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vkd3d for Direct3D 12 to Vulkan in Wine has re…

vkd3d for Direct3D 12 to Vulkan in Wine has released the first stable version:

Tags: Wine, Vulkan

Today, the Wine developers officially announced that vkd3d for translating Direct3D 12 to Vulkan in Wine has reached 1.0.

Here’s what they said in the release announcement:

This is the first release of vkd3d. A lot of Direct3D 12 features are still missing and bugs are expected. The current version was tested mainly with demo applications. A number of features that are being worked on have been deferred to the next development cycle. This includes in particular geometry and tessellation shaders support, various shader translation improvements, as well as various improvements for core Direct3D 12 methods.

vkd3d includes libvkd3d, which is the main component. It’s the 3D graphics library built on top of Vulkan and they say it has an “API very similar to Direct3D 12”. They’ve already implemented a lot of Direct3D 12 features including Graphics and compute pipelines, Command lists, command allocators and command queues, Descriptors and descriptor heaps and so on.

It also includes libvkd3d-shader, a library which will do the translation of shader model 4 and 5 bytecode to SPIR-V. They say the API for it is not yet set in stone. Again, plenty of work has been done and a lot is already supported, but they do specifically mention that Shader model 5.1 is not yet supported.

It also includes libvkd3d-utils, which they say has simple implementations of many functions which could be useful for source ports of Direct3D 12 applications.

So many fun things going on with Wine right now it’s hard to keep track of it all. 

You can see their release announcement here.

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Phoenix Point is a dark, difficult and excitin…

Phoenix Point is a dark, difficult and exciting strategy game that’s very XCOM:

Tags: Strategy, Indie Game, Unity3D, Beta

Now that Phoenix Point [Official Site] from Snapshot Games has a Linux version out, I’ve managed to put some time into it and as a long time XCOM fan I’m very impressed. Obviously a full review can’t be done right now, since it’s nowhere near finished so that will be reserved for the final release. However, I do have a few thoughts to share on the general experience.

For those who’ve played XCOM or any similar strategy game, you will feel instantly at home. While it does have its own unique features, it still shares so much of what makes XCOM good. Honestly, it’s strikingly similar to XCOM in a lot of ways, like a weird twin-brother it never knew. It’s not surprising of course, since Snapshot Games includes Julian Gollop who’s known for creating UFO: Enemy Unknown which Firaxis Games later reinvented with XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The cover system is much the same, the movement feels similar and so on. It does have a few key differences though, like being able to zoom in while targeting an enemy which gives you the ability to pick a specific body part to fire some rounds into.

The actual combat is a little on the different side too. Your bullets aren’t just for show (unlike other games), as each of them will follow their own path and inflict damage on anything it hits. As I found out when I had a soldier positioned between another of mine and an enemy, I totally missed and hit my own guy—woops. The picture above show that half my bullets will hit inside the orange circle, while the rest could be anywhere within the red circle, so you can see a bunch of my bullets would likely hit the wall. There’s also a difference between actual damage, possible damage and the ability to disable body parts and carried equipment. I’ve had a soldier have their weapon destroyed and their armed disabled, while enemies where chasing them down.

That alone makes it feel quite fresh, but it’s certainly not the only difference. While moving your mouse around, you will also see either white or red lines pointing towards a box of items or enemies you will be able to target—very useful.

You can just about make out the red line pointing to the enemy here.

It’s all about the small changes. The developers already clearly know what worked before, so it’s not exactly a huge evolutionary leap in terms of mechanics and the interface, but more about how they can tweak it in various ways to make all of it feel better.

The action point system is also quite different, you can generally do whatever you want as long as you have the points available on each character, which is defined by the bar at the bottom of the screen. There are still some limits, like movement within a blue or yellow zone where staying inside the blue zone would allow you to use your selected item at least once. It’s an interesting system, certainly makes it have a different feel.

There’s also the Will Points system, which allows you to perform special actions like Jet Jump. You can choose to rest a character for a turn to recover some, with other ways to earn them per-character like opening a resource crate.

Honestly, it’s difficult too. I haven’t been able to win, not even once. Thanks either running out of ammo or to the Crab Queen who can literally smash through buildings to get at you.

While there isn’t a lot of content right now, what’s there is quite easy to play through many times. They have a single main mission along with random maps, which I’ve already put numerous hours into and it’s a delight. While it’s early days yet, their new release schedule of a build every two months (the next build likely late in July, should be a nice birthday present for me) should bring us some interesting content each time.

In terms of performance, it’s not great. Currently, you only get a choice between Potato quality and Fantastic, with no room in between. Fantastic quality gives me between 20-30FPS, while Potato does give me a near-constant 60FPS.

I’m not going to say it’s going to dethrone XCOM 2 for me (which is fantastic), but it could with enough polish as it feels pretty good already. I will need to see a lot more of the game before I can make a decent judgement on it. However, I can say one thing for certain, I do love the instant access to the combat modes that it offers right now, so I do hope they keep them in at release.

If you wish to pick up a copy and get access to the development builds, you can do so here

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The Humble Store Spring Sale ends tomorrow, he…

The Humble Store Spring Sale ends tomorrow, here’s some last Linux picks:

Tags: Game Sale, Humble Store

With the Humble Store Spring Sale ending tomorrow, here’s a reminder and a look at some more choice picks for Linux gamers.

  • Galak-Z 80% off – An extremely satisfying modern space shooter.
  • F1 2017 70% off – Feral did a great job on the port of this one, great choice for racing fans. 
  • XCOM 2 67% off – Still to this day, it remains one of my favourite strategy games.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration 67% off – Only recently came to Linux, good chance to grab it if you haven’t still.
  • Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth 50% off – Pretty essential for fans of the books. Even if you don’t know the books, it’s quite an experience.
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 50% off – With the performance patch that was released recently, it’s even better than before.
  • Marooners 50% off – A mix of party games from the developer of Verdun.
  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic 50% off – It’s a bit of a strange one, but I enjoyed it.
  • Slime Rancher 40% off – Probably one of the sweetest games around. The slimes are so adorable!

You can find the full list of Linux games on sale right here.

Also, while not game related, for those interested there’s the The Humble Book Bundle: Web Design & Development currently going.

Have you picked up anything good recently? Let us know.

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Like it hot? The FPS Shotgun Farmers has added…

Like it hot? The FPS Shotgun Farmers has added the Chillithrower weapon and it’s great:

Tags: FPS, Indie Game, Early Access, Steam

I do wish Shotgun Farmers was more popular, as it’s one of the most unique shooters around and this update adds a fun new weapon.

Since all the weapons are inspired by vegetables, the Chillithrower is no different. Inspired by burning-mouths worldwide, this new weapon is a flamethrower which is pretty appropriate.

It also adds a new game mode called “Jug-Ernaut” where one player runs around with an axe, killing them turns you into them which is quite amusing.

For those who’ve missed our articles on it before, it’s a unique shooter because your bullets will end up growing new weapons. If you shoot and any hit the ground, they plant like seeds for you to grab when you run out of ammo. It’s clever and slightly hilarious.

There’s not a huge online following, sadly, but it does have a fully functional practice mode filled with reasonably good bots and it’s a lot of fun. It has customizable characters, multiple maps and game modes and the developer livestreams the making of the game on Twitch regularly.

See the announcement of the new version here. The game is available on Steam, with 30% off until May 28th.

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Gyre: Nova State is a steampunk-inspired open …

Gyre: Nova State is a steampunk-inspired open world RPG promising Linux support on Kickstarter:

Tags: RPG, Open World, Crowdfunding, Unreal Engine

Open world RPGs is something Linux has quite a big lack of, so the steampunk-inspired RPG Gyre: Nova State would be a welcome addition.

Currently on Kickstarter, where the developer is asking for CA$150K, they have quite a way to go with 23 days left and only CA$8K pledged. A shame they haven’t had a lot of traction currently, as it does sound like it could be awesome. Here’s how they describe it:

Gyre: Nova State is an open world RPG that combines gameplay from Witcher 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Middle:earth Shadow of War, wrapped in a steampunk-inspired setting.

The world is based on an alternate history beginning in 1848, where over a dozen revolutions across Europe and Asia took a different turn. What followed was widespread, unrestricted technological experimentation. This resulted in scientific discoveries that allowed humans to adopt android form. Mechanized cities commonly referred to as “gyres” sprang forth and became focal points for the new android society.

Check out some gameplay from their Kickstarter video:

youtube video thumbnail

Watch video on

I have to admit, playing as a customizable Android certainly sounds exciting. Love how it looks with the scene (at around 1:07) where you’re walking through grass next to some sort of tower, looks quite beautiful. Given what they’ve shown off, I’m actually a little shocked this isn’t funded already.

It will feature a non-linear story that revolves around you and your actions, combat and stealth abilities, an open world larger than The Witcher 3, an NPC system that’s apparently more advanced than the Nemesis system found in Shadow of War where NPCs will form factions and a deep crafting system.

Find it on Kickstarter.

Hat tip to Cxpher.

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Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story, a squad-based shoot …

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story, a squad-based shoot ’em up will have Linux support:

Tags: Steam, Indie Game, Coming Soon, Shoot ‘em up

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story from developer Coldwild Games is a squad-based shoot ’em up bullet hell that will offer full Linux support, releasing in August.

Check out the action-packed teaser trailer:

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on


  • Start out alone, but rescue allies as you progress
  • Change you fleet formation to avoid bullets and focus fire
  • Use your ally special abilities to boost your firepower or heal yourself
  • Challenge yourself! Avoid tons of bullets and fight difficult bosses
  • Persistence is rewarded! Find out more about H-34-RT and his friends as you play
  • Fly through eight different levels, encountering various enemies and fighting your way to the O’Xelg communication base

The developer emailed it in and said this to us:

As usual, I’m happy to support Linux, so the game is going to run on it.

Their previous game, Lazy Galaxy, also supports Linux. I’m quite a fan of it too, so I’m looking forward to giving their next game a go.

You will be able to find Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story on Steam, with as release on August 22nd.

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Rocket League is going to the beach with a new…

Rocket League is going to the beach with a new arena on May 29th:

Tags: Coming Soon, Sports, Steam, Humble Store

Salty Shores is the name of the new arena heading to Rocket League with the update due on May 29th and it looks lovely. This isn’t some seasonal special either, it’s a new permanent addition to the online playlists.

Check out their little trailer:

youtube video thumbnail

Watch video on

On the same date, they will also be giving out rewards for the Competitive Season 7 along with the start of Season 8. There’s going to be a new ‘Impact’ crate, fresh music additions to the already fantastic soundtrack (seriously, it’s divine) and a Report Server button if you get a particularly rubbish server.

On top of that, the next in-game event is now confirmed for June 11th called ‘Beach Blast’, but they’re not giving out many details on that just yet.

As a reminder, you can pick up a copy of Rocket League cheap in the The Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle along with some other titles.

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There’s hints of the ‘SEGA Mega Drive and Gene…

There’s hints of the ‘SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics’ pack coming to Linux:

Tags: Steam, Retro

As a big SEGA fan, this certainly has my attention. It seems the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics pack might be heading to Linux.

As seen here on SteamDB for a little more detail, Linux and Mac have both been added behind the scenes for Steam packaging. It’s a good indicator someone is working on it, but of course it doesn’t mean it’s confirmed yet.

Featuring the entire set of SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis titles currently available on PC all housed within an authentic, era accurate, virtual space offering full controller support, save game functionality, local co-op (on supported titles) and Steam Workshop support.

From Sonic the Hedgehog to Ecco the Dolphin and Golden Axe to Alex Kidd, there’s something for everyone; whether you’re a SEGA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis fan looking to indulge in some nostalgia or someone who’s never had a chance to play some of these gaming classics!

It’s interesting, because SEGA are actually putting out this pack for Xbox One and PS4 which releases on May 29th, so perhaps this is to go along with it? Who knows, but it will be fun if it does happen.

Hat tip to NuSuey, TuxDB.

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I Hate Running Backwards, a never-ending shoot…

I Hate Running Backwards, a never-ending shoot ’em up will be on Linux soon:

Tags: Action, Steam

I Hate Running Backwards [Steam], a never-ending shooter developed by Binx Interactive with help from Croteam Incubator and publisher Devolver Digital should be on Linux soon.

Asking on Steam about the missing Linux release, here’s what they said:

It’s on it’s way. We’re just doing some testing before we release it. 🙂

For those that don’t know, it originally started off as a game in the Serious Sam universe, but they decided to expand it and include more!

Also, be sure to turn your volume up for one of the best most weirdly amusing trailers I’ve ever seen:

youtube video thumbnail

Watch video on

I Hate Running Backwards is a never-ending adrenaline packed shoot’em down roguelite that puts the emphasis on destruction and fighting never ending waves of enemies while time traveling through procedurally generated, fully destructible worlds! Pick your character and blast away enemies with a high powered arsenal of shotguns, lasers, rocket launchers, singularity cannons and other weapons! Get stronger by earning perks to decimate challenging bosses along the way.

I’m seriously looking forward to it, especially with the “Kill the Streamer” Twitch integration that allows viewers to really screw with you. How long do you think I will last? Hopefully we will find out soon enough.

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I hope you like Anime & Manga styled games, as…

I hope you like Anime & Manga styled games, as GOG just added 10 with Linux support:

Tags: GOG, Visual Novel, Anime

You like Visual Novels, Anime and Manga right? Good, as GOG just added 10 that support Linux to their store.

Here’s what they’ve added today, which are all discounted too:

Seems like GOG are really trying to position themselves as the anti-Steam, given how this has happened so recently after Valve started sending messages to developers about their games being removed.

Really good to see GOG expand some more, especially nice to see them have Linux builds ready right away.

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