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Can’t change desktop wallpaper…:

When I switched on my laptop this morning, an odd thing happened.

When trying to change the wallpaper (settings>desktop), the windows was inactive (no reaction when clicking on it or the options) and the directory where all wallpapers are stocked appeared empty (whereas it is filled); usually there are miniatures of the pictures but in that case the window is entirely white.

Moreover, when I tried to close the window the application seemed to be busy and I had to kill it in the task manager in order to close it. I rebooted the computer two times, but it did not solve the problem (I got that one from the IT Crowd… 😉

It must be likely a minor problem. However, it is pretty annoying since I cannot figure out a solution. The only cause I can think of is the fact I changed the wallpaper yesterday night before going to bed (no options or settings were changed).

Any ideas?

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LMMS Linux Mint xfce Version Problem:

LMMS running on 18.3 crashes when working on projects created with the same version of LMMS but running on 17.3. LMMS settings don’t seem to effect the problem. Anybody with a similar problem?

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Firefox 58 regularly causing my computer to freeze:

Dell Inspiron 5555 running Mint 18.3, kernel 4.10.0-14

Firefox 57 was even worse, it would freeze the computer almost every time I used it so I switched browsers for a period. 58 isn’t nearly as bad but once every couple days it’ll freeze my computer and I have to do a hard reboot. Or it’ll just become unresponsive to the point where I can’t even kill it using the system monitor even though it’s not using any memory.

I’ve poked around a little and can’t find anything on forums of people having similar problems, any ideas?

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Mintbox Mini 2 redux is three fiddy USD for a 120GB drive & a second usb port.:

Off another subreddit called miniPCs

However, these have not lasted in the store in the past for very long in 2015.

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Linux Mint 18.3 freezes on login:

I just made a fresh install of Linux Mint 18.3 KDE in an ASUS UX550VD machine. After installation, the login screen pops up. After inserting my password, it freezes – the login screen is still there, but the cursor disappear and nothing seems to happen. This problem did not arise in my previous Linux Mint 18.2 KDE install.

In case it’s useful – I remember this machine hanged up with the 4.10 kernel on the previous 18.2 KDE install. Latest kernel (4.15) worked correctly in that install.

Could you please let me know how to fix this?

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Install a different desktop without a complete reinstall?:

I’m using the XFCE desktop on one computer and Cinammon on the other. I’ve grown to prefer XFCE so was wondering if there’s a way to install it on my Cinammon installation without actually reinstalling from scratch?

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How can I get apt to stop asking for permission to install tiny files?:

Is there a way to increase the threshold at which apt tells you how much disk space an upgrade will take, and ask if you want to go ahead?

I know it’s possible to just use the -y flag but I feel it might be bad practice to just blindly accept everything. I’m happy to be notified if the download would be >250 MB for example, but I’m sick of the whole thing pausing to ask if I want to install an extra 125kb on a 120GB SSD.

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Trackpad support like xubuntu?:

I tried a live disk of xubuntu and it’s trackpad support of my lenovo thinkpad was amazing. The scrolling was fluid and smooth and even had “momentum” where if you flicked your fingers it kept scrolling for a little bit. It also recognized my trackpoint and allowed me to adjust it’s parameters.

What can I do to get this kind of behavior on Cinnamon?

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Resizing windows partition with Gparted?:

Hi, I need to resize a windows partition to get linux in. But when I boot up the linux mint iso gparted refuses to resize the windows partition without moving the start sector which I heard could be harmful. When I try to resize from windows it won’t resize past a certain point because of unmovable files (datastore.edb) even after defragmenting. When I try to move the files it won’t let me due to it being open in different services, when I try to close the service it won’t allow me. And it won’t allow use of the partition resizer in windows safe mode either. What are so better options?

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Boots into emergency mode only:

My Linux Mint install was working fine for weeks on my new ADATA SU800 SSD. However, I was taking apart my computer and moving it to a new case, (I don’t remember dropping the SSD or doing anything weird with it) and then when I tried to boot up my Mint partition from it after the move, it shows the Linux Mint icon and then goes right into emergency mode. I’ve tried the SSD in my laptop and it does the same thing. From looking around, I found this was not really a common issue. Is there anything I can try to do to get my Mint working again without having to reinstall everything? Thanks!

Also, I apologize for not trying to do more things for it before I went to reddit. I’ve been extremely busy this week and never got a chance to look into it.

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