Tekken 7 Proton low framerate

Tekken 7 Proton low framerate:

hello, this is my first post to this subreddit. i recently switched to antergos linux and wanted to test out Tekken 7 with the proton compatibility layer. i’m experiencing a lot of harsh frame rate drops, i average about 30 fps on every stage at lowest settings when i use to be at a solid 60 on windows at ultra settings.

my specs are as follows: CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 @ 4x 3.6GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 with the 396.54 driver 16GB RAM

i believe i’ve installed everything correctly in terms of steam, drivers etc so i’m a little confused as to the issue. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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QuestDex is the perfect companion app for Poké…

QuestDex is the perfect companion app for Pokémon Quest:

The success of Pokémon Quest shouldn’t really have taken us by surprise, but we weren’t sure about how successful the latest release from the legendary franchise would be. However, the numbers speak for themselves, and this has led to the appearance of complementary apps to help players advance in the game. QuestDex is one of our favorites since it helps us out with tons of great features.

QuestDex Pokemon Quest

While a good part of the fun in Pokémon Quest is based around discovering new Pokémon as you advance on the island or creating the perfect recipe to attract them, it can get pretty frustrating having to try over and over again without any results. That’s why it’s always nice to discover apps like QuestDex whose sole purpose it is to serve as a complete database where you can find detailed information about everything that happens in the game. After all, there’s a good reason why we selected it as one of the best apps of the month in August.

QuestDex Pokemon Quest

Thanks to QuestDex, you can have access to all the Pokémon available in the game, their types, evolution chains, moves, and how to get them. This passion for detail doesn’t stop there though; you can also see which other Pokémon can use the selected moves or the chance there is that certain Pokémon will show up when using the cauldron. Plus, the app offers its own cauldron where you can mix up recipes to discover which Pokémon you can get. It’s a great way to experiment without having to waste your ingredients in the real game.

QuestDex Pokemon Quest

Thanks to QuestDex, fans of Pokémon Quest have the ideal tool to improve their experience to unimaginable limits. We’re mentioning this app for the second time on this blog since it currently cannot be downloaded via Google Play, as the developer has posted on Reddit. Luckily, you can still continue to use the app and download the APK from our website without any geographic restrictions.

QuestDex for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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so i was trying to install(build?) osu on linu…

so i was trying to install(build?) osu on linux… it didnt work.:

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Have you ever faced this kind of situation?

Have you ever faced this kind of situation?:

Have you ever faced this kind of situation?

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Acrhlinux – problem with shared libraries

Acrhlinux – problem with shared libraries:

So a long time ago I had installed archlinux on my laptop which I haven’t been using for a while. Now I decided to put this thing into work and tried to install some packages. Pacman seems to do his job fine, but when I try to start the program I have just installed they all throw something like “error while loading shared libraries: [put your lost library name]: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”. What the hell? IDK if this happens to every package but I remember pgadmin4 and nodejs both of which use a lot of dependencies and they won’t start because of that error.

I’m not really that good at linux and still get confused when things like this happen as I don’t even have a clue how to fix. I did google ofc but they all refer to some specific libraries. It seems my problem is more systematic. Is that because I didn’t update the system for a long time? Please help me, I really need my dev tools back for uni 🙁

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Switching to a linux workstation for research

Switching to a linux workstation for research:

Hello r/linux!

I have just started a PhD in machine learning and the university is kind enough to supply a laptop as my primary workstation. I’ve been a happy mac user for ~5 years but am considering the switch to a linux based OS to get some more mileage out of the budget. And because I want to be able to tinker a bit. However coming from mac the options for machine and OS are a bit bewildering. Can the good people of this subreddit give me some recommendations? And possibly things to watch out for when making the switch. Thanks in advance 🙂

Budget caps at 3000 euro but would prefer to keep it at ~2600

Things to check:

Decent amount of power – A lot of my experiments are going to be run locally so I need a good CPU with at least 16GB of ram. Potentially a decent GPU as well but that is not a primary concern.

High Res screen – I want to work for a long time without getting a headache.

Battery Life and Portability – Usually I’m plugged into a charger but the option of working on the go is necessary. If I’m dead in the water after 3 hours on battery I’ll be an unhappy camper

Storage – 256GB of fast SSD’s at least. Anything else is just gravy

For OS distributions it’s anything goes, as long as I can get up and running decently quickly. I’ve messed around a bit with Ubuntu on Azure VM’s but that’s as deep as I’ve been so far. Pretty much want to get work done and not have to wrestle the tools (too) much.

Thanks for letting me pick your brains!

TL:DR. Looking for research workstation to transition from mac os. Very little idea of Linux ecosystem. What would you recommend? Budget ~2800euro

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CompTIA Linux+

CompTIA Linux+:

Is it worth getting this certification? Open to hearing pros and cons? On the fence about it. Like I want it, but is it really important to employers?

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Install Anbox from source (Github)

Install Anbox from source (Github):

Hi everyone. I know that Anbox can be installed as snap but my internet is so slow for download it. In this case, I want to compile or install from source code (Download with a Download Manager). Of course, I have verified the dependencies that Anbox needs.The question is:Anbox’s README file say that I can compile the source code and snap version of it.What are the differences of both?Can I have problems?

Sorry for my english and if the terms:-source-code

are wrong.

-From Xubuntu 18.04-

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I’m using Linux Mint MATE for the first time, …

I’m using Linux Mint MATE for the first time, but my device can’t seem to find any wireless connection (wireless is not even an option in the network menu). I already tried downloading all updates and installing all needed drivers (and reinstalling them), but it still doesn’t work.:

As you might have guessed I’m new to Linux, therefore I’d be really glad if anyone could offer me help. Thanks!

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Fedora PCE AC-88

Fedora PCE AC-88:

I have just installed fedora after using ubuntu and Debian but I’m having trouble installing my wifi card and all the resources online aren’t very in depth or easy to follow. Anyone know how I can get this installed? I’m using my wifi adapter right now but would love to take advantage of my wifi card. Thanks!

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