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How to test and validate DNSSEC using dig command line – nixCraft:

Want to troubleshoot and validate DNSSEC validation for your domain? Try these dig command examples for Linux/*BSD/macOS and Unix-like systems. 

It is a must-read for all Unix/*BSD/Linux fans. This is the fascinating story of how Unix began & how it took over the world by Brian Kernighan. The author was a member of the original group of Unix developers & many Unix programmes including AWK. You can grab it from Amazon <=

Here we see senior sysadmin or developer helping junior dev/sysadm learning essential skillz. (Via)


  • Ctrl+r : Backward search 
  • Ctrl+l : clear
  • Ctrl+s : Pause output
  • Ctrl+q : Resume output after Ctrl+s
  • Ctrl+a : move to the beginning of line (BOL)
  • Ctrl+e : move to the end of line (EOL)
  • Ctrl+k : delete all text from the cursor to EOL 
  • Ctrl+_ : undo

It must come from the Le Cloud region of France. Otherwise, it is just someone else computer.

How To Enable and Install EPEL Repo on CentOS 8.x – nixCraft:

EPEL is an essential repo for any CentOS Linux 8 user/sysadmin/developer. Learn how to enable and install additional packages using epel repo.