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Lenovo ThinkPad has used the US Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810G standards for rugged and reliable devices under stress situation like low/high temp, drops, explosive atmosphere and more. This Thinkpad W520 was caught in a fire at a local Lenovo dealer back in 2013 and it still works. The screen, the motherboard, and the hard drive survived. Six years later, it is still operational and on display at the Lenovo shop in our mall. 

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The new IBM BeastPad T9000 X-Series ;)

  • 512 Mb of Hi-Speed Ram with 2 more free slots
  • 1 GiB HDD with a 1 TB expansion
  • 3 ¼" Floppy for those Quake LAN parties.
  • VHS player with auto-cleaning heads, for ultimate entertainment pleasure. (Remote sold separately)
  • Digital Dolby Surround Sound
  • Gentoo Linux and 1000hrs of Anime pre-installed
  • Hours of endless hacking and fun at your fingertips


The legendary IBM Thinkpad butterfly keyboard. They don’t make cool stuff like this anymore or Thinkpad like T61 🙁

Thinkpad track point or Death Star? Either way nature is amazing

Room temperature is 22C. But, but my Thinkpad x230 laptop is burning hot. I guess it is time to clean fan and apply “ARCTIC SILVER 5 THERMAL COMPOUND Paste”. The command to get CPU temperature and fan on a Linux based system is:

watch sensors

How to update Lenovo BIOS from Linux without using Windows – nixCraft:

Need to update the BIOS on your Lenovo Thinpads T or X series with Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Arch, Suse and Linux? This page will give all guidance without using an old-fashioned MS-Windows or CD. You can update the BIOS on your Lenovo laptops from Linux using a USB flash stick