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The truly excellent roguelike card game ‘Slay …

The truly excellent roguelike card game ‘Slay the Spire’ now has the final content in:

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Slay the Spire, a mix of a card-based strategy game with a roguelike has now added in the final content and my love of this game continues.

For those of you who are tough enough (or lucky enough) to last an entire run, there’s now a special final act to go through past Act 3. I don’t want to spoil any of the details though but it really sounds like it’s worth giving it your best shot. They also added some more music tracks into the game to treat your ears, bug fixes and so on. The main thing is that the game now has a proper ending for each character.

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I haven’t written anything about it for months now, since then it’s gone through a lot of updates. It has gamepad support, although the Steam Controller is a bit messed up with it detecting the wrong buttons. They’ve added lots of new visual effects to various cards and attacks, which really helps the game feel a lot more alive. I’m quite a fan of how they’ve used effects in the game, as it makes what would be some bland sections like events come alive. They also recently revamped some of the audio and added in more ambient background tracks and so on. Since I last wrote about it in June, it feels like a massive difference.

There’s so much to the game that I could probably go on and on and how it gets so much right. I honestly think it might actually be a contender for my top 5 favourite games and that’s really saying something. The style is simply amazing, the creature design is fantastic and the enemies you face have some interesting abilities, being able to stock up on special relics to give you bonuses adds in an interesting gameplay element and so on.

Weirdly, fullscreen mode no longer works so I’ve been playing it in windowed mode. Other than that, I really do love it.

Pick it up from Humble Store and Steam, you won’t be sorry it’s absolutely worth picking up.

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Any way to control RGB headers on Motherboards…

Any way to control RGB headers on Motherboards in Linux?:

I’m looking for tools or utilities that allows you to change and set RGB LED’s on motherboards that support RGB lighting, I haven’t been able to find any tools or utilities or even documentation for that matter to point me to that direction, most of it points to Arduino or Raspberry Pi with external RGB controllers, the little bits of information I can only come across is ones suggesting looking at using i2c tools to talk to SMBus controllers to change RGB LED’s. Specifically for motherboards like the ASUS Maximus Hero VIII which has onboard built-in RGB and RGB headers. I also have RGB RAM by G.SKILL the Trident Z RGB.

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Spellcaster University will have you build a u…

Spellcaster University will have you build a university of mages, will support Linux:

Tags: Indie Game, Crowdfunding, Simulation

You’re a wizard harry! Spellcaster University, currently on Kickstarter is a management game where you will be tasked with building a university of mages.

Spellcaster University is a management game: you build your school, manage the budget, appoint teachers. But it is also a “card driven” game: all your constructions, your improvements, are played with the help of cards. You draw these cards from different decks linked to different magic schools. When you draw, you look at three cards and keep one. Chance remains controlled. But so, each game is different. You won’t build the same magic university twice, and the game has great replayability.

I do find it quite interesting that card-based approaches have become so popular in the last two years. They seem to be in practically every genre now.

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It’s another Kickstarter that it’s being rather clear about their intention to make a Linux version, it reads “The game will initially be released on windows and mac, and a version for linux will be available within two months of the launch at most.”. This is the sort of thing I like to see, a developer being clear a Linux version will come and specifically mentioning a small delay. Too many Kickstarters end up leaving Linux in the dust without even a mention of a delay.

Their main goal is to get €15K in funding, with almost €3.5K currently pledged. Not a lot, but they do have 29 days to scrape by the finish line. I’m surprised it’s not more popular, I honestly thought it looked rather sweet and it’s somewhat unique too. I mean, come on, you can build on top of a massive turtle!

See more on the Kickstarter.

Hat tip to NuSuey.

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Unit test vs legacy code

Unit test vs legacy code:

Unit test vs legacy code

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10 Best Linux Distros for Gaming in 2018 – Thi…

10 Best Linux Distros for Gaming in 2018 – ThisHosting.Rocks:

10 Best Linux Distros for Gaming in 2018 – ThisHosting.Rocks

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile Hybrid Graphics

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile Hybrid Graphics:

I recently opened another post with more specific problem description, but didn’t get helpful answers, so I am trying again not so specific.

Does anyone here uses a Hybrid Graphics Setup with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 mobile and bumblebee/bbswitch? I have big problems with bbswitch, sometimes the complete system freezes when the dGPU is turned off. Can anyone confirm they have the same issue or is it a configuration problem of mine?

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Autotrader dev is having one of those nights.

Autotrader dev is having one of those nights.:

Autotrader dev is having one of those nights.

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Stoic have now removed the Linux version of Th…

Stoic have now removed the Linux version of The Banner Saga, in favour of Steam Play:

Tags: Steam, Steam Play

News I’m not quite surprised by. Stoic have now officially removed the Linux version of The Banner Saga on Steam in favour of leveraging Valve’s Steam Play.

Why am I not surprised? Well, they already removed actual support for the original The Banner Saga and so we weren’t going to be getting an further updates and the sequels were not coming to Linux. So, with that in mind, this news isn’t really coming out of the blue. The problem is, they used an external porter for the original who went out of business and on top of that they also use Adobe AIR which was discontinued for Linux back in 2011.

They’ve actually done this as a result of user requests to have the native Linux version removed, since Steam has no built-in function to let you switch between a native game and the Windows version run through Steam Play. Hopefully Valve will add in such an option in future, so people can have the best of both worlds and make their choice themselves. Until Valve do that, I imagine a couple more will be doing the same who don’t have the resources or simply can’t update the Linux version, as sad as that is.

After a few issues of it still downloading the soundtrack and some other misc files as if it still had a Linux build, I told them what else they needed to remove and so now it will actually do Steam Play properly.

I’ve tested it myself and even on my reasonably low powered Intel laptop using the Mesa driver on Ubuntu 18.10 it works perfectly. No audio issues, no graphical issues and performance seems okay too.

Is it a big loss? Not really. If they weren’t doing anything with the old Linux build and for some it didn’t run at all, this is a better option isn’t it? I would say so. Obviously it’s preferable to have a supported release, but if they can’t or won’t this is the only option and Steam Play is absolutely better than having to run Steam in Wine directly.

See more here.

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Instagram will let you know how much time you …

Instagram will let you know how much time you spend using the app:

Recently, Instagram has become one of the favorite social networks worldwide. The ease of discovering and uploading content in the app can make it easy to lose track of time as you scroll through endless posts. Fully aware of this fact, its creators make it easy to find out if you’re becoming addicted to this app. Specifically, they’ve included a feature that lets you see how much time you spend using the app on a weekly basis. 


This new statistic that will soon appear on Android, will be found in the menu that opens on the right side of the interface. There, you’ll find the option Your activity above the Nametag option.

If you access this section, you’ll find a number with the average time you’ve spent connected to Instagram in the last week. Plus, in the lower part of the screen, you’ll see a bar graph to compare this information visually.

Set alerts to control your Instagram addiction

Having reached this point, you may be a bit alarmed about how much time you actually spend on the app. Don’t worry. There’s a solution to considerably reduce these numbers. Instagram also presents an interesting tool to help you set floating notifications that will alert you when you’re going over your usage time.

To activate this feature, you just have to tap the option Set daily reminder and select the number of hours and minutes you want to set as your limit.

Once you’ve surpassed this daily usage, you’ll receive an alert to let you know you’ve gone over your limit. This way, it will be easier not to look at Instagram so often. Hopefully it’ll be easier to be more productive and concentrate more on other tasks with this simple new feature.

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