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Change default shell to bash on Macos Catalina – nixCraft:

Starting with macOS Catalina, your Mac uses zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell. However, I have years of stuff aliases, function and scripts done in bash. So here is how to set and use bash as the default shell.

New Linux or Unix user tries to exit vim first time…

macOS Catalina is available today:

Happy upgrades!

What it feels like when you start removing files from linux server as root user and wild card combinations …

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How To Use tar Command Through Network Over SSH Session – nixCraft:

Did you know you can use the tar command over ssh sessions to transfer archives, files, backups and hard drive images securely? Pretty handy for Linux and Unix users, sysadmins and developers. See examples and usage

1. Who can access a file or dir 

2. Who can change a file/dir. 

3. Who can execute a program? 

Here is easy to understand image for new users

pfetch Linux and Unix hardware information tool – nixCraft:

A tiny system information tool is written in POSIX sh for Linux, macOS, *BSD, and Unix-like systems.