Category: Packages

10/21 kdevelop 5.4.3:

KDevelop: a C/C++ development environment via Packages

10/16 bind 9.15.5:

ISC BIND: an implementation of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols via Packages

10/15 VirtualBox 6.0.14:

VirtualBox: a family of x86 virtualisation products for enterprise and home use via Packages

10/15 plasma-desktop 5.17.0:

Plasma Desktop: a desktop environment via Packages

10/15 devede 4.16.0:

DeVeDe: a program to create video DVDs and CDs suitables for home players via Packages

10/15 ghostscript 9.50:

Ghostscript: an interpreter for the PostScript language and PDF via Packages

10/14 wordpress 5.2.4:

WordPress: publishing software for the world wide web via Packages

10/14 Python 3.8.0:

Python: an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language via Packages

10/13 mysql 8.0.18:

MySQL: an SQL database server via Packages

10/13 synaptic 0.84.7:

Synaptic: a graphical front-end for APT via Packages