of the members of your team. As if we really have to explain this one. [Download]


Idol Master Cinderella Girls

We’re going to wrap this one up with one of the main typical Japanese perversions. We’re talking about the shady world of Idols, media stars (real or not) half-way between singers, models, and mere public figures to adore. In this game framed within the videogame saga of the Idolm@ster, you have to perform on the stage, as well as live your life outside the show, interacting with other characters and, among other things, decorating your room. [Download]

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The most played MOBAs on Android

The most played MOBAs on Android:

If there’s one genre that’s managed to bring eSports games to the level they’re at today, without question it’s MOBAs (sorry, strategy and FPS, we still love you). With League of Legends and DOTA 2 at the forefront, this sub-genre has endured since our PC gaming days and shows no signs of running out of steam. Developers have even tried to take it to other platforms, with variable success. In the case of Android, few games have managed to create even a remotely decent experience for touchscreen devices. There are a few good ones, though. This is our selection of the most successful MOBAs available on Android.

Mobile Legends

This game is one of the most recent ones to arrive and also one of the most successful, being the most played MOBA on mobile devices, as well as the most profitable with $200 million in worldwide revenue. It’s a clone of League of Legends, both visually and functionally speaking. It offers a cast of 24 characters, 10 of which can be used for free in 5v5 combats. The matchmaking is lightning fast, and in just a few seconds you can be playing a game that lasts only 10 minutes. It’s a fun title and the community continues growing. It’s one of the best options out there. [Download]

Arena of Valor

Named Honor of Kings (or Strike of Kings) in Asia, Arena of Valor made the leap to the west in mid 2017, becoming one of the best existing MOBAs for Android. With the giant Tencent holding the reigns, it’s normal that the game has surpassed $3 billion in income since is release in 2015. It’s a monstrosity with over 40 characters available, modes like single-player and teams of 3v3 or 5v5, and enormous production values. [Download]


Until the arrival of Mobile Legends, Vainglory was at the top and very present in the competitive sphere as shown by its activity in the world of eSports. The game from Super Evil Megacorp is much more conscious of its independence and tries to assert itself without being a simple copy. Thus, its controls seem simpler than the rest and the F2P business model is more balanced since it’s based merely on aesthetic improvements. In the beginning of the year, the new 5v5 mode was added along with new maps, and they even came out with a new PC version. [Download]

Survival Heroes 

Change is good. That’s why Survival Heroes dares to mix the controls and gameplay typical of MOBAs with the massive and destructive component of Battle Arenas. In the beginning, you start out above an enormous map, with the possibility to descend to any area on the map. The objective, as you can imagine, is to be the last survivor out of the 100 players in the game. Along the way, we lose the classic ‘minions’ of the genre, but the general concept is taken to a new dimension. [Download]

Heroes Arena

In this case, we can’t think of a single feature that stands out about Heroes Arena, because it does everything well. You have the modes 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5, 20 characters to select, optimal controls, and good performance on less powerful devices.  That said, the “inspiration” it takes from League of Legends is so obvious that the most played map is a clear copy of Summoner’s Rift. [Download]

Onmyoji Arena 

NetEase was greatly successful with Onmyoji, an interesting JRPG inspired by a parody of Japanese mythology from the Heian period that’s given way to this spin-off. Onmyoji Arena has you compete in online games with your shikigamis. It’s a beautiful game for fans of anime style that also boasts original voices in Japanese by renowned seiyuus. [Download]

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Badland Brawl is an awesome cross between Clas…

Badland Brawl is an awesome cross between Clash Royale and Angry Birds:

Every week we witness new releases for mobile devices that try to emulate the success of the best games by creating flat-out copies. We’ve already lost track of the number of games based on Clash Royale, just to give one example. But from time to time, the stars align and we find a fresh product, even if it is based on two of the most popular games on iOS and Android. Badland Brawl is its name and what it provides is fun PVP duels where physics is the most important factor. 

Badland Brawl

It’s normal to reference hit games in the headline to catch readers’ attention, but it also serves as a way to give the reader some context and highlight the origins of a game. Because yes, Badland Brawl may appear to be what would happen if Clash Royale and Angry Birds had a lovechild, but in reality, it’s a totally new game in terms of development.

The work from Frogmind invites you to participate in short PVP duels where you have to destroy the enemy tower and stop your own from being demolished. Up until this point, the whole thing screams Clash Royale and its clones, especially when you see the system of chests (here, they’re eggs) and how you level up your cards. What’s more, even the store in Badland Brawl seems like it’s copied the hit game from Supercell. However, when you start playing, you’ll be stunned: it’s not actually like Clash Royale at all. 

Badland Brawl

We have to go all the way to the offices of Rovio to find the main gameplay in this Badland Brawl: you’ll dispatch your units by throwing them into the setting. And here’s where we see the influence of Angry Birds a bit more clearly, with cards that even reference this fact.

Your tower has a sort of catapult that you need to use to launch creatures, bombs, and anything else you have available to achieve victory. At all times you see the trajectory that your explosives will follow, necessary to thwart the enemy attacks and make your own combos. All of this is based on the physics engine that governs the game and determines who will come out a winner in these duels.

Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl isn’t based so much on dispatching units like crazy, but instead, waiting for just the right moment to do so. The bombs and other explosives are the real stars of the show and you’ll have to use the rest of your cards wisely if you want your enemy’s tower to go KABOOM! and other various onomatopoeias.

It’s very simple to get lost in the chaos of the game, given that in the middle of the game you’ll find a setting full of bombs and units trying to go from one side to the other. These units will attack by land or air, adding even more disorder to the whole thing. But the truth is that all the constant explosions in Badland Brawl couldn’t be more entertaining. And this improves even more thanks to the game’s fantastic graphics. The universe is the Badland saga is beautiful and this is all reflected perfectly in the combats. Not to mentioned the spectacular settings, one of the biggest reasons to enjoy Badland Brawl on big screens.

Badland Brawl

We’ve walked a road of contradictions in terms of how much of an effect Clash Royale and Angry Birds have on Badland Brawl. But the truth is, even though this game is influenced by the games from Supercell and Rovio, while you’re actually playing it, you’ll feel like it’s something completely new. It’s an incredibly fun game that we couldn’t recommend more. Plus, it’s only just begun, and it already offers a 2v2 mode, a clan system, and a great number of players waiting to start shooting bombs at you.

Badland Brawl for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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Pokemon GO welcomes the Gen 4 and AR+

Pokemon GO welcomes the Gen 4 and AR+:

Last week, the official Pokemon GO app was updated with important additions to the game. But it wasn’t until now that they’ve finally started to unfold. The enhanced augmented reality system which was already implemented a few months ago in the iOS version, has finally reached Android devices. And what’s most important, the fourth generation of Pokémon are also starting to appear. 

Say ‘hello’ to Pokémon from the Sinnoh region

The fourth generation showed up in the saga for the first time in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo DS back in 2006. This new game zone was reinterpreted later in Pokémon Platinum. Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup are already being added to the Pokedex for many users, and we now know the complete list of characters that will be made available.

The new Pokémon will appear in the wild, hatched from eggs, or will even be found in raids. However, some will only be available in certain geographic regions like what happened on previous occasions: Chatot is only available in countries in the southern hemisphere, Carivine is only available in certain parts of the US (it’s based on a subtropical carnivorous plant native to the east coast), and Pachirisu is only found in Canada and Alaska.

AR+: Augmented reality that takes position into account

Enhanced augmented reality adds a new dimension to the hunt for Pokémon. AR+ sets up the wild Pokémon in the setting in a much more realistic way. Now they have a spatial location consistent with the distance you find yourself away from them, which adds an additional mechanic: if you approach a creature too quickly to try to get a better shot with your Pokeball, you might scare it and make it disappear, so you’ll need to to be stealthy.

In order to use AR+ you have to have Android 7.0 or higher installed, along with the app ARCore. Even then, compatibility is limited to devices on this list.

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How to permanently delete your Facebook accoun…

How to permanently delete your Facebook account:

Facebook isn’t exactly experiencing its best moment in terms of user confidence right now. Last March, various sources revealed the existence of a security breach that leaked the personal information of more than 50 million users. The data analysis company Cambridge Analytica, which worked in favor of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign created a system capable of extracting personal information without permission, in order to craft a media strategy for the business tycoon.

As if that weren’t enough to make us leery of the social network, Facebook itself has confirmed a recent filtration of personal data that affected 30 million more users, this time due to a vulnerability in its own service that was present for months. For all these reasons, many users are deciding to end their relationship with the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. We explain how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

  • (Optional) Before deleting your entire account, you can backup of all of your posts, conversations, and multimedia content that you’ve shared on the social media network. To do so, you need to open Facebook from a web browser, not from the official app, and follow the menu options Settings > Your Facebook Information. There, tap on Download your information. After entering your password as a security measure, you’ll get a notification in a few minutes with a downloadable file containing all of your published information.
  • Once you’ve made a backup (or not), you can start the process of completely eliminating your profile. Mind you that this process is irreversible. If you’re not completely sure you can always choose to deactivate your account instead, which makes it so that other users can’t see it, but still lets you reactivate it at some point in the future. To do that, go to Settings > Security and search for the option to Deactivate toward the bottom of the menu. In the future, should you choose to recover your account, you’ll find the option for that in the same place.

  • But if you are absolutely sure you want to definitively delete your account, click on the following URL and enter your password to confirm. To repeat, this action is completely irreversible, and even if you’ve made a security copy like we explained above, there is no way to import this data to a new account, so you’ll have to do it all manually.


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Facebook’s game streaming service gets its own…

Facebook’s game streaming service gets its own separate app:

Remember back in June, when Facebook released its own Twitch-style gameplay streaming service? Facebook Gaming was a sort of hub where you could watch videos posted by users, cataloged according to the game being played, both live and pre-recorded, and interact via chat with other users. Well, now the independent app for this service is here. It can even be used on devices that don’t have the Facebook app installed, and also lets you play the Instant Games on the platform.

[Update 10/16/2018] The new beta update lets you stream your own gameplays directly from your smartphone using the app.

FB.GG presentación

Play Facebook games without using Facebook

The new app only needs your login information for the social network to access the service. Basically, it’s an app that offers only three of the sections that already exist on Facebook, leaving out the rest of the content from the platform to focus solely on gaming. Beyond being able to watch live broadcasts and interact with posts, you can easily play tons of the Instant Games that showed up on Facebook Messenger a couple years ago, all installed and run from the app itself without having to download additional software.

FB.GG streaming

In terms of the broadcasts, you can see a timeline with all the material posted by the users you follow. From the search tool, you can find the games or streamers that interest you, although the app will also make recommendations based on your Facebook use. The integration with the social network is so clear that your timeline in the app will look practically the same, letting you share, comment, or react to each post you see.

FB.GG juegos

How to stream videos yourself

Although the app originally only let you watch gameplays by others, it’s now possible to use it to directly stream your own gameplays of Android games. To access the ‘Go Live‘ button in the upper part of the screen, you’ll need to have one of the games installed that’s listed in the app and add it to the following list by tapping the option ‘Add games.’

After that, once you tap on the option, you can select any app from your device, which will launch with a little tab over top, in the upper part of the screen, that will start the streaming and allow real-time sharing on Facebook. Obviously, during the process, you’ll have to grant the app permission to use the microphone and camera, along with allowing it to be shown on top of other apps so that the recording system is always on top.

Where to download

The app is available on Uptodown to download via APK, and as we’ve mentioned, it’s not necessary to have any Facebook client installed in order for it to work. This is great news for fans of videogames on the platform that are starting to get tired of the over-exposure. Not so good for those looking for a true competitor of Twitch, though. for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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The new FIFA 19 beta is now available on Andro…

The new FIFA 19 beta is now available on Android:

This year, the mobile version of FIFA 19 brings more profound changes than in previous versions, including a new graphics engine that substantially improves the visuals. Although the official release of the new edition of FIFA Mobile isn’t until November 7, EA has already released the beta version for Android, which you can now play without any geographic restrictions.

The beta version takes up less than 60 MB, although additional files are installed when loading the different game modes, which could easily reach 500 MB. The other important thing to keep in mind is that your advancements will not be reflected in the final version. But it will serve as a way to master the new gameplay changes including a considerable improvement in the touchscreen controls (finally!) that lets you make plays using gestures on the screen. That said, the virtual joystick is still present.

In terms of game modes, they’re included within the Ultimate Team, so you can play games both online and against AI, and get new packs to improve your lineup. In addition to the standard games, you can also participate in practices to get the hang of the touch controls, as well as in the mode Vs Attack where you have to complete a series of consecutive attack plays to get more goals than the rival. The other mode available is the events mode, where every eight hours, you can face off against a top-tier team.

FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta for Android (APK) | Download

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Alive or Asleep is an excellent clone of Slay …

Alive or Asleep is an excellent clone of Slay the Spire for Android:

It’s not the first time that we’ve come across an Android game that’s shamelessly copied the features of a popular title. We’ve already listed the best clones a while back, but it’s a practice that’s all too common on Android. Morally speaking, it’s obviously not the best option when it comes to developing a game. But in our line of work, it’s our job to find and talk about all sorts of games. Alive or Asleep is a new Android game that mixes the gameplay from card games with a development typical of roguelites, to offer an experience that’s very similar to Slay the Spire.

Alive or Asleep

From the very first moments playing Alive or Asleep, it’s clear the Cthulhu Mythos were a huge inspiration for the game. What’s more, visually, it reminds us of the the dark fantasy style that the excellent Darkest Dungeon has made popular in recent times. However, in terms of gameplay, we’re talking about something different: you’ll have to use your cards to destroy enemies to beat each level, which you’ll choose yourself from a map,

Alive or Asleep

On each turn, you’ll have a hand in which you’ll have attack, defense, and special skills cards, each coming with a specific cost. You can use as many as you want, as long as you don’t surpass the total amount you have available. The enemies will use their actions after your turn, although you can see what they’re going to do since it’s shown above their heads. This means you need to plan your strategy well, since the enemies are much more complicated than they may appear. What’s more, you can spend up to 10 minutes fighting against the final bosses that you’ll find at the end of each map.

Alive or Asleep

After each battle, you can get new cards so as you play, you’ll be able to build a stronger and better deck. But that’s not the only way to get new cards since you’re not condemned to simply fighting against more and more enemies in each level. You’ll find all sorts of settings in the general map, including stores or places where you can level up your own cards. This is where we see the hints of roguelike gameplay, given that each location is generated randomly.

Alive or Asleep

Alive or Asleep is an excellent game on all levels. It’s an outstanding mix between card games and roguelikes that’s going to provide hours of fun until the very end. It’s a completely free title with various main characters to unlock, making it hard to get bored with its adventures. The problem is, the game practically mirrors Slay the Spire, which is why our recommendation is to buy the game from Mega Crit Games if you like this Android title.

Alive or Asleep for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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