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Trying to use ssh to attach into docker container but freezes:

I am using ssh to my server remotely and I am trying to ssh into a docker container it is about to connect but freezes or just waits. I have never had a problem with attaching to a docker container before.

Update: This it the response I get now :write upd4 sendto operation not permitted

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How to create a bootable Windows USB Flash Drive using Fedora?:


I’m in the middle of nowhere and am very bored. I want to install windows to be able to play some games.

I burned the ISO into a usb flash drive using all sorts of programs bot none of them seem to make the USB bootable.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

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What’s stopping Linux developers from making Windows software natively compatible?:

I know the language/coding is different (no idea how else to call it), but can’t Linux developers/enthusiasts create a new OS, in the Windows language/coding, that natively supports Windows software? For example, games?

Since it’s such a big, if not the biggest problem the average Linux users have, wouldn’t there be a huge market market/demand for a Linux OS with Windows compatibility?

I would more than happily pay for a Windows compatibile Linux OS.

Or am I suggesting something physically impossible here?

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Custom apt repository issue [Help!!]:

I’m getting quite frustrated with this and I’m not sure exaclty what I’m doing wrong…I have an existing (mirror) apt repository using landscape, so I created a “custom” one to put custom deb packages. On a client system, the list files looks like this the sources list of the custom looks like this:

#cat custom.list deb http://host2/repository/standalone/custom custom main 

So now, on this host I created a custom deb package that has a script that displays “hello world”. I built the deb package and I can install it with the dpkg -i pato.deb and it install incorrectly…so now, I want to be able to search for it on the apt repository but I am unable to do it…this is what I did basically:

  • created deb package
  • copied deb package to /var/lib/repository/custom/pool/main/lib/pato.deb
  • Scanned packages with the dpkg-scanpackages -m pool | gzip > custom/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz (the Paakcge files already existed)

when I do a zcat custom/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz, I can see the description and the package name as I should… so I go back to host1 and do a apt update then apt install pato (package name) but I get the “unable to locate package pato”

what can I do to be able to search for it?? any help or guidance is much appreciated!!

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Has anyone here successfully installed and able to play Leage of Legends on Manjaro? If so. Can you show me? I’ve been having trouble with this. Maybe its my hardware I don’t know

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Linux iPod media client:

I use Media monkey to put songs on an old 30gb iPod i have. Since switching to linux.. is there a application that can put/save songs from my iPod?

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command line mounting? (newbie):

I have a 2 bay qnap with a 3tb and an 8tb drive inside. The 8tb is blank and I created an volume with it. The 3tb has data on it and was a raid 0 with another 3tb that I replaced with the 8tb. I removed that volume before putting 8tb in.

I want to mount the 3tb drive so I can copy the data to the 8tb drive but am struggling to do so. Is this possible?

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Reinstall windows after Kali install?:

On an old laptop awhile ago, I decided to install kali Linux. If I remember correctly I believe it was a full drive install. I recently unpacked my old laptop and was wondering if I’d be possible to reinstall windows? I remember I followed a tutorial when installing kali, and the videos intention was for duel-booting. Whenever I enter the BIOS no matter which drive I select to boot, it defaults to Kali. If anybody has any information feel free to leave it below. Thanks for your time y’all, have a great rest of your day.

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Best way to manage logs?:

Is there a good way to keep track of/prune the logs spit out by fail2ban, iptables, and possibly others? I have a headless system running and I’m still getting used to it.

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Problem installing xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin:

hey there, I installed the newest version of named plugin ( manually without any errors. now when I add the pulseaudio plugin to my taskbar in xubuntu it runs the old version. what is my fault? how do I get to use the newer one?

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