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I have lost downloaded .iso image files /tmp. This one is about log files.

SSH ProxyCommand example: Going through one host to reach another server – nixCraft: undefined

Cho cho. Just for fun and profit. See “Linux / UNIX Desktop Fun: Steam Locomotive – get train in shell

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It is a must-read for all Unix/*BSD/Linux fans. This is the fascinating story of how Unix began & how it took over the world by Brian Kernighan. The author was a member of the original group of Unix developers & many Unix programmes including AWK. You can grab it from Amazon <=

Configure Nginx to use TLS 1.2 and 1.3 only – nixCraft: undefined

Meme based on exocomics comic.

The UNIX legacy is a set of simple and timeless tools that can take years to master but which can perform seeming miracles in seconds in the hands of experienced users or sysadmins or developers.