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Restyling apps at scale

Restyling apps at scale:

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Dell developer edition and Ubuntu Bionic

Dell developer edition and Ubuntu Bionic:


I am about to receive a Dell XPS 13 9370 developer edition (4k, 8th gen i5, 16gb ddr3, 256gb ssd). I ordered this laptop for personal use ( lot of web browsing/ movies etc/ blogging/ personal programming projects). I use separate machines for work so i wont be doing heavy design / running tooooo many VMs constantly or similar tasks.

Being a casual linux user ( using MATE environment / kali sometimes ), but since i’ve only used on virtual machines or on laptops where all drivers worked perfectly ( it was ubuntu mate, so, not many issues), i wanted to ask the following questions:

  1. Does “out of the box” ubuntu on the dell xps 13 work well with HiDpi screens and are there any driver issues?
  2. I heard that the adaptive brightness is turned ON by default? is there a simple way to deactivate it?
  3. For light programming, web browsing, youtube and quora, how is the battery life on the 4k sreen?
  4. I love that Ubuntu ditched unity and adopted Gnome. Any personal tweaks that are super useful? The ones i know of are:
  • Dash to Panel, and position it on the left/bottom so that i get more screen space
  • Arc tweaks ( i wanted a windows/mate style application launcher instead of the new applications launcher which takes up the entire screen.
  • ALSO, very important, how’s the experience watching netfix on the 4k display when the app only supports 720p in chrome/firefox? Did you find a way to get Microsoft Edge? If so, how? ( maybe wine? ). How’s the performance after that?

If you could answer any/all of these questions, that’ll be really really helpful! Thanks in advance 🙂

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Bavarian Election Results 2018 – CSU set to lo…

Bavarian Election Results 2018 – CSU set to lose its absolute majority:

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X11 and Podman – General boredom [a small tuto…

X11 and Podman – General boredom [a small tutorial on running X11 applications from within a podman container]:

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Thinkpad T440 Bios ACPI Errors

Thinkpad T440 Bios ACPI Errors:


There is an ACPI bug in the bios of the Thinkpad T440. On Linux it trigger this error at boot :

[ 0.086999] ACPI Error: Needed type [Reference], found [Integer] 00000000f7432393 (20180531/exresop-69)
[ 0.087026] ACPI Error: AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE, While resolving operands for [OpcodeName unavailable] (20180531/dswexec-427)
[ 0.087042] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed _PR.CPU0._PDC, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180531/psparse-516)

It has been confirmed that is a bios bug by Linux Kernel developpers :

It concern also T450 and T460 at least too :

I’m looking for a way to report the bug to Lenovo developers, so if you know how to do that I’m really interested to know how !

Thanks !

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The greatest developer movie! (by @jason_kelly…

The greatest developer movie! (by @jason_kelly6):

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An Open Source, Encrypted Alternative to Faceb…

An Open Source, Encrypted Alternative to Facebook:

I recently discovered a very interesting, entirely Open Source social media alternative to Facebook called “Minds”.

Although it’s nowhere near as large as the ‘big’ platforms, services like these are what we should be moving towards. The best way to tackle Facebook’s creepiness, is to not use it at all. What are your thoughts?.

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Google slowing down its services in Firefox.

Google slowing down its services in Firefox.:

Has anyone experienced this too? YouTube, YouTube Music, Gmail, Maps, etc, all seem to be significantly slower on Firefox (Quantum, last versions) than in Google’s browser. Looking up, it seems that is a generalized problem, affecting a lot of people in other browser also.

This is a totally abusive practice. Using google services is not always an option. Anyone has any idea on how to put a stop to this?

PD: posted to linux because freedom and privacy and firefox and that.

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Any note taking app with networks/connections/…

Any note taking app with networks/connections/relations?:

I want to find a note taking program that can let me visualize notes in a 2d way, where each note can have connections to other notes, and, for example, todo lists can have pre-requisites and so on. Think of it like how neurons have connections between them, or like how a graph looks like, with nodes, edges (with direction) and all that.

For example, let’s say we have a note “do some research on fitness programs” and before I can check this as “done” I need to first go through a few required steps, such as “read about the basics of nutrition”, “how to lift safely”, “cardio vs resistance”, etc. “read about the basics of nutrition” can have multiple requirements as well, such as “macronutrients”, “micronutrients”, “lists of cheap diets”, “simple recipes”, etc. and so on. If you were to visualize this todo list, it would look like a huge ass tree.

Another example: “become a competent programmer”, for this you need “know the language X”, “know the language Y”, “finish an algorithms book”, “finish a discrete math book”, “finish an intro to linux book”, “finish a code style advice book”, “finish a git book”, etc. and if you visualize this, you can see another big ass tree.

I think this would be a really useful program, because REAL todo’s are never just one step / one-liners such as “go to the dentist” and such a method of visualization would remove redundancy and make approaching a complex problem easier and simpler.

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Contrary to what people say here. Now, I fucki…

Contrary to what people say here. Now, I fucking hate Linux.:

One of the primary property of an OS is that it should be reliable, Linux constantly fails to justify this property. Hear me out, I am predominantly an Android developer but I love playing with Linux. I’ve been a Linux user for the past 2 years in this spawn my Linux broke ( in the sense not starting or corrupted file system etc ) many times, but that’s not it’s fault because I am playing with System calls, scripts etc. I’ve been using Ubuntu Gnome 18.04 since it’s released, as usual I loved it, as it was my primary OS I didn’t mess with it, if I want something I would do it in VM. Two days ago it refused to turn on, it’s struck on logo while booting and nothing happened. and the stuff on the internet nor this community could help me, In pain I figured I should re-install and reconfigure the work space, I copied all my data from Linux to Windows ( Duel booted system ). Yesterday, I installed KUbuntu (KDE) and configured my work space with all the tools I need, pulled all the GitHub data locally did all the builds and made it ready. Today when I turn it on to work on an urgent project I have to deliver, I am greeted with this sh*t ( help me if you know something ) and it won’t login. I know I will get a lot of hate for this, I am frustrated and typing this from Windows with shit tonne of pending work, contemplating if I should go back to Linux or set-up my environment in Windows itself.
It’s true Linux is only free if your time means nothing. It’s sad for me to leave Linux. Please stop spreading the little resource we have in to different distros please work on something robust.

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