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Suggestions for sandbox?

Suggestions for sandbox?:

I’m looking to install a sandbox on my computer. I searched this subreddit and the one that gets mentioned is Firejail. However, reviews in the Software Manager and in this subreddit seem to be mixed at best, with some of the most recent reviews stating that it caused glitches on Linux Mint.

Any suggestions for a sandbox that is easy to use (I’m a relative noob)? Much appreciated!

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Problem with nvidia-settings

Problem with nvidia-settings:

Hi guys, I have a problem: when I launch nvidia-settings, the panel is empty and I got this message:

ERROR: Error querying enabled displays on GPU 0 (Missing Extension).

ERROR: Error querying connected displays on GPU 0 (Missing Extension).

** Message: 09:39:01.438: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort

** Message: 09:39:01.438: PRIME: is it supported? no

ERROR: nvidia-settings could not find the registry key file. This file should have been installed

along with this driver at /usr/share/nvidia/nvidia-application-profiles-key-documentation. The

application profiles will continue to work, but values cannot be prepopulated or validated,

and will not be listed in the help text. Please see the README for possible values and


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FWUPD Issues

FWUPD Issues:

Recently bought a ThinkPad T460s and got Linux Mint running on it. I’m looking to update the firmware as per , but I haven’t been able to get fwupd/fwupdmgr to work. Using get-devices/get-updates/etc provides no output. I’m a complete Linux newbie in general, so if I need to clarify anything to get some answers, please let me know!

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Just installed LMDE 3 Cindy as my main install

Just installed LMDE 3 Cindy as my main install:

So I’ve been away from the Linux Mint family for a while. But I’m glad to say that I’ve returned!

When I first started my Linux journey I tried a bunch of different distros and ultimately settled on Linux Mint as my first real full install. I want to say it was Mint 12. And I really loved it. Buti had some really buggy things happen. The desktop kept crashing, and other various issues. I ended up distro hopping for a bit, moved to Ubuntu, then when I broke a bunch of stuff through heavy modding, I moved on to Fedora, and it was great, and stable. But fast forward to now, and I wanted to try something new, and had been looking for a rolling release distro I could install that didn’t need to be updated as much.

On the family desktop, it’s an ancient thing that runs Windows 10 very slowly. But I also had an old Ubuntu install on a partition, but I couldn’t get it to boot anymore. So I was looking for something to just start anew and something I could let my kids use, something I could let be and just work. So in my search for a great distro for my needs I downloaded Linux Mint 19.2 and set up a live USB a few days ago, and remembered how I originally fell in love with Cinnamon, and just what a great desktop Mint was. But I was kind of done with Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros, but I remembered LMDE existed, and it kind of hit all the sweet spots of what I was looking for.

So yesterday I set up another live USB with LMDE 3, and tried to install. Something was wrong with my iso though and the install failed. So I used a different tool to create the live USB (the universal USB tool from and got ready to go mano a mano with my computer again the next day. So then today with a properly configured iso, and a few minutes of time, the install went off without a hitch.

The rest of the day I spent installing updates, setting up the system, customizing things, installing programs, and letting my kids play a few games. And so far everything has worked great! I’m pretty happy with things. And there was one buggy thing with the volume icon reverting to the corner on the panel, but that was short lived and nothing else went horribly wrong.

I am interested to see the difference between Ubuntu based and Debian based. So far nothing has really stood out to me, other than the Debian edition appears to run smoother. It may not have all the cutting edge versions of everything, but for what I want this machine to be I think that’s fine. And I’ll gladly take that hit as long as I can run this thing indefinitely without having to fully reinstall again, and it’ll stay stable too.

But yeah, it feels good to be back, and Cinnamon, and the Mint implementation of the desktop, just feel the best of the other distros I’ve tried.

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Can’t Access Partition with Mint

Can’t Access Partition with Mint:

Ran out of memory. Wasn’t sure how to expand the partition with Mint. So I deleted a package that took up a lot of memory.

I used Synaptic Package Manager (I believe that was the name). I just typed the name (Spotify), checked the only one that said Remove, and did that.

However, Baoba (memory disk analyzer app?) said Spotify was still there and taking to significant memory. So I rebooted. However this brings me to the first real problem:

1) I couldn’t get pass the initial lock screen

I’d enter my password, it would look like it was booting, then boom, back to lock screen. Did that a few times.

Then I tried to boot in “safe mode” (I went to Linux Options > and then something that seemed to be like safe mode). This gave me a similar problem to #1. Except this time, I never got to a password screen. It would just stay black like it was loading.

So I pressed the power button and attempted all of these steps again.

Eventually I went to my computer’s UEFI settings. I clicked around the partitions section but only to see what was there. And I specifically clicked Exit Without Saving. This gave me problem #2:

2) Now, I can only boot with Windows; the Mint partition does not even come up on the boot page

I checked Partitions on Windows. Still shows the partition there that I was using for Linux. Except I’ve no idea how to access it. I went to Boot Options. I pressed F12 (Linux partition didn’t even show up). I don’t know what else to do.

Please, any help would be welcome. I really just want to use my Linux machine. I don’t want to go back to Windows because I’m trying to break into tech and want as much experience with Linux as possible.

Any wisdom is appreciated. Thank you

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I am trying to install Deepin Music on my Linux Mint 19.2 but I can’t at all. I have tried everything that could be found on the internet on the subject but I suspect it is a problem related to the new version of the system. Could any of my friends here help me with this problem?

I thank the attention

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Does Linux Mint 19.2 XFCE edition use XFCE 4.1…

Does Linux Mint 19.2 XFCE edition use XFCE 4.14?:

If not, when will there be a version of Linux Mint that uses 4.14?

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Only being able to login as guest after enabli…

Only being able to login as guest after enabling guest account.:

Okay, so i have a new installed Mint 19.2 “Tina”

I’m posting this because i’m somewhat of a newb and figured it out on my own.

If anyone runs into this issue, the solution will be here.

So, if you enable Guest Accounts on your installation, you may run into this.

Your user account will not appear, only letting you log in into your guest account.

This happens because the file “lightdm.conf” will have two lines of code that will enable the guest account as well as hide the list of users…for some reason.

To solve, do the following:

1- CTRL + ALT + F1 – This will bring you to the login screen in terminal “form”.

2- Log in with your credentials and navigate into “etc/lightdm” using the “cd” command.

(Use “cd ..” until you get to the home folder,then use “cd etc/lightdm” and list the files there using “ls”)

3- Install VIM if you haven’t already using “sudo apt install vim”

4- Once in the folder, use the “ls” command to list all files within that folder.

5- From my experience, the “su” command won’t work. Use the command “sudo edit lightdm.conf”

6- It will open the file in VIM.

Now, edit both lines of code from “true” to “false”. This will both disable the guest account and disable the previous option to hide the user list, thus making your personal account appear again.

7- The file “lightdm.conf” is read-only. So, do “:set ma” to enable modifying.

8- For me, that didn’t work, as when i went to save, it still said it was read-only.

9- Use the command “:wq!” to both force VIM to write the changes (this won’t break anything) and issue a “reboot” command.

Again, if this is out of subreddit rules do tell me. First time posting here.

I just solved this myself and thought i’d contribute to newer users.

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strange network issue

strange network issue:

strange network issue

Looking for help here. Whenever I cold boot or resume from suspension, two IP addresses show up in my Conky script. (correct one)and (from a previous configuration. I will not have internet access unless I toggle the network on/off. I have searched my system for where this incorrect ip is coming from but I cant find it anywhere…I have deleted network profile,re-added ip but the .8 still shows up? TIA

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Cinnamon Reset/Restart required several times …

Cinnamon Reset/Restart required several times a day?:

I wanted to see if this was something others run into on a daily basis. I end up having to reset Cinnamon several times a day because it loses context of what windows are in the foreground. I end up with a window or two that if clicked on either on the tab bar or just clicking the window itself does not bring it to the foreground. It is almost like Cinnamon loses where the windows are located. A quick alt-F2/r solves everything but this is very annoying. It has happened on all the versions I have been using including the newest one with all updates.

Any thoughts? If there is a cinnamon specific way of getting support or working through it, it would be great to know.


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