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Valve show off their new Steam Library design …

Valve show off their new Steam Library design and a new Events page:

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At GDC today, Valve did their presentation and they finally showed off the new design coming for the Library page and more.

For those with a growing backlog of games, the Steam Library as it is right now is so basic it’s just incredibly unhelpful. Going by what they’ve shown off, it’s actually looking a serious amount better. Firstly, it has a home page for your Steam Library, to go over some recent games and recently updated titles, as well as show a slice of your friends list. That’s a pretty handy feature, especially if you have a game you play regularly enough it will probably be quicker and easier to get going the next time.

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The Steam Library search feature is also finally seeing a decent upgrade, allowing you some more control over finding what game you want to play and this will include setting tags on games, picking a feature they have like gamepad support and so on. It’s much more like how you actually search the store, so it makes total sense.

Also announced is a new Events system which is a very good idea. Having one place to follow all the current and upcoming events to your games and by the looks of it games you don’t own too, will give you reasons to keep coming back to them. There will be plenty of options to follow these events too like getting an email, adding to your calendar and so on.

By the sounds of it, they will also be rolling out some more statistics for developers to see, to help them get an idea of visibility on the store which might be quite helpful.

No date was said on when it will all go live, however there will be an open beta sometime.

Credit to SteamDB for some of the info.

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Humble Store are giving away Tacoma during the…

Humble Store are giving away Tacoma during their Indie Mega Week sale:

Tags: Humble Store, Free Game, Game Sale

Humble Store has another free game from you to grab with Tacoma, along with their Indie Mega Week sale now live.

I enjoyed my Tacoma play-through, done in a single sitting and I think it’s worth grabbing and actually playing. You can see my previous thoughts here. You can grab your free copy here.

As for the Indie Mega Week sale, there’s actually quite a number of seriously good Linux games so here’s a few picks:

There’s obviously more on offer and DLC for multiple games, well worth taking a look if you’re after a new game.

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You can now try XCOM 2 free until March 25th, …

You can now try XCOM 2 free until March 25th, also on a big sale:

Tags: Steam, Game Sale, Strategy, Feral Interactive

Firaxis Games have put their strategy game XCOM 2 up to play for free between now and March 25th, so if you’ve been on the fence this is a great opportunity.

It’s quite easily my absolute favourite strategy game on Linux, much more interesting than the first of the newer XCOM games (although that’s still damn fun too). It does have a few niggles and some performance issues here and there but that’s not down to Feral Interactive’s port as it’s not much different on Windows.

It will challenge you and you will often have to make some pretty tough decisions, you will probably miss more than a few shots you thought were guaranteed to hit and you will completely lose track of time. I’ve lost entire days to XCOM 2 and I’m seriously not overstating it, especially great with how many mods are available to continue extending it.

If you do decide to pick it up, I also highly recommend grabbing the Shen’s Last Gift and War of the Chosen DLC packs. I wrote a little about Shen’s Last Gift here before as it’s a surprisingly good multi-part mission with a new class. As for War of the Chosen, it expands the game in practically every way it’s ridiculous!

As for the sale, it’s also 75% off so hope on over to Steam and reclaim the Earth. My DLC suggestions are also on sale with 50% off too.

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The GOG Spring Sale is now live, tons of title…

The GOG Spring Sale is now live, tons of titles discounted with flash deals each day:

Tags: GOG, Game Sale, DRM-Free

Someone please lock away my wallet, as the GOG Spring Sale is live and it’s full of discounted Linux games.

For this huge sale, GOG are also doing Flash Deals so every 24 hours a couple of games will get a higher than usual discount so you will need to keep going back for the best.

As usual, I try to be somewhat helpful and so I’ve picked out a bunch I think are probably worth your time and money that are on sale currently:

I would recommend Stellaris too but it’s actually cheaper in the Humble Strategy Bundle 2019.

Head on over to GOG for some fresh deals. Their Spring Sale will end on March 28th at 11PM UTC so plenty of time to pick wisely. Also, you can use this link for all Linux games on sale.

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AMD have launched an update to their open sour…

AMD have launched an update to their open source Radeon GPU Analyzer, better Vulkan support:

Tags: Vulkan, AMD, Open Source, Game Dev

AMD are showing off a little here, with an update to the Radeon GPU Analyzer open source project and it sounds great.

What is it?

Radeon GPU Analyzer (RGA) is our offline compiler and integrated code analysis tool, supporting the high-level shading and kernel languages that are consumed by DirectX® 11, Vulkan®, OpenGL® and OpenCL™, including HLSL, GLSL, the OpenCL kernel language, and SPIR-V™.

RGA lets you write and edit shader or kernel programs, and then analyse the generated machine ISA for a wide range of supported AMD GPUs, showing you the isolated cost of a particular program as you develop it, to help you understand and fine-tune it for the target GPU you care about.

Version 2.1 was announced yesterday, which brings up additional Vulkan support for this application. Now, it actually supports Vulkan in the GUI making working with it for developers a whole lot easier to deal with. On top of that it also adds: the ability to compile SPIR-V binaries, GLSL source code or mix of them in a single pipeline; detailed information about build errors by enabling the Vulkan validation layers and more.

They’ve also improved their OpenGL support for the command-line tool to support Vega targets and generate AMDIL disassembly for OpenGL shaders.

The important bit, the Radeon GPU Analyzer does support Linux too with Ubuntu 18.04 and RHEL 7 mentioned.

You can find their announcement here along with the code on GitHub.

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Chasm, the adventure platformer from Bit Kid j…

Chasm, the adventure platformer from Bit Kid just had a big update giving more variety:

Tags: Steam, Humble Store, Action, Adventure, Platformer, Indie Game, Update

Chasm, the crowdfunded adventure platformer continues to see great post-release support with the latest big free update out now.

While it’s not a personal favourite of mine (I much prefer Dead Cells honestly), it’s still a reasonably good game overall. In fact, it’s far better than a lot of action/adventure platformers and it does look great.

One thing I did find, was how repetitive it became and this latest update seeks to address that adding in over 60 (yes—sixty!) rooms for more path variation for new games, new background graphics to all areas, revised rooms and improved styling, an updated version of FNA, updates to their gamepad database (so more should work better) and bug/balance fixes.

Doesn’t seem like it’s sold too well, or it least it hasn’t hooked people in enough either way to write a user review about it considering there’s only just over five hundred on Steam. Quite a striking number really, when it had nearly seven thousand backers on Kickstarter.

You can grab it from Humble Store (DRM Free + Steam Key) and Steam.

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First-person roguelike ‘Barony’ released the M…

First-person roguelike ‘Barony’ released the Myths & Outcasts DLC recently, also now on GOG:

Tags: DLC, Roguelike, Dungeon Crawler, GOG, Indie Game, Open Source

Barony is a game I hadn’t honestly touched in a very long time, which all changed with the Myths & Outcasts DLC that released last month giving new ways to play. It’s also now on GOG, so that’s great.

Barony is a 3D, first-person roguelike with cooperative multiplayer that brings back the cryptic and intricate designs of classic roguelikes such as Nethack and melds them with RPGs like Ultima Underworld, System Shock, and Daggerfall. Challenge is the calling card of this hard-boiled dungeon-crawler.

The Myths & Outcasts DLC adds in four new classes and four new monster races thoroughly mixing things up, especially as each class has their own strengths, weaknesses, special traits and changes who is friendly towards you which is pretty interesting for such a game.

youtube video thumbnail

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Note: If you do buy the DLC from GOG, it will give you a text file with a DLC key in which you enter in the top right of the main menu, which confused me initially as the text for it is so small it’s easy to miss.

They have another DLC planned named Legends & Pariahs but I’ve yet to see them talk about what it’s going to contain.

You can grab Barony and the DLC on GOG, Humble Store and Steam.

As a reminder, the actual code is open source too on GitHub but you still need a copy to play with it.

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Objects in Space released for Linux on Steam, …

Objects in Space released for Linux on Steam, needs you to disable Steam Play:

Tags: Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Simulation, Action, Strategy, Adventure

While the Linux version has been up on GOG for a little while, Steam was left a bit behind. Now the Linux version on Steam has been officially announced and released but there’s an issue with Steam Play.

As they said in the announcement on Steam:

Some players reported that the game was still running on Proton despite the fact that the version is supposed to be native: if this happens to you, please disable the Steam Play option in the Steam client settings and perform a clean installation of the game.

I did speak to Valve previously on it and it seems this will be an issue for any game on the Steam Play whitelist, they will need you to disable Steam Play to download the native version which is not ideal. Hopefully Valve will add in an option to make sure you can download a native build, if one is available, just like how you can force a specific Steam Play/Proton version on games so we can have the best of all worlds. As far as I know this is the first time it’s happened, so teething issues are to be expected.

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Objects in Space did have a bit of a rough Linux launch but it seems most of the issues are now fixed. It does now run without any fixes needed, although the version from GOG I tested still had issue with text rendering (Steam version looked better) but not everyone has that issue, seems distribution specific.

You can find it on GOG, Humble Store and Steam.

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SteamOS is alive with a new beta and updated d…

SteamOS is alive with a new beta and updated drivers, also a new Steam Client Beta is out:

Tags: SteamOS, Steam, Valve, Beta

Valve haven’t given up on their home-grown Linux distributions yet, with SteamOS seeing another beta update. Additionally, there’s another Steam Client Beta update about.

As far as updates to SteamOS go, the last time they actually announced anything was with the 2.170 update back in January but they have actually been doing multiple newer builds since then you can see here. Just today, they officially announced the SteamOS 2.183 beta and the gist of it is this:

  • mesa 18.3.4
  • nvidia-graphics-drivers 415.27
  • security updates

Newer drivers are especially useful and it’s good to see Valve start to move a little more quickly on this, especially to keep up with Steam Play fresh drivers are needed. For details on how to get the SteamOS beta, Valve have this guide although it doesn’t sound easy to revert back to a normal SteamOS install from the beta so it might be worth waiting until it’s pushed out for everyone (unless you want to help test of course). See their announcement here.

As for the Steam Client Beta update, it’s quite a small one which includes:

  • Updated embedded Chromium build in Steam to 72.0.3626.121
  • Fixed audio artifacts in web audio / friends notification sounds / voice chat for users with certain headsets that create multiple devices and have mono/single-channel chat output devices

From what Valve said on Twitter, this is likely the build that will require at least glibc 2.19.

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Kingdom Rush Origins expanded again recently, …

Kingdom Rush Origins expanded again recently, the Forgotten treasures expansion is out:

Tags: Update, Steam, GOG, Indie Game, Tower Defense

Kingdom Rush Origins, the excellent tower defense game from Ironhide Game Studio is seeing some great updates, with another campaign named Forgotten treasures now up.

War is over, or so we thought… Even though our Kingdom goes back to its former peace and prosperity, the messengers previously sent to ask the Dwarves for their assistance have never returned. And the only thing more troublesome than a loud dwarf, is a silent one! Something terrible might be lurking beneath the depths…

This is a free update, not some DLC and so it’s available to everyone which is really awesome. When we see so many other developers do even the smallest bits for extra payments, it’s nice to see Ironhide Game Studio not go that way.

It also comes with two more heroes as well!


The most dreaded dwarf across the shiny skies. Wilbur is the ace of the Dwarven Air Force! A pioneer who built his own flying destruction machine with the help of his little brother. He will aid you with an arsenal of clever weapons raining down from the skies. Feeling the need for speed?

As well as Phoenix:

A mythical creature that always gets reborn from its ashes and burns everything in its path! Phoenix will unleash the power of the sun upon everyone who dares to threaten the Elven Kingdom. May the poor souls who face him wear an extreme sunscreen!

Have you been finding it too easy? You might regret it but they’ve added in a new Impossible mode, unlocked once you complete the main campaign.

I’ve probably said this before but I absolutely love the game, a great little gem in the tower defense market. A genre absolutely rammed full of good titles but it still manages to stand out, for multiple reasons. Not only does it look good, it performs well and I’ve not had a single crash my entire play-through. The quality of games from Ironhide Game Studio is really quite impressive.

Not just that, it’s the variety you get here that really makes it shine for me. So many different enemy types, each with their own attack patterns along with some maps that change as you play through them. The maps often have special features on them too, like one where you can call forth a giant eagle to bombard a lane and it’s pretty awesome.

All my time was spent on the Veteran difficulty and some of it really was a challenge, multiple mission failures were I was completely overwhelmed due to not planning my tower placements well.

With this new expansion now out, there’s never been a better time to take a look at it as there’s quite bit to play through.

Find it on GOG and Steam.

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