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Cinnamon 19 – Can’t Run Steam

Cinnamon 19 – Can’t Run Steam:

When I try to run steam nothing happens, I get no error messages, but nothing opens.

inxi results:

CPU~Quad core Intel Core i7-7700HQ (-MT-MCP-) speed/max~1000/3800 MHz Kernel~4.15.0-20-generic x86_64 Up~31 min Mem~2828.7/7842.1MB HDD~1000.2GB(1.6% used) Procs~255 Client~Shell inxi~2.3.56

Running steam through terminal:


Running Steam on linuxmint 19 64-bit

STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically

Pins up-to-date!


Things I have tried:

-Using both the deb install from the steam website and all versions in the software manager, including flatpak

-Purging and reinstalling

-Installing new graphics drivers

-Have ran find $HOME/.steam/root/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/*/usr/lib/ -name “” -exec mv “{}” “{}.bak” \; -print

This is a freshly installed OS.

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Occasional Dual Booting?

Occasional Dual Booting?:

Is there some software I can install so that I can choose to boot into Linux from Windows and then the computer reboots and runs Linux – then after I reboot from Linux it automatically boots back into Windows?

Without any dual boot screen or dual boot screen on countdown?

I mean that if I just power my laptop normally it would boot straight to Windows like Linux doesn’t even exist?

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Error installing LM19(Error5 Input Output)

Error installing LM19(Error5 Input Output):

i created my LM19 boot usb using rufus and following instruction from ubuntu website

installation was halfway before this error popped out..but its not relevant because it talks about cd/dvd this is a brand new thinkpad e585 so i doubt its a hardware issue. plus the installation was on a nvme

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Can’t get conky run at startup?

Can’t get conky run at startup?:

I installed conky, copy conf file and added this command on Startup Applications, turned it on but it didn’t start when I logged in:

conky --config ~/.conky.conf 

If I run this command in terminal it runs perfectly. Anyone know why?

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Missing shared libraries error: g…

Missing shared libraries error: git:

Hello Everyone,
Im using node javascript to call a shell command which is git clone. But im using a npm package called lambda-git which allows you to use git without having it installed on a system. But im getting this error when trying to clone something. Is their a fix for it or a guide that would help me ? The code will be on a different system where i wont have access to installing programs thats why im using a npm package.

Thank you for reading my post

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Linux Mint on Thinkpad E585

Linux Mint on Thinkpad E585:

Anybody managed to run the latest Mint 19 on E585?

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USB wifi on mint 19

USB wifi on mint 19:

So the last PC in my house with windows finally gave me a bsod then locked in a boot loop I couldn’t fix so I put mint 19 cinnamon on it but my belkin USB wifi adapter will only work for about 5 minutes then stalls out and I have to unplug and replug the adapter for it to reconnect to my router so I was going to buy a new adapter because the age of my belkin I am presuming to be the main problem(it didn’t seem to be performing at 100% on the PC when it had windows) however when I go looking for a new one to buy the ones that say linux compatible are for 3.10 but lm19 is 4.15 far as I know. So my question is, is this a problem I will continue to have or is there an adapter that is fully compatible and it’s just not marked as such, or one that I can get and put a new driver to make it work?

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Issues installing Linux Mint (Ubuntu fails too…

Issues installing Linux Mint (Ubuntu fails too):

Hi all

I have some installation issues with Mint on a new laptop

I just purchased a new laptop in order to run Linux and become familiar with it. The laptop in question is an Asus GL503G (Hardware reference:

When attempting to install either Mint (Cinnamon) or standard Ubuntu, I have quite a few issues.

I manage to boot from USB, and start the installer (installing on the 1TB HDD). The installer completes and asks me to restart in order to boot to the system, pressing “reboot now” removes the cursor and freezes the system. If I wait for a sufficient amount of time, I am sent to a black screen with ACPI errors. The var/logs/kern.log from Ubuntu is this:

If I power off the machine when it is frozen and boot manually to the installed system, I freeze at the splash screen.

The windows install on the SSD is unaffected, and boots as normal

Please help me, I really want to test out Mint

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Please help. I managed to be me and… Ran “mkfs.ext /dev/sda1” after unmounting the drive. I also encrypted the drive using Linux mint’s option to do so when I first installed it. By any chance… Is it possible for me to recover the data? Thank you for your valuable time.

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New Sticky Note Using Globally-Available Short…

New Sticky Note Using Globally-Available Shortcut?:

I did a search for this already, but the other person who had this question never got a response, and it’s been a while.

What I’m looking for is a way to, no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, hit a shortcut key and have a new sticky pop up.

Currently, I’m using the Sticky Notes applet, which is functionally fine for my purposes, but I don’t see a way to implement such a shortcut key. I’m perfectly content to switch to a different application if that makes this possible/easier.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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