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Linux tools: examining hardware in the terminal with dmidecode:

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Trying to decide: linux mint, zorin os 15 or kubuntu 19.10?:

I love a simple yet clean linux distribution. I have the latest mint right now but I really want to install kubuntu or zorin os. Zorin was amazing when i used it under the version 8 and kubuntu looks flat out gorgeous. Since i already have mint, would you recommend i switch to either of those two remaining?


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Task Recovery (Taskmanager):

Hey there, this is my first post on Reddit and i am not good in English.

While i was gaming Life is Strange 2 i got a full Freeze of my Manjaro and this kept me thinking about something. If you crash a Windows PC the first step of most people is to open Task-Manager STR+ALT+ENTF as i know Linux has many different Task-Managers but the most wont work if your screen is frozen.

So i think i have found a new interesting idea. How about a Task Recovery tool that you can Setup (maybe before gaming) by pressing (STRG+ALT+??) and if your System is struggling hard to keep alive you press the Reset combination (STG+ALT+!!) so all Tasks after the snapshot like games, Firefox and so on…. will be killed if possible and maybe it will save you from a hard reboot. Its like Timeshift but with live processes.

I have no clue if Something like this is easy to create or even useful to normal Linux users.

what do you think about this ? is this useless or half way possible.

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Microsoft’s first Office app arrives on Linux:

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Breaking Linux files into pieces with the split command:

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what is the most badass Linux terminal command name?:

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Multiboot for external drive. 2 win / 4 Linux.:

I have a question. After reading and looking at alot of guides I’m stuck. Here is what I’m trying to do.

I’m starting Software software development and want to setup test environments. What I’m trying to do is this.

Windows 7 and 10 on main driver (internal) 256gb ssd 3 – 4 Linux distros on External 500 gb ssd Boot menu for when external is plugged in.

Is this possible? I can’t figure out how to get the external drive setup (partition table) so I can have more than 1 distro installed.

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A simple example to show that Linux, unlike Windows, doesn’t rely on file extensions to identify their type.:

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Messed up my linux:

I was recently using my linux lite while there was a power outrage. And now while I boot, it’s stuck in a black screen. What should I do?

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Crossover 19 released with python3 support on Linux (and 32-bit windows exe support on 64-bit only mac):

I got this email from codeweavers:

Hello all,

I am happy to announce that we have just released CrossOver 19.0.0 for both macOS and Linux!

The capstone of CrossOver 19 is our new ability to run 32 bit Windows applications within a 64 bit process. This enables us to support 32 bit Windows applications on the new macOS release, Catalina, which removed all support for 32 bit applications in October.

This has been a remarkably difficult challenge, and I appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we strove to make this happen. I particularly want to call out and celebrate the work of Ken Thomases, the senior developer here at CodeWeavers who has worked tirelessly on this for the past year and a half.

In addition to that change, CrossOver’s core technology Wine has been updated to bring much of the developments of the past year to all of our users on both Mac and Linux. These changes include over 5,000 individual improvements, all of which will act together to improve the end user experience with CrossOver.

We have improved installation compatibility with recent Linux distributions and also taken the step of upgrading CrossOver to rely on Python 3.

Mac customers with active support entitlements will be upgraded to CrossOver 19 the next time they launch CrossOver. Linux users can download the latest version from .

If CrossOver asks for registration, use your email address & password to register and unlock CrossOver. Email if you need more help.

Thank you all for your support. We hope you enjoy CrossOver 19!



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